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Clonorchosis - chronically proceeding helminthosis with preferential defeat of biliary system and a pancreas.

Clonorchosis symptoms:

The community of biology and epidemiology of activators of a clonorchosis and opistrokhoz defines similarity of clinical displays of both helminthoses. At not immune persons which arrived to the center, the disease proceeds as an acute allergosis (the indisposition, high fever, increase in a liver, is rare - spleens, lymphadenitis, an eosinophilia, sometimes to 80%), the subikterichnost of scleras can be observed. 2-4 weeks later acute manifestations abate, at the same time in excrements of patients eggs of klonorkhis appear. In late stages the disease demonstrates manifestations of an angiocholitis, dyskinesia of biliary tract, chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis, in far come cases cirrhosis can develop (against the background of a cholangitis or massive obturation of a holedokh). The course of a disease chronic, with periodic aggravations.

Clonorchosis reasons:

The activator of a clonorchosis is the Opisthorchidae family trematode - Clonorchis sinensis (a synonym - a fluke Chinese). Connell Ms in 1874 is for the first time described, Kobajashi in 1910 is in detail studied. The body is flat, 10-20 mm long, 2-4 mm wide. On the front end the oral sucker, on border of the first and second quarter of a body - a belly sucker is located. Eggs of yellowish-brown color with a lid on one end and a shell thickening on opposite; their sizes - 0,026-0,035 x 0,012-0,0195 mm, differ in lack of a shiftkovidny ledge from eggs of causative agents of an opisthorchosis. Helminth in a stage of puberty parasitizes at the person and carnivorous mammals who are definitivny owners. As intermediate owners serve fresh-water mollusks, additional - cyprinid fishes and fresh-water crayfish. Longevity of the activator of a clonorchosis in a human body up to 40 years.

Sources are the infected people (generally), cats, dogs. The helminth eggs allocated with excrements at hit in water are swallowed by mollusks in which body approximately in 2 weeks larvae - cercariae form. Cercariae actively get into hypodermic cellulose and muscles of fishes and crayfish where turn in метацеркариев. The person catches at consumption of not enough thermally processed infected fishes and crayfish. The clonorchosis is eurysynusic in China, Korea, Japan, in the basin of Amur and Primorye.

Treatment of the Clonorchosis:

Treatment of a clonorchosis is carried out:
• biltritsidy (20-60 mg/kg a day in 1-3 receptions, a course - 1 day, reception in an hour after food, efficiency - 80-90%);
• hloksily (-5 days, in 15-20 min. after food, to wash down 60 mg on body weight kg a day in 3 receptions, a course with milk; efficiency - 75%).

Good results are received at treatment niklofolany in a dose of 1-2 mg/kg of body weight within 2-3 days.

The forecast at a clonorchosis usually favorable.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Clonorchosis:

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