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Herpetic gingivostomatitis


The herpetic gingivostomatitis is the damage of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity caused by a herpes simplex virus. Clinically in an oral cavity the herpes infection is shown in two forms: 1) an acute herpetic gingivostomatitis — primary herpes infection; 2) chronic recurrent herpes. The Acute Herpetic Stomatitis (AHS) is high on the list among diseases of a mucous membrane of a mouth at children though can occur also at adults who had no herpes. OGS, proceeding as an infectious disease, has five periods: incubatory, prodromal, disease heat period, period of fading and period of recovery.

Symptoms of the Herpetic gingivostomatitis:

Characteristic element of defeat mucous a mouth at OGS is the afta arising against the background of a catarrh mucous. Afta — the superficial defect of an epithelium of a rounded or oval shape with a diameter of 0,3 — 0,5 mm located on the inflamed site mucous. On the periphery of an aft it is surrounded with a bright red hyperemic rim, covered with a fibrinous exudate which gives to a defeat element a white or yellowish shade. The afta without scarring begins to live.
Herpetic gingivostomatitis контагиозен. It proceeds sharply with the expressed disturbance of the general state and local symptoms depending on which allocate easy, medium-weight and heavy forms of a disease.

The medium-weight form of a disease is characterized by accurately expressed toxicosis symptoms. Body temperature increases to 38 — 39 °C, the sleep is interrupted, there is no appetite, there is a weakness, there can be displays of catarral quinsy or symptoms of an acute respiratory disease. Submandibular lymph nodes are increased, painful. In the period of a disease heat against the background of peak of rise in temperature, the strengthened hyperemia and expressed to puffiness mucous there are multiple elements of defeat which tend to recuring and pour out not only on a mucous oral cavity, but also on skin of prirotovy area. During this period the sialosis amplifies, saliva becomes viscous and viscous. The pronounced ulitis and bleeding of gums are noted. In an oral cavity from 10 to 25 elements of defeat are observed usually.

Клинические проявления герпетического гингивостоматита

Clinical manifestations of a herpetic gingivostomatitis

Reasons of the Herpetic gingivostomatitis:

The etiological agent - a herpes virus.

Treatment of the Herpetic gingivostomatitis:

Treatment of patients with herpetic gingivostomatita has to be carried out taking into account an etiology and a pathogeny of these diseases. It has to be complex and include drugs of both a local, and systemic effect, depending on clinical forms.

Topical treatment provides:
1) anesthesia of a mucous oral cavity (lidocaine, the pro-ambassador, sodium уснинат with anaesthesin, etc.);
2) processing by antiseptic solutions (0,5% solution etoniya, 0,02% solution of a hlorgeksidin, 0,5% solution of sodium of a mefenaminat, infusions of herbs, etc.);
3) processing by proteolytic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin, Pancreatinum, etc.);
4) antiviral treatment within 3 — 4 days for the beginning of a disease (ointment 50 of %interferonovy, 0,5% of bonaftonovy, 0,5% alpizarinovy, etc.);
5) application of the means promoting epithelization from the 4th day of a disease (каротолин, kalanchoe ointment, oil of a dogrose, a sea-buckthorn, aloe linimentum, solkoserit, etc.).

Problems of the general therapy: removal of a sensitization and stimulation of the general immune responsiveness of an organism. As the desensibilizing means appoint Dimedrol, Suprastinum, tavegil, Phencarolum, etc. From the immunostimulating drugs methyluracil and Natrium nucleinicum is effective.

For increase in resistance of an organism to upper respiratory tract infections as to one of factors of provocation of HRG purpose of vitamin C, Ascorutinum is reasonable. As antirecurrent means use interferon, levamisole, бонафтон, алпизарин, a vaccine. Immunoproofreaders are applied only under control of immunological indicators, and vaccination is carried out only to the remission period.
At all ways of treatment of herpetic stomatitises are necessary the sparing high-calorific diet, plentiful drink, sanitation of an oral cavity is obligatory.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Herpetic gingivostomatitis:

  • Препарат Репарэф-2.


    Dermatotropic means. Drugs for treatment of wounds and ulcers. Drugs for topical administration at oral cavity diseases.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Лизобакт.


    Antiseptic and disinfectants.

    Bosnalijek (Bosnalek) Republic Bosnia-Herzegovina


  • Препарат Рибавирин.


    Antiviral means.

    CJSC Kanonfarm production Russia

  • Препарат Репарэф-1.


    Dermatotropic means. Drugs for treatment of wounds and ulcers. Drugs for topical administration at oral cavity diseases.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Протефлазид.


    Phytodrug in antiviral action.

    LLC NPK Ekofarm Ukraine

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