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Foot dislocation


It is known that the people leading active lifestyle, athletes, people with an excess weight are often subject to injuries. One of the most widespread injuries – foot dislocation, a problem which can happen to the person of any gender and age. From article you learn that to do at foot dislocation, about symptoms, treatment and first aid. It should be noted that similar dislocation has a set of versions, and at each of them the features.

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Foot dislocations

Foot dislocation reasons:

• Dislocation of an ankle joint. It happens quite seldom, but often such dislocation threatens with a fracture of an anklebone and a rupture of sheaves. The reason of an injury it becomes frequent strong blow or falling from height.
• Subcollision dislocation. This injury is resulted by the shift of an astragalus and a rupture of sheaves on the put end of foot. It is possible to get dislocation if sharply to turn foot.
• Dislocation of tarsal department also occurs at sharp turn of foot aside.
• Dislocation of plusnevy bones. Results rather seldom, however, an injury all plusnevy bones or some of them change the situation. Of course, it is not everything, you can read in article about dislocations more in details.

Foot dislocation symptoms:

Whatever was foot dislocation, symptoms are always almost identical. The victim feels severe, acute pain in foot. The anklebone and foot strongly swell and are deformed. At dislocation of foot of a photo illustrates as foot and an anklebone can be deformed. Sometimes in the field of dislocation bruises are visible that demonstrates damage of blood vessels.

Treatment of dislocation of foot:

Depending on what dislocation of foot, treatment can be a miscellaneous. First of all, anyway, the doctor sets foot. Then, at dislocation of an ankle joint, to the patient for three weeks impose gypsum from a third of a hip to finger-tips. After removal of gypsum development of joints begins, usually it takes about eight weeks. At subcollision dislocation gypsum is imposed for six weeks. After that for recovery of functions of foot physiotherapy exercises and wearing orthopedic footwear are shown. Wearing such footwear or special instep supports is appointed to the person and after dislocation of tarsal department of foot. The plaster bandage at such injury is also applied eight weeks. At dislocation of plusnevy bones surgical intervention after which gypsum is also imposed sometimes is required. Then the victim should wear about a year orthopedic shoes.
Foot dislocation – a dangerous injury, but at the correct treatment forecasts are always favorable. However, the injury can sometimes cause such diseases as the arthritis, gout and different infections causing injury of skin or nerves.

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