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Препарат Абергин. ЗАО "Фармцентр Вилар” Россия

Producer: CJSC Pharmtsentr Villar Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: N04BC01

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Tablets.

Indications to use: Giperprolaktinemiya. Infertility. Prolaktinoma. Giperprolaktinemiya. Acromegalia.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active agent: абергин® (Bromocriptinum [an alpha, a beta] мезилат) in terms of 100% substance – 0,004 g.

Excipients: lactose (sugar milk), potato starch, citric acid, dinatrium эдетат (disodium salt of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid), silicon dioxide colloid (A-380 aerosil), methylparahydroxybenzoate (нипагин), magnesium stearate (magnesium stearate) – enough before receiving a tablet weighing 0,14 g.

Pharmacological properties:

Абергин® represents mix of two isomers: 2-бром-α-эргокриптина mezilata and 2-бром-β-эргокриптина mezilata (in the ratio 1:1), derivatives of an ergokriptin.
Drug is received in the semi-synthetic way from alkaloids of horns of an ergot of an ergokriptinovy strain – Claviceps purpurea (Fries) Tulasne, stamm Ergocryptini, this. sporynyevy Clavicipitaceae.
Абергин® is a stimulator of the central and peripheral dopamine receptors. Inhibits prolactin secretion, suppresses a physiological lactation, contributes to normalization of a menstrual cycle that gives the chance to apply it at various frustration caused by a giperprolaktinemiya. Oppresses growth hormone hypersecretion.

Абергин® has more long prolaktiningibiruyushchy and neurotropic activity in comparison with Bromocriptinum. It is connected with the fact that β-isomer more lipophilic, than α-isomer, and at oral administration is soaked up from intestines is longer, than Bromocriptinum therefore active concentration of drug in plasma is reached more smoothly and is longer keeps in fabrics and bodies. It explains also the best portability of drug.

Indications to use:

Абергин® appoint the adult at the prolaktinzavisimy diseases and states which are followed by a giperprolaktinemiya: disturbances of a menstrual cycle, female infertility, prolaktinoma; for correction of the states demanding the prevention, reduction or the termination of a lactation on medical indications; giperprolaktinemiya at men; at an acromegalia.

Route of administration and doses:

Абергин® accept inside during food according to the scheme: in an initiation of treatment on 1/2 tablets 2-3 times a day, then increase a dose by 1/4 tablets each 1-2 days, bringing to 3-4 tablets a day at giperprolaktinemichesky states (under control of level of prolactin of blood), and to 5-6 tablets a day at an acromegalia (under control of content in blood of somatotropic hormone and prolactin). The maximum daily dose at an acromegalia in some cases can reach 10 tablets. Duration of use and a dose of drug are defined by the doctor depending on a clinical situation.

Features of use:

Periodic control of arterial pressure, function of a liver and kidneys is recommended. Treatment can cause the accelerated resuming of function of ovaries after the delivery in this connection the warning of women of a possibility of early puerperal conception is necessary. At the women accepting Abergin® at pregnancy approach treatment is stopped – for an exception of cases when the possible positive effect of treatment outweighs potential risk for a fruit.
In case of pregnancy against the background of hypophysis adenoma, after drug withdrawal systematic control of a condition of the pregnant woman, and also adenoma, including a research of fields of vision is necessary.
At treatment of an acromegalia if in the anamnesis there is an instruction on existence of a peptic ulcer of a stomach or duodenum, it is necessary to draw the attention of patients to need of timely informing the doctor on emergence of frustration from digestive tract.

Influence on ability to drive the car and others the mekhanizmami:patsiyenta accepting Abergin® should refrain from occupations types of activity, requiring special attention and bystry physical and mental reactions.  

Side effects:

In the first days of treatment nausea, vomiting, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension are possible, can cause allergic reactions, a lock, drowsiness, a headache; seldom: symptoms of acute psychosis (psychomotor excitement, hallucinations, nonsense), decrease in visual acuity, dryness in a mouth, skin rash, spasms in gastrocnemius muscles.
At prolonged use – Reynaud's syndrome.

Interaction with other medicines:

Reduces efficiency of peroral contraceptive drugs. Monoaminooxidase inhibitors, ergot alkaloids, ethanol – exponentiate risk of development of side effects of drug. At treatment by macroleads – obligatory control of level of prolactin in blood. Fenotiazina increase concentration and respectively risk of development collateral, effects. Phenyl propyl ketones reduce efficiency of drug.


Hypersensitivity to drug components, severe forms of gestoses, uncontrollable arterial hypertension, an essential and family tremor, a chorea of Gettington, acute psychotic frustration, severe forms of cardiovascular diseases, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum; nonspecific ulcer colitis.


Symptoms of acute poisoning – a headache, hallucinations, a lowering of arterial pressure. Treatment – symptomatic, is shown parenteral administration of Metoclopramidum.

Storage conditions:

List B. In the dry, protected from light place, at a temperature not above 5 °C. To store in the place, unavailable to children.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


Tablets on 4 mg.
On 10 tablets in a blister strip packaging. On 30 tablets in bank of orange glass, corked by a cover. 1 either 3 planimetric packagings, or to bank together with the application instruction place in a pack cardboard.

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