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Fatty degeneration of a liver


The fatty hepatosis is a death of working tissue of liver (parenchyma) and its substitution with fatty tissue. In process of decrease of a parenchyma also functions of a liver gradually die away. Decrease in functions of a liver involves changes in a metabolism.

Symptoms of the Fatty degeneraiya of a liver:

Patients with a fatty hepatosis of complaints usually do not show. The disease erased, which is slowly progressing. Since there are constant dull aches in right hypochondrium, there can be nausea, vomiting, disturbances of a chair.
Fatty dystrophy of a liver with the expressed clinical picture is very seldom observed: severe pains in a stomach, jaundice, weight loss, a skin itch.

Reasons of the Fatty degeneraiya of a liver:

The main reason – immunity of cells of a liver to effect of hormone of insulin (insulin resistance). One of insulin functions – glucose transport in cells from blood and an intercellular lymph. At insulin resistance of a cell of a liver do not receive vital to them glucose and perish, being replaced on unpretentious, but useless, lipoblasts.
Insulin resistance can be programmed genetically, appear as a result of disbolism, to be caused by wrong immune aggression to insulin and other factors. The modern medicine learned to cope safely and effectively with insulin resistance, by means of drugs, the dosed exercise stress and healthy nutrition.
The concurrent factors influencing a liver replacement of tissue fat: intoxications (alcoholic, professional, etc.), the increased content of fat in food, a slow-moving way of life.

Treatment of the Fatty degeneraiya of a liver:

The diet with the increased content of proteins, restriction of fats, especially refractory animal origin is appointed. The polyvitamins, the drugs "gepatoprotektor" (protecting a liver) are appointed – geptrat, phosphogliv, Essentiale, etc. Sufficient physical activity is recommended. It should be noted that treatment of a fatty hepatosis usually long, not less than 2-3 months, with the subsequent control of ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity, biochemical indicators of blood. However, in the absence of changes from a way of life, at the remaining increased body weight, at non-compliance with a diet, treatment of a fatty hepatosis can be inefficient and after the end of treatment the fatty hepatosis is returned again.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Fatty degeneraiya of a liver:

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