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The sigmoiditis is an inflammation of a sigmoid gut. The disease is one of types of segmented colitis.

Sigmoiditis symptoms:

The sigmoiditis can be acute and chronic.
  The acute sigmoiditis (often meets at dysentery) is shown by pains in the left ileal area which can be skhvatkoobrazny. Besides at patients character of excrements changes and the chair stnovitsya by speeded up.
  At a chronic sigmoiditis diagnose strengthening of pains before defecation or after it, at jolty driving, long walking,  physical tension. One more of symptoms - ponosa alternate with locks, also false ponosa are possible. Patients are disturbed by abdominal distention, an eructation, loud rumbling in intestines, sometimes nausea and vomiting. At the expressed inflammatory process there is a weakness, the person grows thin, body temperature increases.

  Inflammatory process at a chronic sigmoiditis sometimes extends to a visceral peritoneum with development of a perisigmoiditis. It is resulted by gut unions with surrounding bodies. The perisigmoiditis can develop also owing to various injuries, band operations. Localization and the nature of pains at a perisigmoiditis same, as well as at a sigmoiditis.

  The diagnosis is made on the basis of a clinical picture, data of physical, laboratory and tool researches. At a palpation define consolidation and morbidity of a sigmoid gut.
  Characteristic sign of a perisigmoiditis is restriction or total absence of mobility of a sigmoid gut.
  Macroscopically in Calais find slime, sometimes blood, pus; at microscopic examination — erythrocytes, leukocytes, cells of an intestinal epithelium.
  The biochemical research allows to reveal allocation with excrements of enzymes and protein.
  Radiological deformation of folds of a mucous membrane of a gut, reduction of quantity of folds up to their disappearance are defined, irregularity of a baric column, rigidity of a wall of a gut, defects of filling, etc.
  Radiological signs of a perisigmoiditis are fixing of a sigmoid gut and flattening of its contours. In diagnosis of a sigmoiditis the endoscopic research is of great importance.

  The differential diagnosis is carried out with tumors of a large intestine (at cancer there is an early stenozirovaniye of a gleam of a large intestine), with diseases of female generative organs, uric ways, appendicitis at an atypical arrangement of a worm-shaped shoot.

Анатомическое строение толстого кишечника

Anatomic structure of a large intestine

Sigmoiditis reasons:

As the individual disease - a sigmoiditis meets seldom. Usually this disease is combined with a proctitis and in these cases is called a proctosigmoiditis.

Treatment of the Sigmoiditis:

Provide to the patient rest and a sparing diet. Appoint the spasmolytic, antibacterial, sedative, analgeziruyushchy,  knitting, enveloping agents.
  Use topical treatment (candles and microclysters with starch, fats, a camomile, methyluracil, corticosteroids vitamin A).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Sigmoiditis:

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