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Deficit of zinc


Zinc is a structural component of biological membranes, cellular receptors, proteins, more than 200 euzymatic systems are a part. Tsinkzavisimymi are such vital hormones as insulin, corticotropin, Somatotropinum, gonadotrophins, it is necessary for formation of erythrocytes and other uniform elements of blood. Consider that zinc has antioxidant properties, and also improves effect of other antioxidants.

For normal functioning the human body needs about 15 mg of zinc a day.

Symptoms of Deficit of zinc:

Ensuring optimum need of an organism for this mineral allowed nutritional medicine to achieve revolutionary progress in control of a wide range of effects of its insufficiency - the list of these illnesses includes schizophrenia and other mental disorders, diabetes, adenoma of a prostate, a cataract, a heart trouble, injury of a brain and a nervous system, disturbance of functions of immune system, bad digestion, ulcers, food allergies, accumulation of toxic metals, bad healing of wounds, osteoporosis, skin diseases, fatigue, loss of appetite, a hearing disorder, frustration of food and a set of symptoms of an imbalance of sugar in blood.

Our earth becomes poorer in zinc, and the high-carbohydrate diet leaves to us and it is less of that. Additives of calcium and a diet rich with calcium are capable to lower digestion of zinc almost by 50%. Zinc is quickly removed from an organism at a stress (physical, emotional or chemical), and also under the influence of poisonous metals, pesticides and other environmental pollution. Aging inevitably handicaps us as in a stomach it is not allocated enough the acid necessary for absorption of this mineral. Proceeding from prevalence of deficit of zinc among sick old men, use of additives probably should be considered obligatory for all people of advanced age.

The whole range of neurologic and psychological frustration - epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Huntington disease, a dizleksiya, acute psychosis, weak-mindedness, pathological disgust for food, disturbance of attention and a depression can be connected with deficit of zinc.

Additives of zinc can help disease prevention of Alzheimer. In an organism of the people affected with this disease it is almost impossible to find zinc - dependent hormone of a thymus - тимулин, and it means that deficit of zinc can play a part in emergence of pathological process.

At the people affected with AIDS deficit of zinc which makes an essential contribution to the continuing decline of already damaged immune system almost steadily is observed.

Malignant tumors develop against the background of the lowered zinc level easier.

Symptoms of almost all skin diseases weaken or disappear at increase in reserves of zinc in an organism. In doses of 100 mg or more it is especially effective at treatment of acne rash which some researchers consider the disease caused by deficit of zinc and one of irreplaceable fatty acids. Effect of additives is shown not at once - there can pass weeks and months before you notice its results on the skin.

The high-quality increase in a prostate (prostate adenoma) which now reached almost epidemic scales among men is more senior than fifty years, is inseparably linked with inadequate consumption of zinc during all previous life. Frequent desires to an urination and other symptoms of adenoma of a prostate very reliably decrease when using additives of zinc, especially in combination with extract of a palm tree of a sereno (a dwarfish palm tree), irreplaceable fatty acids and several amino acids which glycine, alanine and glutaminic acid are among. The lack of zinc can also worsen formation of sperm and production of testosterone whereas at treatment of group of men is more senior than sixty years the nutritional supplements containing zinc, testosterone level increased in serum of their blood literally twice.

Deficit of zinc can conduct to a set of complications of pregnancy, including an abortion, toxicosis, a growth inhibition of a fruit and the complicated childbirth. Even the moderate daily dose in 22 mg which was tested in one research allowed women to give birth to much larger babies. About 10-60 mg a day it is absolutely safe to accept zinc doses during pregnancy.

Content of zinc in an organism is, as a rule, lowered at the women testing a premenstrual syndrome. It is not excluded that deficit of mineral leads to decrease in production of progesterone that, in turn, can cause draft to sweet and salty.

It is not excluded that deficit of zinc makes a certain contribution to one of the most common causes of a blindness - degeneration of a macula lutea. Reception of additives in doses from 100 to 200 mg can slow down the progressive destruction of a retina causing this state.

Forty percent of the people having a disease Krone have deficiency of zinc, and completion of reserves of this mineral in an organism has crucial importance for overcoming this widespread digestive disturbance. In developing countries inclusion in a diet of children, testing insufficiency of this mineral, the nutritional supplements containing zinc number of cases of dysentery and diarrhea allow to reduce.

At those who are struck by a pseudorheumatism (an inflammatory disease of joints) zinc reserves in an organism are, as a rule, strongly exhausted.

At decrease in content of zinc in an organism in comparison with optimum level we become more vulnerable to toxic action of environmental pollution. In one research of two hundred accidentally chosen people with chemical hypersensitivity at 54% from them low levels of zinc were noted.

При недостатке (дефиците) цинка на ногтях формируются белые пятна.

At a lack (deficit) of zinc on nails white spots form.

Reasons of Deficit of zinc:

Scientists know that treatment of many diseases should be begun with appointment of zinc-containing drugs as the patient. Especially at vegeto-vascular diseases, anemia, stomach ulcer, a prostate tumor, personal skin diseases, and also at burns.

Deficit of zinc can be caused by disturbance of activity of a thyroid gland, liver diseases, bad assimilation, a lack of this mineral of water, food, and also too large amount of phytin in food stuffs as phytin "connects" zinc, complicates its assimilation (by the way, it is impossible to accept zinc together with selenium as two of these elements mutually exclude each other.). If in food there is too much protein, it can be the cause of a lack of zinc of an organism too. At diseases: cancer of bronchial tubes, an inflammation or a prostate cancer, other cancer tumors, leukoses also occurs an excessive consumption of zinc which is necessary for growth of cells.

Additives of calcium and a diet (dairy products) rich with calcium are capable to lower digestion of zinc almost by 50%, and caffeine and alcohol strenuously bring him out of an organism.

Content of zinc decreases at intake of contraceptives (oral contraceptives). Corticosteroids (a cortisone, Prednisolonums) appointed at a number of diseases (arthritis, bronchial asthma, etc.), also reduce zinc level.

Zinc is quickly removed from an organism at stresses, and also under the influence of poisonous metals, pesticides, etc.

Zinc level in an organism considerably decreases with age, therefore, elderly people to some extent have deficiency of zinc. 

Treatment of Deficit of zinc:

Deficit of zinc develops at digestive tract diseases, general diseases of connecting fabric, blood diseases, psoriasis, new growths and other pathological processes.

It is possible to fill shortage by means of food stuffs, such as seafood (oysters, shrimps), a liver, low-fat beef, firm cheeses, bean, nuts, mushrooms and berries (bilberry, raspberry). Besides, the majority of nutritional supplements and vitamin and mineral complexes contain zinc.

However as biological availability of zinc is low (about 30%), drugs with the high content of zinc, in particular Tsinkteral (KFZ "Polfa", Poland) whose one tablet contains 124 mg of zinc of sulfate (45 mg of elementary zinc) are most acceptable for treatment of tsinkdefitsitny states.

During treatment by Tsinkteral it is necessary to limit alcohol intake, coffee and strong tea.

Some components of food, for example: folic acid (contains in green vegetables), salts of phytic acid (contain in grain), dairy products and eggs — worsen zinc absorption. As prolonged treatment by Tsinkteral can cause decrease in level of copper in blood, it is necessary to accept copper drugs at the same time.

At treatment by Tsinkteral the dispeptic phenomena are sometimes possible (heartburn, nausea, metal smack in a mouth). In that case it is necessary to accept drug in time or right after food.

Tsinkteral is contraindicated at a renal failure and individual intolerance of drug.

There is a set of other fields of medicine in which zinc drugs are widely and successfully used. Insufficient intake of zinc in an organism of the pregnant woman leads to the insufficient growth and an arrest of development of a fruit, and also oslozheniye in labor.

Pediatricians use zinc drugs at a delay of psychological and cognitive development at preschool and school age.

Dermatovenerologists include Tsinkteral in schemes of treatment of resistant forms of trichomoniasis.

And it is only the incomplete list of opportunities of use of zinc in medicine. Specialized editions constantly publish the results of a huge number of researches in this area which are of interest to the modern practicing doctors and druggists.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Deficit of zinc:

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