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Peyroni's disease


Peyroni's disease is a benign disease (not a tumor and not cancer) of a white of cavernous bodies of a penis which consists in formation of plaques or consolidations in a white of cavernous bodies of a penis. These plaques and consolidations are most often probed on a penis back, is more rare on each side and from an urethra (urethra). Perhaps also formation of fibrosis (growths of cicatricial fabric) in cavernous bodies that takes place approximately at 30% having Peyroni's disease. These changes can become the reason of disturbances of an erection, severe pains during sexual intercourse and a considerable chordee which can even interfere with carrying out sexual intercourse. With such complaints patients most often also see a doctor. About 1% of men have Peyroni's disease.

Symptoms of the Disease of Peyroni:

Peyroni's disease often proceeds benign, and suddenly appeared plaques in a penis, disappear independently within 6 — 12 months. If it there is no disease will not pass independently any more and will perhaps demand treatment. Symptoms of a disease of Peyroni (a chordee, pains, frustration of an erection) can progress towards improvement or deterioration within 1 — 1.5 years after their emergence. After these terms conservative therapy as a rule is not effective, and results of surgical treatment are stablest.

Peyroni etiologies:

Chordees can be inborn and acquired. They are characterized by lack of plaques in a white of cavernous bodies. However at cavernous bodies there are tyazh of connecting fabric (chord) which cause chordees. Inborn and acquired diseases of an urethra (a hypospadias, a stricture) can be other reasons of such curvatures. The expressed curvatures occur at 2 — 3% of all men. Small curvatures take place much more often and are not considered as pathology. Cosmetic defect, emotional experiences or inconveniences is the reasons of the address to the doctor of men with chordees during sexual intercourse. Most often such inconveniences are caused by a chordee down.

Treatment of the Disease of Peyroni:

Despite abundance of the offered medicamentous and physiotherapeutic methods of treatment, their efficiency it is not high. However in mild cases of a disease, at small plaques and an insignificant curvature of a penis use of high doses of vitamin E, drugs colchicine and a potab is possible. Antagonists of calcium (a drug injection verapamil in a plaque) apply proteolytic enzymes (lidaza), Dimexidum, steroids (hydrocortisone), etc. to topical treatment. For physical therapy use фонофорез the specified medicinal substances, laser therapy and so forth. However all these methods have very low performance and often serious side effects. If conservative treatment did not help within 1 — 2 years, offer patients operation. Surgical treatment of a disease of Peyroni and chordees most effectively.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Disease of Peyroni:

  • Препарат Лонгидаза.


    Fermental drugs.

    "NPO Petrovax Pharm" Russia

  • Препарат Тестис композитум.

    Testis compositum

    Complex homeopathic medicine.

    Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Biologishe Haylmittel Heel Gmbh) Germany

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