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Angiomatosis (angiomatosis; Greek — a vessel and — a tumor), гемангиоматоз — excess growth (proliferation) of blood vessels of various caliber; peculiar defect of formation of a mesenchyma. Can be followed by changes in c. N of page (paresis, paralyzes, heavy frustration of mentality), dysfunctions of internals. The angiomatosis is quite often combined with other inborn defects (e.g., a crevice of an upper lip).

Angiomatosis reasons:

Distinguish an angiomatosis local and system. The Mesty angiomatosis is caused by growth of vessels on a limited body part, most often on a face, including on a border of lips; to a mucous membrane of a nose, an oral cavity, a throat, a trachea, bronchial tubes, in an eye retina, in a liver, mucous membranes of a stomach and intestines, etc. Carry vascular spots, a vascular nevus of skin, a senile angioma to a local angiomatosis.

Angiomatosis symptoms:

Clinically represents local process without tendency to progressing. The system angiomatosis (multiple, diffusion) is characterized by emergence of multiple angiomas, vascular spots, teleangiectasias in various bodies and fabrics. Process quite often accepts the progressing character, the area of defeat increases, the new centers appear. For example, process can take all extremity, break its function. Randyu-Osler's disease, group of inborn diseases belong to system angiomatoses (e.g., Gippelya-Lindau a disease, etc.). At this form of an angiomatosis in skin, soft tissues, bones there is a growth of vessels of raelichny caliber to formation of cavernous cavities, trophic ulcers develop, there are bleedings, etc. Course of a disease chronic. The forecast depends on localization and the sizes of the center.

Ангиоматоз стенки толстой кишки

Angiomatosis of a wall of a large intestine

Treatment of an angiomatosis:

Sosudoukreplyayushchy and styptic drugs, locally — a tamponade of the bleeding vessels, an absorbable gelatin sponge, thrombin, Haemophobinum. At simple hemangiomas successfully use cryotherapy. Surgical treatment — excision of an angioma, bandaging of arteries. With the replaceable purpose at acute posthemorrhagic anemiahemotransfusion and a packed red cells, iron preparations.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Angiomatosis:

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