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Krauroz of a vulva


Krauroz of a vulva - an atrophy of a multilayer flat epithelium (from the Greek craurosis - dry, wrinkled).

Krauroz's symptoms of a vulva:

Kauroz develops gradually. One of the first complaints testimonial of the beginning of development of a disease, the feeling of an itch localized in a vulva is. The itch usually arises at night and disappears in day.

The developing atrophic processes at first are shown in symmetric defeat of small vulvar lips, a clitoris, and later extend to other sites of a vulva, without affecting a pilar part. There is a kraurosis vulvae. Further, process can affect a crotch, perianal area and inguinal folds. Further there is a gradual narrowing of an entrance to a vagina because of what sexual contacts become painful, and later - impossible. Skin and mucous gain whitish or whitish-gray, brilliant color. In process of progressing of a disease, the feeling of an itch amplifies, becoming constant and painful.

Krauroz's reasons vulvas:

Origins and pathogeny of a krauroz of a vulva are not finalized, but many researchers note a gipoestrogeniya and/or exchange and endocrine disturbances (diabetes mellitus) at these patients.

Krauroz's treatment vulvas:

At a krauroza of a vulva recommend full, vitamin-rich, preferential a pier internal and vegetable food. Locally appoint the ointments containing vitamins A, E, anaesthesin, Dimedrol, corticosteroid hormones; in case of accession of inflammatory changes - a sintomitsinovy emulsion.

The forecast for life favorable. Due to a possibility of transition of a krauroz of a vulva to cancer patients have to be under constant observation of doctors - the dermatologist and the gynecologist.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Krauroz's treatment vulvas:

  • Препарат Овариум композитум.

    Ovarium compositum

    Complex homeopathic medicine.

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