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Chronic respiratory insufficiency


The chronic respiratory insufficiency (RI) — the morbid condition which is characterized by one of two types of disturbances:
- the system of external respiration cannot provide normal gas composition of blood,
- the normal gas composition of blood is provided due to the increased work of system of external respiration.

Symptoms of Chronic respiratory insufficiency:

As a rule, chronic DN develops for many years. The long time chronic DN is shown only by an asthma of I and II degrees (at the raised and usual exercise stress) and a lack of oxygen of blood (anoxemia) at exacerbations of bronchopulmonary diseases. The anoxemia is found on emergence of cyanosis or on concentration of oxyhemoglobin in blood.
Rates of development of chronic DN depend on a current of a basic disease.
Originally DN is complicated by hypertensia of a small circle of blood circulation at an asthma of the II degree. Then there is a stabilization of an anoxemia and formation of a pulmonary heart.

Reasons of Chronic respiratory insufficiency:

Reasons (etiology) of chronic DN:
- bronchopulmonary diseases,
- pulmonary vasculites,
- primary hypertensia of a small circle of blood circulation,
- TsNS diseases,
- diseases of peripheral nerves and muscles,
- some rare diseases.

Treatment of Chronic respiratory insufficiency:

Correction of reversible factors. A priority of therapy of patients with HDN is identification and elimination of potentially reversible factors making a contribution to progressing and "weighting" of HDN. Treat examples of such therapy: purpose of diuretics at congestive heart failure, elimination of a hypothyroidism, hypophosphatemia, hypomagnesiemia at ventilating insufficiency of any genesis. Apply b2-Agonisty, anticholinergic drugs, mukoreguliruyushchy drugs, breath stimulators, use a litelny oxygen therapy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Chronic respiratory insufficiency:

  • Препарат Эладон.


    Anti-inflammatory, antibronkhokonstriktorny drug.

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  • Препарат Димефосфон.


    The means influencing the alimentary system and metabolic processes.

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