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Tserkarioz, or an itch of bathers — damage of skin cercariae — rasselitelny larvae of parasitic flat worms of a class of trematodes.

Reasons of a tserkarioz:

After an exit from a body of the bryukhonogy mollusk acting as the intermediate owner, cercariae of some types of trematodes infect the following owner chreskozhno: puncturing its covers. A final owner of the trematodes causing an itch of bathers are birds. In attempt to infect not specific owner with more rough covers of a cercaria perish, however are capable to cause irritation of skin and a severe itch.

Возбудитель церкариоза

Activator of a tserkarioz

Symptoms of a tserkarioz:

At massive infection already in the first half an hour skin reddens, swells and in several hours becomes covered by dense small knots the size from prosyany grain to a small pea. Borders of small knots, as a rule, accurate, on a surface of many of them are formed transparent bubbles soon enough. At children during a rash temperature can increase, sometimes to 38 °C and above, sometimes the general state sharply worsens. Rashes are followed by burning and an intolerable itch. At the same time combing of skin is very dangerous: it is possible to bring an infection and to receive complications, up to an erysipelatous inflammation.

Treatment of a tserkarioz:

To avoid reservoirs with Castropoda mollusks, especially with still water. Not to swim away in water vegetation, not to go naked legs on underwater vegetation is zones of concentration of cercariae. And if accidentally swam away, then to come up from this zone as soon as possible.

For guarantees of non-aggression of cercariae, before an entrance to water, all open parts of a body it is necessary to grease fatly with cream or the ointment (from mosquitoes, midges, etc.) containing the greatest concentration (up to 40%) of dimethyl phthalate or dibutyl phthalate. At repeated bathing periodically to update a cream blanket. On the head to put on a swimming hat, on the person swimming glasses or a mask. Well protects the person at stay in water and usual clothes, but at the same time outerwear has to be filled in trousers. At the same time the more rough material and the more densely adjoins to a body - the better. Swimming in a diving suit gives the greatest protection.

After an exit from water of the person who is not covered with ointment it is recommended to wipe carefully a towel all open body parts.

The itch is removed solution of salicyl alcohol or the Vietnamese Star balm. Besides, Dimedrol on 0,05 g 2-3 times a day is appointed inside. In hard cases use of Prednisolonum or AKTG is shown. Also acidified water - apple juice, a lemon, train broth helps. It is possible to buy in a drugstore the children's talker or Tsindol suspension, it costs little very much. There are in drugstores also special ointments against an itch, for example, with Dimedrol or menthol. And it is possible to make so: to take a compress from the soaked oat flakes (not sweet), and then to take for the night a bath with a train. To the child for the night thin filar gloves that in a dream did not comb hair are put on hands. If all body itches and it is impossible to fall asleep after all, it is necessary to accept tavegil or Suprastinum. To children - in a dose which will be appointed by the doctor, to the adult - on one tablet for the night. Until the itch and puffiness pass, it is necessary to continue to foment, compresses and bathtubs, but without soap. The itch of the bather is very similar to an allergy therefore exclude from food possible allergens - fruit and berries of red, yellow and orange color, exotic products, hot dishes, spices. Eat simple food, drink kefir, acidophilus milk, curdled milk, alkaline mineral waters. Refuse for a while can drinks, gassy, tinned juice.

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