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Douglas abscess


Abscess of a duglasov of a pocket (abscesus pelviorectalis), Douglas abscess — the delimited accumulation of pus in rectouterine deepening; special form of limited peritonitis.

Douglas abscess symptoms:

In an acute stage of process intoxication symptoms, a fever, intermittent fever, tenesmus, difficulty of an urination and defecation appear. The outcome can be various: sometimes abscess resolves with formation of commissures, is sometimes opened in a vagina or in a rectum then there occurs recovery. At break in a bladder development of an infection of uric ways is possible.

Douglas abscess reasons:

Arises in rerultate spread of an infection on лимф. to ways or on an extent from uterine tubes, at extra hospital abortion as a result of arch wound, at the infected extrauterine pregnancy, after an acute paraproctitis. The abscess is limited to the next bodies: in front uterus, behind rectum, from above, loops of guts and epiploon.

Treatment of the Douglas abscess:

Bed rest, fight against intoxication, antibacterial therapy (antibiotics, streptocides), analjgeziruyushchy means, actions directed to normalization of a homeostasis, repeated punctures of the back arch. In persistent cases when it is not possible to reach full evacuation of pus punctures, resort to a back colpotomy and drainage of a purulent cavity.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Douglas abscess:

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