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Violent dermatitis


Violent dermatitis is an inflammatory damage of skin with education on it  the bubbles filled with liquid. Most often violent dermatitis results from contact of skin with any aggressive environmental factor. However it can be a symptom of other dermatological diseases, a consequence of metabolic and endocrine disturbances or manifestation of genetic anomalies. In diagnosis  of violent dermatitis definition of the external factor influencing skin, detection of the accompanying pathology, laboratory diagnoses and a biopsy is of great importance.

Symptoms of Violent dermatitis:

Violent dermatitis from influence of low temperature are freezing injuries. They are characterized by an initial vasospasm. Then vessels extend and on skin there is a reddening which is followed by burning sensation and pains. Puffiness joins and sluggish bubbles with serous or bloody contents appear. The erosion which are formed after opening of bubbles when healing become covered by crusts. Impact on skin of high temperature causes burns. Their clinical picture is similar to freezing injuries, but bubbles are formed at once after influence. Violent dermatitis arises at freezing injury or a burn of the II degree.

Solar violent dermatitis develops within several hours after too long stay under direct beams of the sun. After erubescence on it bubbles of the different size are formed. Morbidity and burning is noted, temperature increase and disturbance of overall health is possible. After healing of erosion on skin there are sites of a hyperpegmentation.

Violent dermatitis from chemical factors, arising on the site of skin contacting to chemical can then accept generalized character. So, at contact with ursol the favourite arrangement of bubbles at generalization is the person and a neck. The arising hypostasis can take eyelids with full closing of a palpebral fissure.

Metabolic violent dermatitis develops against the background of the existing endocrine diseases or exchange disturbances. Diabetic буллёз arises at a diabetes mellitus of any type. At it is mute intense bubbles are on distal departments of legs or hands. The Enteropatichesky acrodermatitis is connected with a lack of zinc and is characterized by localization of bubbles on distal departments of extremities, in a mouth, on lips and around eyes.

Hereditary violent dermatitis usually develops right after the birth. Spontaneous sudden emergence of bubbles and their education in places of insignificant traumatizing skin is characteristic of a violent epidermolysis. Hailey-Hailey's disease has a clinical picture of a pemphigus, but is transmitted in the hereditary way.

Reasons of Violent dermatitis:

Influence of sunshine and artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation, low and high temperatures, aggressive chemicals (turpentine, ursol, hair-dye, etc.), some plants and medicines belongs to the external factors causing contact violent dermatitis. At the same time violent dermatitis is caused by direct influence of a factor (simple contact dermatitis) or the allergic reaction (allergic contact dermatitis) provoked by it.

Violent dermatitis can be display of infectious diseases: herpes, violent dermatofitiya, impetigo; inflammatory dermatosis: pemphigus, violent system lupus erythematosus, violent pemphigoid; metabolic disturbances: porphyria, pellagra, diabetic буллёз, enteropatichesky acrodermatitis; genetic anomalies: inborn violent erythrosis, Hailey-Hailey's disease, violent epidermolysis.

Treatment of Violent dermatitis:

In treatment of contact violent dermatitis the basic is an elimination of a provocative factor. If dermatitis is manifestation or a complication of other diseases, then first of all carry out treatment of a basic disease. At hereditary forms of violent dermatitis the symptomatic treatment is carried out.

The corticosteroid and antibacterial ointments, antiinflammatory mixes, means promoting healing of the erosion remaining after bubbles can locally be applied. If necessary make opening of bubbles with careful observance of conditions of sterility.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Violent dermatitis:

  • Препарат Бетаспан.


    Glucocorticosteroids for system use.

    JSC Pharmak Ukraine

  • Препарат Декспантенол 5%.

    Dekspantenol of 5%

    Angenesis stimulator.

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia

  • Препарат Преднизолон.



    Gedeon Richter (Gideon Richter) Hungary

  • Препарат Метилурацил 10%.

    Methyluracil of 10%

    Stimulator of a reparation of fabrics

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia

  • Препарат Преднизолон-Дарница, табл. по 0.005 г №40.

    Prednizolon-Darnitsa, the tab. on 0.005 g No.

    Drugs of hormones for system use.

    CJSC Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa Ukraine

  • Препарат Пантодерм®.


    Reparations of fabrics stimulator

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia

  • Препарат Дексаметазон®.



    Krka Slovenia

  • Препарат Белодерм.


    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration.

    BELUPO, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, d.d. Republic of Croatia

  • Препарат Гиоксизон .


    Corticosteroids for topical treatment of diseases of skin.

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia

  • Препарат Гиоксизон.


    Glucocorticosteroid for topical administration + an antibiotic – tetracycline

    JSC Pharmaceutical Factory of St. Petersburg Russia

  • Препарат Лемод.



    Hemofarm, A.D. (A.D. Hemofarm) Serbia

  • Препарат Декспантенол-Хемофарм.


    The drug improving a trophicity and an angenesis.

    Hemofarm, A.D. (A.D. Hemofarm) Serbia

  • Препарат Лемод.



    Hemofarm, A.D. (A.D. Hemofarm) Serbia

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