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The disease which is a consequence of long defective food in which there are no vitamins.
Avitaminosis is a so-called chronic shortage of any vitamin B a human body. Naturally, the lack of each vitamin can be shown in own way. Most often avitaminosis is a consequence of improper feeding as generally vitamins B our organism get with food. If you eat regularly sandwiches, then you can have this disease on several groups of vitamins at once.

Avitaminosis symptoms:

Avitaminosis is shown by a specific set of symptoms characteristic (specific) to insufficiency of this or that vitamin. As a rule, at avitaminosis, disturbances have the expressed character. At a disturbance hypovitaminosis caused by relative insufficiency of vitamin, are shown poorly. Symptoms have nonspecific character – dizziness, weakness, decrease in working capacity, excessive fatigue, lack of appetite and so forth. The isolated hypovitaminosis (insufficiency of one specific vitamin) meets seldom. Much the polyhipoavitaminosis, that is simultaneous insufficiency of several vitamins meets more often at once.

Avitaminosis reasons:

Disturbance of intake of vitamins C food at improper feeding, insufficient or low-quality food.
Disturbance of processes of digestion or disturbance of work of the bodies connected directly with digestion.
Receipt in an organism of antivitamins, for example medicines Syncumarum, дикумарол, applied at treatment of the increased coagulability of blood.
Features of a children's metabolism
Features of a metabolism at elderly people

Treatment of Avitaminosis:

Treatment of avitaminosis begins establishments of the correct diagnosis. For a start it will be necessary to establish what vitamin is not enough, and only after that it will be possible to appoint certain drugs and to give special recipes. It is better not to self-medicate, it is necessary to address the experienced specialist.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Avitaminosis:

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