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Beauty and health

Красота и здоровьеOnly in youth the external attractiveness presented by the nature does not demand special efforts for maintenance. But at any age there is a wish to look remarkably, and to feel well and surely. There are three main ways to change appearance to the best – specially developed complexes of physical exercises, various improvements of appearance by means of cosmetic procedures, and, in case of need, plastic surgeries. Materials of the heading "Beauty and Health" are intended for those who are not indifferent to own outward and a condition of the physical health.

From a series of the articles "Cosmetic Procedures" it is possible to learn about the set of various types of massage and masks, novelties which are used for such classical procedures as manicure and a pedicure about a permanent make-up and a permanent make-up, current trends of care of hair, skin of a body and a face.

Practically all dream of a beautiful figure, the harmonious and tightened body. The slender waist, magnificent legs, elastic muscles are not only attractiveness, but also excellent health at any age. Having attentively studied the directions of fitness existing for today it is possible to choose for himself the most suitable sets of exercises, having taken, thus, the first step to rejuvenation and improvement.

Thanks to the latest developments in the field of medicine, in power to change modern surgeons a body and a face, to return charm, for many years to prolong youth and beauty. Articles for those who decided to improve the appearance considerably are presented in the section "Plastic Surgery".

Cosmetic procedures
Отбеливание зубов - средство, способы, отзывы

Strong, the Procedure of whitening zubovbely and beautiful teeth were always considered as a standard of beauty and youth, but to the last time...

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Виниры на зубы - отзывы, до и после

Very first began to use so-called Hollywood vinira – white plates which were attached to a front part з...

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Татуаж глаз - отзывы, последствия

The permanent make-up of eyes represents special technology of putting color for imitation of a cosmetic make-up for eyes. Such техноло...

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Маски от прыщей - отзывы, виды, рецепты

In face packs from spots the substances possessing clearing, drying, antiinflammatory, антисептическ are used...

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Directions of fitness
Гимнастика фитбол - упражнения, преимущества, виды

The Fitball fitball – an elastic ball of the big size (55-75 cm in the diameter) which is used for gymnastic activity and aerobics. Фи...

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Шейпинг для похудения - уроки, занятия дома

Shaping Shaping – the physical exercises which are individually picked up and allowing to reach beauty, physical perfection and...

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Бодифлекс - упражнения, уроки, отзывы

Bodifleks Bodifleks is a unique technique, being engaged on which only 15 minutes a day it is possible to make the figure St...

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Аквааэробика - отзывы, упражнения, занятия

Water aerobics Water aerobics – a kind of aerobics at which trainings take place in the pool. The water aerobics uses the daddy...

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Plastic surgery
Ринопластика - описание, показания, отзывы

Were engaged in a rhinoplasty in immemorial times. As well as in those days, now the majority of operations on a nose is made with to...

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Липосакция - отзывы, до и после

Liposuction – the bariatrichesky or cosmetology operation intended for removal by a surgical way of adiposities on...

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Блефаропластика - отзывы, до и после

Eyelids perform not only function of protection of our organ of sight against beams of a bright sun, hit in eyes of dust, moistening of corneas...

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Пластика губ - описание, виды, отзывы

Beautiful mouth, perhaps, the most attractive and sexual part of a woman's face. However lips are extremely vulnerable for age, with we lie...

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Psychology of the relations

Understand denial of the foundations and rules existing in any group, society or community, and the offer as nonconformism...

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Кризис семейных отношений

Desire of two people to establish a family not always speaks about their readiness for so responsible step. First period of joint life...

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Egoism is the system of values of the person which is characterized by dominance of personal needs in relation to interests and потребн...

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Социальная рефлексия

The reflection in social psychology is a process of knowledge by the acting subject (the personality or communities) internal mentally...

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