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Healthy food – we about it have heard a lot, but for some reason we continue to eat the food poisoned with synthetic additives, preferring to fruit, vegetables and simple porridges semi-finished products, smoked products and dead hamburgers.

It happens because of the low level of culture of food, our outward ceases to satisfy us, the depression overcomes, the stomach disturbs, go on kidney strike, a liver, other zhiznennovazhny bodies. We constantly eat something, and all the same we weaken and we are ill, and what is even worse, our children began to be ill more. We lack important knowledge, that is why it occurs. Teach bases of healthy food doctors, cosmetologists and nutritionists and what to do to sellers and builders, accountants and housewives?

There is a solution! You come into the section "Healthy Food". Now you will precisely deal with all these calories, fats and carbohydrates, realize THAT you eat, learn to cook correctly food, you will understand what diet – yours and as to observe it.

But the most interesting, with new knowledge you receive serious motivation to changes, revitalize yourself, the relatives, you will impart to children healthy eating habits.

Information is constantly updated, read articles and educate friends.

Make healthy food the new hobby!

Food stuffs
Алыча - свойства, показания, противопоказания

Cherry plum – the tree fructifying at the end of summer. Sometimes call a cherry plum plum, but it is wrong. The cherry plum and plum concern to one...

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Апельсин - полезные свойства, применение, противопоказания

Orange contains vitamins C, B1, PP, B2, A, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, lemon and ascorbic acids...

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Абрикос - полезные свойства, применение, противопоказания

Fruits of an apricot contain apple, lemon, wine acids, sugar, starch, iron, phosphorus, tannins, magnesium, silver...

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Айва - полезные свойства, применение, противопоказания

Fruits of a quince contain PP, A, C vitamins, E, B6, B2, B1, potassium, copper, lemon and apple, hydroxy-malonic acids, pectin. In 100 g...

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Caloric content of products
Калорийность колбасы

Sausage is the foodstuff made from mincemeat of one or several types of meat. Zawiya sausage caloric content...

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Калорийность мороженого

Almost each person since the childhood loves ice cream. Caloric content of this dessert varies depending on a compounding of prigot...

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Калорийность овощей

Caloric content of vegetables is not big. Therefore vegetable diets the easiest and pleasant. It is better to use fresh vegetables, and in winter time...

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Калорийность фруктов

As a rule, the caloric content of fruit not high, but nevertheless is more, than in vegetables. Therefore that who to aim to dump superfluous килог...

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Reference book of diets
Антихолестериновая диета – принципы, рецепты

Anti-cholesteric diet While own level of cholesterol of blood is known to about 80% of Americans and Europeans...

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Щадящая диета при гастрите - меню, рекомендации

The sparing diet the Sparing diet assumes the special clinical nutrition making soft impact on bodies of digestion...

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Смузи для похудения

Smuz for weight loss are drinks in which useful ingredients of a different consistence mix up. They can serve as a substitute for...

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Reference book of vitamins
Витамин B1 - в продуктах, недостаток, биологическая роль

B1 vitamin concerns to group of water-soluble vitamins. B1 vitamin - the connection which is responsible for normal work to a nervous sista...

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Витамин N - липоевая кислота - основные функции в организме

Vitamin N (lipoic acid) - vitamin which is an integral part of cells. The organism itself produces vitamin N, but with...

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Витамин B8 - значение, применение, содержание в продуктах

B8 vitamin (inositol, inositol) – the vitaminopodobny substance synthesized from glucose in body tissues. Inositol in pure form...

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Витамин B6 - в продуктах, избыток и недостаток

B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) – water-soluble vitamin from group B. Under such general name the group of substances which явл is joint...

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Reference book of nutritional supplements
Адипиновая кислота - получение, свойства, применение

From the physical point of view substance represents colourless crystals. Adipic acid is present at the list of additives, at...

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Куркумин - вред, применение, польза

Curcumine – the natural dye which is a part of leaves and roots of a turmeric – a plant of family ginger. Curcumine get a put...

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Антоцианы - свойства, польза, содержание в продуктах

Anthocyans – pigmental substances from group of glycosides. They are in plants, causing red, violet and blue a color...

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Консервант сорбиновая кислота Е200 - вред, применение

Sorbic acid (e200) – natural organic compound. On physical properties represents solid substance бе...

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Articles about healthy food

Overeating signs were repeatedly tested by each of us. It is shown by weight in a stomach after meal, sleepy...

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В чем много калорий?

Each food stuff has the number of calories. The use of products with high caloric content promotes a set of superfluous...

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Сасси для похудения

Today there is a huge choice of various recipes for weight loss – from elementary and simple to most are difficult...

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Сбалансированное питание

The balanced food – the daily diet which is completely providing daily energy needs of an organism, and also o...

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