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Useful properties of orange

Orange contains vitamins C, B1, PP, B2, A, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, lemon and ascorbic acids, thiamin, pectin.

Useful properties of orange can be applied to support of the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, alimentary system of the person. Orange pulp well heals abscesses and wounds.

Orange juice contains the phytoncides possessing antiinflammatory, antimicrobic action, it can be used in complex treatment of a scurvy. It is noticed that juice of orange tones up, improves a metabolism.

Also orange differs in the fact that the citric acid which is contained in it protects it from accumulation of nitrates and nitrites.

Also orange oil is known the useful properties. It is developed from a peel of fruits, leaves and flowers of orange trees. For production of oil use bitter and sweet orange therefore it can differ on aroma, the content of active agents. Oil has the bactericidal, deodorizing, tonic, antiseptic, spasolytic property, helps at a depression, anorexia, improves appetite, increases visual acuity, removes inflammations of gums, removes bile, stimulates immunity.


The regular use of oranges thanks to pectins and cellulose helps to adjust digestion, work of intestines, to reduce the putrefactive processes which are taking place in it, to prevent a lock. It is considered that red sweet orange is useful at obesity. Also orange helps at avitaminosis, a hypertension, gout, atherosclerosis, low acidity of a secret of a stomach, weak biliation.

The regular use of orange juice is useful for the people with diseases of a liver and lungs having anemia, diseases of joints. But the good effect is observed also after the combined juice, for example, from orange and apple – both components are rich with pectins therefore they positively influence intestines, or orange and a lemon - such juice as much as possible saturates with vitamin C.

Also thanks to vitamin C the orange and a lemon mixed with honey well influence vessels: clear them and strengthen, reduce cholesterol level and therefore help to prevent a stroke, stenocardia, a heart attack.

For prevention of cardiovascular diseases prepare such medicine from orange and a lemon: via the meat grinder miss two pieces of orange and a lemon, mix with two spoons of honey, shift in glass capacity, days insist and later store in the refrigerator. Means in the preventive purposes is accepted in 30 min. prior to food daily - on 2 teaspoons.

At severe menstrual pains orange tincture helps. For its preparation the peel of orange is crushed, filled in with boiled water, boil half an hour. The cooled, filtered broth is accepted 3-4r/put on 50 g.

Infusion on 3-4 orange segments which are filled in with 50 ml of boiled water will help to remove heat. Having drawn segments half an hour, it is possible to take drink each one and a half-two hours and temperature will gradually decrease. Such means it is possible to treat also the child if he has no an allergy to a citrus.

As the means removing an abstinence syndrome after excessive alcohol intake it is possible to use the juice from orange mixed with a yolk of one fresh egg.

For treatment of gastritis with hyposecretion prepare infusion from an orange peel, a root of an acorus, leaves of trifoliate watch, a wormwood. All components take 20 g. For treatment collecting is filled in with boiled water: the glass of boiled water is the share of one its tablespoon, insist 6-8ch in a thermos. Accept infusion after food on 100 ml 3 times a day.

Orange thanks to its positive impact on intestines is included in structure of diets. The diet based on orange, apple and cabbage assumes an exception of salt, fat, sweet. It is possible to use low-fat meat, to drink juice from orange and apple. Cabbage can be eaten fresh in salad, to extinguish or cook cabbage Russian cabbage soup. To keep to a diet on orange, apple and cabbage two weeks are possible, combining it with exercise stresses.

Useful properties of orange are available also when using oil. For prevention of cold, improvement of overall health and mood it is possible to deodorize the room by means of an aromalampa (3-5kap. oils on 15m.kv. rooms) to take baths with addition 6 a cap. oils to do massage. At diseases of joints and muscles grindings help: 7-8kap. oils mix from 10 g of a neutral basis.

At cold and respiratory infections inhalations with oil help: 2-3kap. on 250 ml of water.

The good effect gives oil of orange with which enrich cosmetics, for example, shampoos from dandruff and for dry hair: drip 5 cap. oils on 10 g of shampoo or body creams: 5 cap. on 15 g of a basis.

The healing useful properties of orange use for treatment of stomatitis, elimination of bleeding of gums: do applications of the orange oil mixed with any other vegetable oil.

Oil of orange can be accepted inside: it is enough to add one drop of oil to tea or juice twice a day. It well helps at the excess weight, a hypertension, GIT diseases, sleeplessness.

To choose juicy, sweet orange, it is necessary to pay attention to its weight, the size - heavy, average and small fruits more tasty, than big and easy. Also it is considered that the sweet oranges good for long storage are, those which collected at the end of November, December.

Contraindications to use of orange

Oil of orange cannot be accepted inside in pure form on an empty stomach and more than three drops a day. To avoid the raised photosensitivity it is impossible before an exit from the placement on the street to apply orange oil on skin – it is possible to use it approximately for an hour to an exit.

Despite useful properties, orange is strong allergen therefore at individual intolerance fresh fruits, juice and oil it is impossible to use.

Easy burning and tingling of skin on a stomach, hips, buttocks, shoulders at acceptance of bathtubs with orange oil is considered natural.

It is impossible to brush teeth right after the use of orange or juice from it: because of the contained acids the adamantine substance of tooth is softened, and the toothbrush can damage it. It is possible to carry out the hygienic procedure only in 30 min. after the use of fruit.

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