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5 mysterious illnesses which reasons are unknown to medicine

Some people consider what for medicine of the 21st century of secrets in the field of health of the person almost does not exist. It absolutely not so. The more answers scientists receive, the more the most difficult questions are raised for them by life. Besides, there are diseases which are not explained with science in any way of which existence people know for 100-150 years. These diseases meet not so often, but from some of them nobody is insured.

1. Tsetse-fly disease or "lethargic encephalitis"

For the first time this illness developed in 1915. Until the end of the twentieth years of the last century had it on different these from 45 to 70% of the population of Western Europe. After 1927 mass incidence began to decline, and exclusively isolated cases of infection are known today.

The disease usually begins with the high temperature and other signs similar to flu symptoms. Then there comes the state similar to a lethargical sleep. Patients long cannot waken, they observe numerous visual disturbances with characteristic oculomotor disturbances. In few weeks there can be hiccups attacks, nervous tics, failures in work of a vestibular mechanism. The acute period takes several weeks; during this time about 30% of the diseased die. At the others there occurs remission which sometimes continues more than a year, and after it almost at a half of survivors the state reminding Parkinson's disease develops. It is characterized by the tremor of extremities and the heads raised by a muscle tone, a lack of coordination of movements, a depression, the alternating attacks of irritability and aggression, the general decrease in intelligence.

The causative agent of an illness is still not found. It is supposed that it is the virus extending in the airborne way and quickly perishing on air. Specific therapy of an acute stage does not exist, the system of prevention is not developed.

Сонная болезнь

2. A syndrome of "the jumping Frenchman from the State of Maine"

In 1878 at the logging enterprises which were in vicinities of the lake Muskhed (the State of Maine, the USA) the disease which surprised doctors was revealed. Some woodcutters became extremely nervous. They literally jumped up and jumped aside from any sound, and even a quiet call. The fact that the strong men who were engaged in rough physical activity, people not of the thin sincere organization suffered from similar fearfulness was surprising. The fact that all diseased was ethnic French, natives of Canada saw not less strange doctors.

At some patients the echolalia (involuntary repetition of the heard phrases and words) was shown over time. Scientists did not find the reason of a mysterious illness. Presumably, it was frustration of a nervous system, related to a syndrome of Turett which is characterized by a combination of motor and vocal tics.

Синдром «прыгающего француза из штата Мэн»

3. Nodding syndrome

The illness is expressed in the uncontrolled movements of the head similar to a kivaniye, in beat, which is heard only to the most sick. Attacks sometimes arise as reaction to cold, but is more often – accompany each meal. The diseased cannot eat, and quickly comes to a condition of exhaustion. Only children have an illness.

The nodding syndrome was for the first time observed in 1960 in the territory of Tanzania, but it were isolated cases. In 2010 the disease returned in the form of epidemic which took all east part of the African continent. The worm nematode, widespread in the region, was considered as the activator for some time, but one circumstance remained obscure: the local population is infected by this parasite is almost universal, however the nodding syndrome is observed not at all. The latest version of an origin of an illness says that it develops against the background of avitaminosis and disbolism as autoimmune reaction to existence in a helminth organism.

Кивательный синдром

4. Diarrhea of the city of Breynerd

All faced unpleasant effects of the use not of absolutely qualitative food, however, as a rule, the diarrhea which arose for such reason torments the person at most days. At residents of the American town of Breynerd is (State of Minnesota) where the illness was noticed for the first time, attacks of diarrhea proceeded till several months, and cases of an indisposition were not directly connected with food poisonings. Except frustration of a chair sufferers complained of nausea, vomiting and feeling of constant fatigue.

During the first epidemic of diarrhea in Breynerda in a year 122 persons had. In total in 1983 in the territory of the USA 6 disease outbreaks, and two more in Europe were recorded. The reason remained obscure.

Диарея города Брейнерд

5. Porphyria (vampirye disease)

The people having this illness look so as if act in one of Hollywood "horror films": gingivas and lips at them as if dry out why teeth seem excessively long, skin becomes thinner and darkens, the intolerance of daylight (in the sun skin bursts and becomes covered by abscesses) develops. Deformation of joints and sinews leads to a curvature of fingers. Generally, the person becomes similar to the classical cinema vampire.

Such patients constantly feel the severe pains causing disturbances of mental activity and change of character for the worse. Simplification is brought by only fresh blood therefore at patients food addictions change: they give preference to the meat which did not undergo thermal treatment.

The porphyria is noncontagious. Its origin is connected with the genetic disorder causing failure in a producing an organism of red blood cells. The radical way of treatment is unknown, but the condition of patients can be facilitated by means of massive hemotransfusions.


The nature does not cease to ask people difficult questions. There is, a lot of, riddles relating to area of studying of health of the person and serious work is necessary to scientists.

Whether you know that:

During sneezing our organism completely stops working. Even heart stops.