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15 mushrooms used in medicine

Mushrooms – the surprising inhabitants of our planet having a set of wonderful qualities. Thanks to one of them, a mold mushroom of Penicillium notatum, the first natural antibiotic – penicillin was received nearly 80 years ago. The mankind is obliged to this opening by millions of saved lives.

Traditional medicine for centuries used also usual (forest) mushrooms which except antibacterial activity have also other curative properties. In the last decades the official science is engaged in their studying. From mushrooms the natural components which are well influencing a human body and helping to get rid of the most different problems with health are allocated.

1. Fly agaric

The hat of a red fly agaric contains мускаруфин – the pigment having antibacterial activity. Besides, tincture of a mushroom is applied to grinding of the inflamed joints, helps at arthritises, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, neuralgia. Reception of small doses inside normalizes work of closed glands and raises the general tone of an organism.

For tincture preparation the 3-liter jar is densely filled with hats of fly agarics. Capacity is corked and dug in to the earth. In 40 days in bank the liquid having dark color and a characteristic smell is formed. It is merged, mixed with equal amount of vodka and stored in the refrigerator.


2. Boletus

There is an opinion that regular inclusion of cepes in a diet allows to reduce risk of development of malignant new growths that it is not confirmed yet. But in boletuses the substances suppressing activity of some species of pathogenic intestinal microflora and promoting digestion improvement are found. The alkaloid which is contained in these mushrooms герценин facilitates a condition of patients with stenocardia. Traditional medicine uses boletuses for treatment of tuberculosis and disbolism; their drugs help at anemia and breakdown. External use of extract of cepes is shown at not healing ulcers and frostbites.

Regular reception of tincture of hats of boletuses promotes decrease in viscosity of blood that is very important for patients with arterial hypertension and stenocardia. Besides, means is applied to treatment of high-quality new growths of a female genital (myomas, cysts, etc.).

For preparation of medicine of a hat of cepes crush, fill up in a one-liter jar on a coat hanger and fill in with vodka. Insist within two weeks in the dark place, then wring out raw materials, and filter liquid. Accept twice a day in 30 minutes prior to food, parting one teaspoon of a medicine in 50 ml of water.


3. Butter mushroom

Tincture of butter mushrooms prepares the same as extract of hats of boletuses. It helps at gout and persistent headaches. It is outwardly used for grinding for night of sore joints.


4. Champignon meadow

In champignons it is found агаридоксин – the natural antibiotic having high antimicrobic activity. Extract of mushrooms is accepted at tuberculosis, a paratyphoid and typhus. Outwardly use for treatment of purulent processes and healing of wounds.

Шампиньон луговой

5. The milk mushroom is peppery

This mushroom contain an antibiotic лактариовиолин, capable to suppress life activity of many pathogenic microorganisms (including the causative agent of tuberculosis). Besides, the drugs made of milk mushrooms help at a nephrolithiasis.

Груздь перечный

6. Veselka is ordinary

Veselka is extremely appreciated by folk healers. The spirit tincture prepared from the dried-up mushroom or the crude jellylike "egg" appearing the first on the Earth's surface and containing future fruit body treat an idiopathic hypertensia, pathologies of digestive organs, inflammatory damages of kidneys, a liver and pancreas, autoimmune diseases, tumors (both high-quality, and malignant), cardiovascular diseases. Slime of a veselka helps to heal wounds, cracks of skin and decubituses. Similar action powder from the dried-up mushrooms possesses. Weight from crude a veselok, ground with sugar, is accepted at tuberculosis and bronchial asthma.

Are considered as Veselki as the fine prophylactic protecting the person from catarrhal diseases. It is enough to keep in the room the sheet of paper with the powder prepared from these mushrooms, and the risk of infection of family members with seasonal infections will significantly decrease. The crude mass of a veselka has tonic and antibacterial effect: do masks for improvement of it and freshness of face skin.

Веселка обыкновенная

7. Morel

Tincture of a morel was since ancient times applied by folk healers to fight against diseases of eyes. When scientists became interested in these mushrooms, the method received scientific confirmation. In morels found a complex of substances which not only strengthen eye muscles, but also help to avoid a phacoscotasmus and development of a cataract. Today scientific work on creation of drugs on the basis of extracts from morels is conducted.


8. The tinder fungus is listvennichny

The components which are a part of a wood mushroom help to bring toxins and carcinogenic substances out of a human body. Drugs of a tinder fungus use for treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory respiratory diseases, pathologies of a liver and a pancreas, tuberculosis and frustration in work of digestive tract.

The mushroom has one more remarkable quality: he speeds up work of a liver and accelerates a metabolism. Therefore the tinder fungus is often applied by the people aiming to lose weight.

Трутовик лиственный

9. Chaga

Chaga – a sterile form of one of species of wood mushrooms growing, as a rule, on a birch. In traditional medicine it is used as raw materials for preparation of means from gastrointestinal diseases, anemia, pathologies of a nervous system and malignant new growths. Do water infusions and extracts as the water-soluble pigments creating specific coloring of a mushroom have curative properties of a chaga.


10. Strochok

The substance operating on an organism is a part of strochok it is similar to a cortisone. Tincture of these mushrooms is applied at treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis. Besides, means is used as a pulverizing at bronchitis and neuralgia of various origin.

Drugs of strochok cannot be accepted inside: mushrooms contain toxin, on action close to poison of a death angel.


11. Raincoat

Some kinds of raincoats contain the kalvatsiyevy acid having high antibacterial and antineoplastic activity. On the basis of this substance medicine кальвацин, successfully applied at cancer therapy is created. Besides, drugs of raincoats use for a stop of bleedings and in therapy of renal pathologies.

From mushrooms earth-boring dung beetles, related to raincoats, substance which in a combination to alcohol causes very unpleasant feelings similar to symptoms of poisoning at the person is emitted. Traditional medicine uses raincoats for formation at patients of disgust for alcohol.

Other relatives of raincoats – sort mushrooms to a psilotsiba contain псилобицин, having psychotropic effect and applied to treatment of memory blackouts and mental disorders.


12. Chanterelle

Nice orange mushrooms are not only a remarkable delicacy. Thanks to the maintenance of a set of useful substances, chanterelles are widely used in traditional medicine. With their help treat:

  • Diseases of eyes. Compounds of copper, zinc and other microelements which are necessary for maintenance of visual acuity and prevention of ophthalmologic pathologies are a part of these mushrooms;
  • Avitaminosis. On the content of Retinolum of chanterelle can successfully compete with the vegetables and fruit having orange coloring and which are traditionally used for replenishment of reserves of vitamin A in an organism;
  • Liver pathologies (including, hepatitis C). In chanterelles are found trametonolinovy acid and эгостерол which help to cope with problems such. Remedy is spirit tincture which prepares from a tablespoon of the crushed dried mushrooms and 200 ml of vodka. Means is drawn within 10 days in the dark place;
  • Gelmintozov. Hitinmannoza who is a part of pulp of mushrooms possesses vermifuge action and is absolutely safe for the person.


13. Shiitake

Judging by the data found in ancient written sources the mushroom to a shiitaka is used by east doctors more than seven centuries. Curative properties of vegetable raw materials are very well studied and recognized as official medicine not only in China and Japan, but also in many European countries. Drugs to a shiitaka are used at treatment:

  • Malignant and high-quality new growths;
  • Impotences;
  • Idiopathic hypertensia;
  • Illnesses of cardiovascular system;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Viral and catarrhal diseases;
  • Erosive damages of a digestive tract;
  • Fungal infections;
  • Badly healing wounds;
  • Inflammatory processes of any origin.

For use in the therapeutic purposes the fresh or dried-up mushrooms insist on alcohol, cognac, vodka, sweet wine, olive or linseed oil. Also water flocks or infusions are sometimes applied. Shiitake is quite edible: in the countries of the East it is regularly included in the menu in a crude, fried or boiled look.


14. Reishi

In China this mushroom is considered one of the best means for extension of life, preservation of physical and intellectual working capacity which almost does not have side effects. Drugs of a reishi treat a heart disease and vessels, allergies and illnesses of the mental sphere. Besides, the mushroom contains the substances having antineoplastic activity.

It is established that and a reishi it is useful for shiitaka to use mushrooms together as they strengthen curative influence of each other.


15. Кордицепс Chinese

The mushroom is widespread in the mountain regions of Tibet. Contains a set of powerful antioxidants, and is the recognized immunostimulating, adaptogenny and antibacterial agent. Normalizes work of kidneys and a liver, promotes removal of toxins from an organism. Optimizes composition of blood and microcirculation in fabrics and bodies. Facilitates blood saturation process by oxygen. Has the rejuvenating effect, raises the general tone and a potentiality at men.

Кордицепс китайский

It is necessary to approach a fungoterapiya very carefully. It is previously necessary to undergo full inspection and to get advice of the qualified specialist. The matter is that one mushrooms contain toxic agents, others are incompatible with some widespread pharmaceutical drugs. Not only competent selection of remedies, but also careful observance of a compounding of the prepared drugs, and also strict observance of the recommended dosage and terms of reception is extremely important.

Treatment by mushrooms – long process. It is considered that within the first 3-4 months the organism only gets used to the substances coming to it. Improvement of a condition of the patient should be expected not earlier than 9-12 months after the beginning of reception of similar drugs.

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