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9 ways of fight against a depression without drugs

The depression not without reason is considered one their main troubles of our century: for scientific and technical progress, acceleration of rate of life and a surplus of information of people it is forced to pay with stresses, negative emotions and weakening of protective forces of an organism. As a result widely the states which are characterized by the increased uneasiness, falling of interest in life, spiritual and physical discomfort extend.

However, the pharmacology does not stand still, and today there is a number of the drugs helping to get rid of depression symptoms. Can seem that the problem is solved, but it not so. Many drugs have very unpleasant side effects: cause accustoming, sleep disorders, block, etc. Besides, it is known that the depression cured medicamentally has property to be returned. For this reason experienced doctors advise at initial stages of development of an illness to try to cope with it by non-drug methods. Such ways exists much. We will tell about the most widespread of them in this article.

1. Cognitive and behavioural therapy

The essence of a method consists in that the patient under the leadership of the specialist learned to reveal and analyze negative thoughts, to understand the reasons of their emergence. Competent approach to own emotions helps to reduce uneasiness, to understand real solutions of vital problems. If the depression has the easy form, 10-20 consultations, as a rule, help to get rid of it completely. Further the patient can practice a method independently, using the received skills.

Когнитивно-поведенческая терапия

2. Physical exercises

Regular trainings by sport optimize work of protective system of an organism, contribute to normalization of appetite and a dream, raise a self-assessment. Besides, moderate exercise stresses provoke the increased production of serotonin which is natural means of fight against a depression. Especially well foot walks in the fresh air, outdoor games, ski race and swimming affect mentality.

Физические упражнения

3. Massage

The weakening massage promotes allocation by a brain of special hormone – oxytocin. This substance causes a feeling of tranquility and security, helps the person easier to transfer stressful situations.

Active massage, on the contrary, encourages, tones up an organism. At the same time the increased amount of endorphines, "joy hormones" which promote improvement of mood gets to blood.

At treatment of a depression different types of massage can alternate, sessions quite often combine with such procedures as a stounterapiya or an aromatherapy.


4. Yoga and meditation

The systems of a relaxation fulfilled for centuries are one of the most powerful tools of fight against a depression. It is considered that occupations yoga help to concentrate, calm down and develop an optimistic view on life. Besides, scientists established that, practicing some poses, it is possible to reduce concentration of "stress hormone" (cortisol) in blood.

Йога и медитация

5. Acupuncture

Impact on acupuncture points by means of massage or acupuncture helps to remove a pain syndrome, calms and weakens. At treatment of a depression efficiency of this method approaches 80%. Recently even more often use more modern way of irritation of points by means of the laser. On influence on an organism it is similar to traditional acupuncture, but is much less traumatic for the patient.


6. Officinal herbs

Many plants possess the calming and weakening action. Their infusions and broths are often used as antidepressants. Drugs of the St. John's Wort which is made a hole of a melissa lemon, mints, hop, a dogrose, a glycyrrhiza, a hawthorn are considered as the most effective.

Such treatment has a number of contraindications from which main thing is tendency to allergic reactions. Therefore it is desirable that means of a plant origin were appointed by the doctor.

Лекарственные травы

7. Light therapy

With approach of fall the number of the people subject to depression attacks increases. Patients complain of block, drowsiness, feeling of melancholy and hopelessness. The reason consists in a lack of a sunlight necessary for development by a melatonin hormone organism. Deficit of this substance leads to recession of mood and loss of motivation to vigorous activity.

Similar states are successfully treated by means of a svetoterapiya. Several sessions of radiation by bright light on force of influence are similar to reception of a rate of antidepressant: they normalize a sleep pattern and return joy of life, without giving any side effects. The method has practically no contraindications and can be applied to treatment of any kinds of a depression (including seasonal).

Световая терапия

8. Group B vitamins

B6 vitamin participates in serotonin synthesis process, and deterioration in mood is directly connected with its deficit in an organism. Scientists established also that in tissues of a body of the people suffering from tendency to a depression the lowered amount of folic acid (B9 vitamin) and B12 vitamin is observed.

All these substances can be received with food, daily including in the diet meat, grain, fresh vegetables and fruit, bean. A champion on the content of vitamins of group B are pine nuts: for obtaining standard daily rate enough every day to eat only 15-20 crude kernels.

Витамины группы B

9. Amino acid tryptophane

Irreplaceable acid tryptophane participates in synthesis of serotonin and is natural antidepressant. Deficit of this substance in an organism is shown by sleep disorders, irritability, headaches, increased fatigue.

Fermented milk products, cheese, soy, mushrooms, bananas, peanut, dates, sesame contain the greatest number of tryptophane. At a heavy depression it is necessary to compensate for the deficiency of amino acid, accepting dietary supplements which the specialist, in order to avoid acquisition of a low-quality or counterfeit product has to advise.

Аминокислота триптофан

From a depression nobody is insured, however you should not despair – it the state is successfully treated, and often non-drug methods better than drugs can reduce intensity of unpleasant symptoms and even completely to win against an illness.

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