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7 products prohibited at the milkwoman

Urogenital candidiasis (milkwoman) – a fungal infection which annoys unpleasant feelings in the field of generative organs, being followed by white curdled allocations, an itch, discomfort during an urination, pain. She is called by Candida fungus – the opportunistic organism living on mucous membranes of an organism.

The opinion of doctors that the fungus of Candida is available in microflora practically of each healthy person is confirmed by a microbiological research in most cases (more than 80%). Candidiasis only at the weakened immunity under the influence of adverse factors develops – treatment by antibiotics, hormonal therapy, existence of a diabetes mellitus, pregnancy.

Perhaps, for someone it will be surprising to learn that one of such factors is the excess use of products with the high content of yeast and sugar. These substances – the medium for fungi promoting their strengthened reproduction. The exception of such products of a diet is an important condition of treatment and prevention of candidiasis. Let's talk about them in more detail.

1. Sweets

Sweets – the first what it is necessary to refuse at anti-mycotic therapy, differently fight against drozhzhepodobny fungi can be vain. Sugar is a favourite food of fungi Candida thanks to which the infection lives and progresses. During therapy doctors insistently advise to limit or at all to exclude from a candy diet, chocolate, cakes, cakes, ice cream, etc., that is all glyukozosoderzhashchy products causing sharp increase in level of sugar in blood. In the people the milkwoman is even called by "a disease of sweet teeth" as the frequent hyperglycemia (the increased sugar level) is one of the main provocative factors of its emergence.


2. Fruit, juice, carbonated drinks

In spite of the fact that carbonated drinks and juice often do not carry to sweets, sugar which contains in them, not a jot does not differ from the sugar which is a part of lump sugar or candies. The majority of juice contains fructose which, as well as glucose, is soaked up in blood for only a few seconds. Fructose is a component of all sweet berries and fruit therefore during an aggravation of symptoms of the milkwoman doctors recommend to limit their use. But for a while – as the itch and curdled allocations stop, fruit can be entered with care into a diet again, otherwise the organism risks to be left without useful substances.

Фрукты, соки, газированные напитки

3. Flour products

Fresh barmy pastries – one more friendly to the milkwoman a product. At treatment of candidiasis of a product from yeast dough exclude from a diet completely. So, at anti-mycotic therapy stop including in roll food, pies, pies, and also bread from white flour which can be replaced with dietary small loafs. The use of bakery products from whole-wheat flour at the milkwoman not only is not forbidden, but also is encouraged thanks to the fact that the carbohydrates which are contained in them do not cause sharp increase in sugar in blood.

Мучные изделия

4. Potatoes, white rice

Potatoes, white rice – products which contain a little cellulose, but almost completely consist of starch which in the course of digestion is transformed to that glucose. The starch which is contained in vegetables and grain belongs to "slow" carbohydrates, causing gradual increase in level of sugar in blood therefore from the point of view of therapy of the milkwoman potatoes nevertheless are a little more preferable, than candy. Nevertheless, during treatment it is better to limit the use of potatoes, white rice, corn, having replaced them with buckwheat, grits and brown rice.

Картофель и белый рис

5. Pickles and smoked products

It is difficult to call the tinned food including various marinades and a pickles sweet, however sugar as one of components is almost always present at its structure, causing reaction of sharp jump of level of glucose in blood. Purchased sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard), and also the smoked products containing acetic acid which increases acidity have not less harmful effect and the protective barrier of a digestive tract destroys. As a result of consumption of such products immunity can be weakened that considerably will complicate treatment process.

Соленья и копчености

6. Cheeses with a mold

At production of a delicacy the sort Penicillin fungi containing small doses of an antibiotic which action consists in destruction of cell walls of bacteria are used. And if the one-time delicacy cheese with a mold (Bree's grades, the Roquefort cheese, Gorgonzola) does not exert special impact on microflora, then the regular use of a product in food is capable to cause the effect similar to antibioticotherapia action. As a result friendly to an organism of a bacterium will die, and fungi will have an opportunity to develop freely.

Сыры с плесенью

7. Alcohol

Any alcohol is a taboo at the milkwoman thanks to what has chemical structure, similar to sugar, and similar to it causes jump of level of glucose in blood. It is especially undesirable to use at the milkwoman the beer incorporating both sugar, and barmy mushrooms, and also kvass, quite harmless from the point of view of content of alcohol. It should be noted that alcohol can be present at composition of medical tinctures which use during treatment of candidiasis it is also best of all to refuse.


It is important to remember that for prevention of a fungal infection completely it is not obligatory to exclude from a diet above-mentioned products (it is necessary only during the milkwoman's aggravation), it is only recommended to observe moderation, adhering to the principles of healthy food.

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