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For the aid to diabetics: 7 useful substances

For the last decades the diabetes mellitus of the second type became really world problem. The number of cases annually increases, and average age of patients for whom the illness is diagnosed, steadily decreases. Specialists consider that one of the main reasons for this trouble is disturbance of a diet. In other words, the huge number of people regularly overeats or excessively is fond of the products causing glucose exchange process failures.

Perspectives at the diseased unfavourable. For each of them the risk of obesity, developing of pathologies of cardiovascular and endocrine system, disturbances of work of a musculoskeletal system, problems in the reproductive sphere is high. Nevertheless, development of diabetes can be slowed down, in time having refused food excesses. It is also important to pay attention to products which contain the components capable to make positive impact on exchange of carbohydrates.

1. Arginine

Substance increases permeability of cellular membranes for carbohydrates and regulates the content of glucose in blood. Arginine contains in greens of a dandelion, lucerne, celery and salad lettuce, walnut and almonds, green peas. Besides, these products and herbs are rich with guanidine and an inositol which also participate in carbohydrate metabolism and have properties, similar to arginine.

Грецкие и миндальные орехи - источник аргинина

2. Merthyllinum

Provides insulinopodobny effect. Activates process of digestion of glucose cells. Reception of Merthyllinum allocated from bilberry leaves helps to normalize composition of blood: results of experiments showed that this substance reduces concentration of glucose by 35-40%.

Except bilberry, Merthyllinum contains in pumpkin seeds, onions juice, leaves of a periwinkle and prickly pear. Substances, similar on action, are found in rhizomes of an aralia Manchurian, an eleuterokokk and a ginseng, however administration of drugs of these plants has a number of contraindications as they contain the components which are stirring up cordial activity and increasing arterial pressure.

Семена тыквы - источник миртиллина

3. Phytohemagglutinins (lectins)

Accelerate process of release of insulin of pancreas cells, increase ability of fabrics to utilize glucose. Lectins contain in very many plants, but especially seeds and shutters of haricot, soy and beans are rich with them.

Бобовые - источник фитогемагглютининов (лектинов)

4. Bitterness

Substances which stimulate appetite strengthen release of digestive enzymes, regenerations of cells of a pancreas promote. Are a part of such plants as chicory ordinary, a wheat grass creeping, the dandelion, a burdock, a centaury, a St. John's Wort which is made a hole a ninety-knot (the mountaineer bird's), a plantain, a milkwort, etc.

It is possible not only to find some of these herbs in the wild nature, but also to grow up successfully on a kitchen garden. Today on sale there are seeds of their tame versions which can decorate the seasonal dacha and give decent amount of medicinal raw materials.

Одуванчик - источник горечей

5. Stimulators of regeneration of beta cells

Spicy and flavoring plants and spicy vegetables are rich with such components. Among them there is a garlic, all types of onions, cinnamon, laurels, a root celery. The substances having similar activity contain in fresh juice of cabbage, potatoes, a cornel, pear, a wild strawberry, bilberry, carrots and many other fruits and vegetables.

Лук и чеснок - стимуляторы регенерации бета-клеток

6. Secretins

Stimulate release of insulin from pancreas beta cells. Secretins are found in leaves of a linden, a mulberry and walnut, linseed oil, a cuff, a red clover.

Листья липы - источник секретинов

7. Microelements and vitamins

Decrease in concentration of glucose in blood is especially promoted by Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin) and such microelements as manganese, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc and thallium. To sate with them an organism, it is necessary to include in a diet grapes, pears, garnets, a wild strawberry, raspberry and blackberry. Beer yeast, a nettle, oats grains, wheat and rye, fruits of a mountain ash and a dogrose are rich with microelements.

Фрукты - источник витаминов и микроэлементов

To normalize carbohydrate metabolism, it is important to refuse addictions and consumption of a large number of sweet, greasy and spicy food. It is necessary to include useful products and herbs in a daily diet to provide combined effect on processes of production of insulin and utilization of glucose. For example, sheet and spicy vegetables salads with addition of nuts, pumpkin sunflower seeds, pieces of fruit and linseed oil are extremely useful.

Specialists developed the antidiabetic collecting including a grass of a St. John's Wort, a nettle and a plantain, rhizome of an inula, haricot shutter, leaves of bilberry and hips. There are also pharmaceutical antidiabetic drugs created on the basis of extracts of plants.

At early stages of development of diabetes it is possible to slow down pathological changes in an organism. In this case health of the person completely depends on that, how reasonably he will approach a solution. Especially attentive people in whose families cases were observed earlier as tendency to a diabetes mellitus substantially is defined by hereditary factors should be.

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