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Whitening of teeth in house conditions: 5 effective ways

Not everyone can brag of the shining Hollywood smile. Even the person who is regularly visiting the stomatologist and watching of oral cavities over health periodically has problems: enamel of teeth darkens under the influence of some products, on it the deposits giving to teeth a grayish or yellowish shade collect.

Certainly, it is possible to address the doctor and to hold one of procedures of whitening of enamel, however this way of recovery of color of teeth has the shortcomings – the visit to the stomatologist demands time and enough notable monetary expenditure. Besides, the majority of techniques of whitening are rather aggressive, and they cannot be used often.

For preservation of a whiteness of an adamantine substance of tooth between professional cleanings it is possible to process it in the checked national ways with use of available means. We suggest readers to get acquainted with the most effective of them.

1. Baking soda

To part a tablespoon of soda with water to a semi-fluid consistence. To apply mix on teeth, slightly rubbing in enamel and to leave for 10 minutes. To rinse an oral cavity warm water and to clean teeth paste.

Soda purge not more often than once a week.

Пищевая сода

2. Apple cider vinegar

Periodically (once in seven days) it is possible to process an oral cavity apple cider vinegar. It is for this purpose better to use a product of house preparation.

To gather vinegar (no more than 6%) in a mouth and to hold, without swallowing, within several seconds. Then to spit out and rinse a mouth warm water. To repeat until 200 ml of vinegar are used.

The way should not be applied to the people who are suffering from bleeding of gums or having small injuries of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity as acetic acid can corrode wounds.

Яблочный уксус

3. Banana peel

The peel of banana contains the substances having antibacterial activity. Besides, in it there are a lot of microelements helping to strengthen an adamantine substance of tooth.

To wipe with the interior of a small piece of a banana skin teeth with easy pressing within several minutes. Upon termination of the procedure to rinse water an oral cavity.

This way is absolutely harmless. The banana skin perfectly clears teeth, without doing harm to soft tissues and mucous membranes. Therefore cleaning can be done two-three times a week.

Банановая кожура

4. Strawberry

The garden wild strawberry which at us it is accepted to call strawberry is rich with the organic acids capable to dissolve tooth deposits, and the vitamins helping to strengthen gingivas. Not only the fresh, but also frozen berries which should be thawed before use are suitable for the procedure. Certainly, the strawberry which is grown up on own site is considered the safest. You should not apply import berries which appear on counters not during a season to cleaning of teeth: they may contain traces of fertilizers, preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

Berry needs to be cut in half and to pound its pulp on the surface of teeth. Through 5-10 since minutes carefully to clean teeth paste to remove acid and small strawberry sunflower seeds. To apply not more often than two weekly.


5. Bay leaf and orange-peel

The acids and essential oils which are successfully removing a dental plaque are a part of a peel of orange, and leaves of laurels contain a large number of the natural antibiotics promoting preservation of health of an oral cavity.

For whitening of enamel it is necessary to rub teeth with the outer (orange) side of a fresh orange-peel. To pound dry bay leaf in powder and to put over the turned-out layer. To leave for 5 minutes, and then to carefully rinse a mouth water. You should not carry out the procedure more often than once a week.

Лавровый лист и апельсиновая корка

National ways of whitening of enamel are cheap, available and safe. They are rather effective to maintain worthy outward of teeth. Besides, pathogenic microorganisms help to destroy the means used at the same time and to strengthen tissues of gums. Regularly carrying out these useful procedures, it is possible to reduce the number of visits to the doctor and for a long time to keep a remarkable, beautiful smile.

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