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15 diseases at which applications with table salt help

Practice of use of table salt in the therapeutic purposes contains not one century. Applications which do by means of the fabric impregnated with saline solution are considered especially effective. They have antibacterial and antiinflammatory effect, help to heal wounds, exempt fabrics from excess liquid. Hypertonic salt solution of potassium chloride is applied outwardly at many morbid conditions. Let's tell about the most known of them.

1. Abscesses and purulent wounds

The fabric impregnated with saline solution of room temperature is imposed on a sore point for 2-3 hours. After removal of a bandage skin is accurately dried a sterile gauze.

From a purulent wound such bandage extends the infected liquid, leaving healthy fabrics unimpaired. By experience of doctors, even the extensive wound surface is completely cleared this way in 3-4 days.

Абсцессы и гнойные раны

2. Symptoms of cold

The bandage impregnated 8% with solution of table salt is imposed on a forehead, temples and area of a nose bridge at the first symptoms of cold. Means well removes a nose congestion, a headache, and also other symptoms of a SARS. It is important to watch that solution did not get into eyes.

Means which is called "salty socks" also helps to cope with cold. For holding a procedure use dry salt of the most fine crushing with which rub an internal surface of cotton socks. Then it is necessary to put on socks, to go to bed and to put to ступням a hot hot-water bottle. Application activates protective forces of an organism and considerably improves health. Curative effect of salt can be strengthened, having added to it chili powder, the dry crushed garlic or powder of mustard.

Признаки простуды

3. Liver diseases

The procedure is carried out for the purpose of a razzhizhzheniye of bile and simplification of its exit from a gall bladder and channels. The fabric bandage 20-25 cm wide impregnated with warm solution of salt is imposed from the basis of the right chest gland to the middle of a stomach, and on spin to a backbone. The compress is densely bandaged to a body and left for 10 hours then warm up the right side of a stomach a hot-water bottle within half an hour.

The course of treatment from 7-10 procedures is shown at cholecystitis and cirrhosis.

Заболевания печени

4. Prostate adenoma

Solution is prepared from a teaspoon of salt and 100 ml of hot water. Fabric is put, impregnated with solution, wrung out and densely bandaged to a body for 3 hours before going to bed. The bandage is applied a crotch alternately – with calling on a bottom of a stomach or on a sacrum. After two weeks of its use there comes noticeable simplification.

Аденома простаты

5. Mastopathy

Salt bandages are applied chest glands before withdrawal to a dream and removed in 8-10 hours. A therapy course – 2 weeks.

At some women the procedure leads to weakening of cordial activity. In these cases recommend to impose compresses every other day.


6. Inflammatory heart diseases

At an inflammation of covers of heart or cardiac muscle (an endocarditis, myocarditis, a pericardis) carry out therapy by means of fabric bandages, the impregnated 9% by hot saline solution. For this purpose immerse in solution only the ends of rather narrow strip of fabric which then is thrown through the left shoulder, locating wet sites on area of heart in front and behind. The bandage is densely primatyvat to a body bandage and left on all night long. The procedure is done every other day within two weeks.

Воспалительные заболевания сердца

7. Low level of hemoglobin

By means of salt compresses it is possible to speed up work of the hemopoietic bodies (a spleen, marrow, a liver) and to improve composition of blood. At low hemoglobin the wide rag of fabric impregnated with salt solution is imposed at several o'clock so that it closed all breast and an upper part of a stomach. The course of treatment takes two weeks. In the first 7 days of the procedure do daily, and in the second half of a course – once in two days.

Низкий уровень гемоглобина

8. Effects of radiation exposure

If function of the hemopoietic bodies is broken because of influence of a penetrating radiation, salt compresses do the same as in the previous recipe, but fabric have so that it covered also a front part of a throat (area of a thyroid gland).

Последствия радиационного облучения

9. Inflammations of a mucous membrane of intestines

Symptoms of gastritis or colitis are significantly facilitated if within a week for the night to apply a salt bandage area of a stomach.

Воспаления слизистой оболочки кишечника

10. Poisonings

Salt compresses successfully bring toxins out of an organism. At food poisoning the fabric impregnated with salt solution is imposed on a stomach, and 3-4 times within 9-10 hours change a bandage. For relief of symptoms of intoxication at the child 2 times for the same time are enough to replace a bandage.


11. Pathologies of a thyroid gland

At changes of fabrics of gland, emergence of consolidations or nodes, the warm bandage with saline solution is applied a throat for 3-4 hours. It is desirable that the compress did not cool down therefore from above it is covered with a dry towel from cotton fabric. The course of treatment consists of 10 procedures.

Патологии щитовидной железы

12. Nervous and physical exhaustion

The procedure which is facilitating symptoms of exhaustion and removing effects of stresses is known long ago. In the people it is called "a salty shirt".

Solution is prepared from 7-8 tablespoons of table salt and liter of warm water. Impregnate with liquid a cotton or linen shirt, wring out it and put on a naked body. Then the patient is well wrapped up and put to bed. It is necessary to lie until fabric completely does not dry out.

It is the best of all to carry out the procedure for the night. It is necessary to take off a shirt in the morning and to wipe skin with dry pure fabric.

Нервное и физическое истощение

13. Diseases of joints

The reason of a joint pain and constraint of movements, as a rule, is disbolism which is followed by accumulation of salts on the surfaces of a joint. Compresses with table salt help to save joints from deposits, and the vegetable components which are a part of such means feed joint fabrics, enriching them with organic matters.

For preparation of curative mix use salt and vegetable weight which remains after preparation of crude juice (carrot, beet or cabbage). Means is applied with a thick layer on fabric which is bandaged to a sore joint for 5 hours. The course of treatment makes 7-10 days, the steady therapeutic effect is swept up after 3-4 courses made with week breaks.

Болезни суставов

14. Varicosis

Pain called by varicose changes in vessels is removed by means of a cold salt compress. For this purpose the linen sack filled with salt is placed for several minutes in the freezer, and then put to a sore point.

Варикозная болезнь

15. Radiculitis

The compress from dry salt and mustard powder kills pain at radiculitis and arthritis. Mix is applied on fabric which is imposed on problem sites.

Similar action also salt mix with fat (a tablespoon on 100 g of fat) with which grease sore points possesses.

The attack of an acute pain in a joint can be removed quickly, having put to it the flat cake made of stiff salty dough. It is done of salt and by the torments taken in equal parts with addition of a small amount of water.


Medical and cosmetic use of table salt is very different, but there are general rules of holding procedures. So, for bandages it is necessary to use soft and friable (it is better already former in the use) natural fabric which is put in 3-4 layers. It is impossible to cover salt compresses with a polyethylene film or compresseal paper at all. Skin on which the compress is imposed has to be washed well out.

Concentration of the saline solution used for fabric impregnation should not exceed 10% (for children – 5%). If on the patient's skin after the procedures there is an irritation, it is necessary to reduce concentration of solution or to reduce time of contact of a compress with skin.

Salt bandages cannot be used for treatment of the patients having skin diseases and an angiosclerosis of a brain. In the presence of heart troubles the frequency of holding procedures decreases twice. Anyway, before a therapeutic course it is desirable to consult with the doctor.

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