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4 ways "wake" hair follicles

On the head of the person about one million hair follicles, or as they are called still, hair bulbs are located. At the time of the birth most of them is in the "sleeping" state, but within several weeks follicles become more active, and from them hair begin to grow. Intensity of this process is individual, and during life it can change. Genetic predisposition, a physical and emotional state, aggressive influence of external environment, care of head skin and hair, features of the used perfumery cosmetics, reception of medicines, food preferences and many other things affects the growth rate of hair. Existence of addictions, diseases and stresses often brings to that, hair bulbs lose activity, and growth of hair stops. As a result the head of hear loses healthy color, gloss and volume.

Fortunately, this process is reversible. There are several proved methods allowing "to awaken from hibernation" hair follicles and to return to a hairstyle former splendor and beauty.

1. Mechanical influence

Massage of the head means. Any procedure such strengthens blood circulation in skin blankets that allows to supply more thoroughly hair follicles with nutrients and oxygen. As a result the sleeping bulbs begin to function actively, and growth of hair accelerates.

It is optional to use special devices to massage, it can be done by hands or a usual massage brush for the head. Big expenses of time of the procedure are also not demanded: the noticeable effect is provided even by 1-2 sessions lasting about 15 minutes held every 3-4 day. The complex has to include the stroking circular and longitudinal movements by fingers on head skin, easy pressings, twitchings of hair. It is the best of all to do massage just before washing of the head or several minutes prior to withdrawal to a dream. In the first case it is possible to carry out procedures with essential oils or previously wetted sea salt. At the same time it is necessary to remember that salt is capable to cause irritation of skin, and oils – to provoke allergic reactions therefore such procedures demand care and the accounting of specific features of an organism.

Механическое воздействие

2. Thermal influence

Heating of head skin activates a metabolism and promotes growth of hair. Warm masks with use of nutritious oils are suitable for holding procedures such, but it is possible to be limited also to a usual hot shower. It is useful to precede a shower by massage with essential oils: it helps to avoid excessive dryness and a peeling of skin.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures using hot water have a number of contraindications. It is recommended to avoid excessive heating of the head in the presence of heart troubles and vessels, female diseases and some other chronic illnesses. Besides, the hot shower can provoke sharp differences of arterial pressure.

Тепловое воздействие

3. Peeling

Head skin needs cleaning of the keratosic scales not less, than covers of the person and body. The follicles exempted from such stratifications receive powerful inflow of oxygen and become more active quicker. Ready srubs for a peeling of the head are available on sale much, but means of own preparation are not less effective, and quite often and are safer, especially considering that in this case it is simpler to pick up optimum individual structure.

As the peeling basis in house srubs usually are applied sugar (it is the sparing option) or salt (cooking or sea). Additives can be the most different, depending on personal preferences, existence of allergic reactions and efficiency in each case. Most often in this quality are used:

  • Yogurt, cream or kefir;
  • Aloe juice;
  • Honey;
  • Egg yolks;
  • Pulp of fruit;
  • Basic essential oils (jojoba, olive, almond, avocado, etc.);
  • Spices (ground pepper, cinnamon);
  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • Blue clay.

Sometimes apply also the foaming srubs, with shampoo addition. The salt peeling can be done once in two weeks with a two-month break after each 5-6 procedures. Srubs act on the basis of sugar more softly, and they can be used more often.


4. Masks for head skin

Drugs for head skin cannot be confused to masks for hair. Difference is that masks for skin have to be not so much nutritious how many irritating and warming. They are intended preferential for activation of a peripheral blood-groove that leads to awakening of hair follicles.

Masks on the basis of pepper, cinnamon or mustard are considered as the most effective. Soon after drawing such structure causes easy burning and even an itch. It is normal, but when feelings become too intensive, you should not suffer. It is necessary to treat such procedures with care and to select their duration and frequency depending on individual portability.

Маски для кожи головы

It is desirable to carry out all ways of activation of hair follicles with preliminary consultation of the trichologist. It is necessary to remember that excessive activity and self-confidence can result in result, opposite expected.

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