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Window to the soul: procedures for look youth

Eyes – one of the most vulnerable areas on a face therefore age changes concern them first of all. Whether it is possible to keep look youth for many years and what procedures are offered for achievement of this purpose by cosmetologists? And maybe, the only option of rejuvenation is surgery – a blepharoplasty? Let's try to understand this question.

Ботулотоксин как средство борьбы с морщинами

Depending on age and anatomic features of the person, it is possible to allocate the following problems of a condition of skin around eyes:

  • Wrinkles of various degree of manifestation, bad elasticity of skin;
  • The strengthened pigmentation;
  • Dark circles under eyes;
  • Bags and hypostases;
  • Lacrimonasal furrow.

Sometimes the person has only one of the above-stated problems, sometimes – at once a little. If there is no wish to ask for the help plastic surgeons, then it is possible to begin with some saloon procedures designed to improve a condition of skin around eyes.

We get rid of wrinkles botulotoxin

The most efficient way of removal of small age wrinkles is botulotoxin injections – Botox or Disport. The effect of such procedure remains several months, and sometimes and about one year. The result is swept up in 7-14 days after injections.

The area of eyes is extremely delicate therefore for pricks only the qualified specialist has to carry out the procedure and the choice of points. If the person is inclined to hypostases, then it is recommended to conduct a course of a lymphatic drainage or a mesotherapy before administration of drug.


Many women are afraid of pricks therefore, having learned about a mesotherapy, are frightened: whether it will be painful to them? The procedure is carried out by means of microneedles through which small doses of specially picked up drugs are entered (including homeopathic). Such "cocktail" is formed for the patient individually and is designed to solve specific objectives. Growth of cells, synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated in skin, so, there is an intensive process of regeneration.

It is necessary to remember that though the mesotherapy and is painless, traces from pricks (red points) will be noticeable within several days. For achievement of lasting effect it is usually recommended to perform the procedure several times, with a certain time interval.

Peeling and biorevitalization

For a chemical peeling of skin around eyes special drugs on the basis of lactic and trichloroacetic acid are used. Similar peelings possess the expressed depigmenting influence. Skin around eyes is clarified, there is its insignificant peeling (as well as at any peeling) owing to removal of the keratosic parts of epidermis. A result – under eyes swellings, roughnesses and small wrinkles disappear, the pigmented sites are clarified, the look becomes much brighter.

Biorevitalization is a procedure for intensive moistening of skin around eyes. It is carried out the next way: under skin the drug on the basis of hyaluronic acid is administered. Acid sates epidermis, filling moisture reserves in skin, increasing its elasticity and elasticity.

Depending on age of the patient and degree of manifestation of problems can be required from one prior to five similar procedures. Biorevitalization is carried out in a week after a chemical peeling.

RF lifting

Thermolifting (radio-frequency lifting) – one more very effective modern procedure for rejuvenation of area of eyes, and at any age. The principle of its action – use of radio-frequency radiation at which stimulation of intercellular membranes of skin is carried out amplifies production of collagen and elastin. Skin around eyes becomes elastic, small wrinkles disappear, but the main thing – thermolifting perfectly helps at baggies lower eyelids. Puffiness becomes less expressed.

Термолифтинг в борьбе с морщинами

The procedure of thermolifting is absolutely painless, and because of high performance it is often called "a non-invasive blepharoplasty". It can be seen off "on the job" - no reddenings on skin after the procedure will exist. The complex usually includes 5-7 procedures at an interval of a week.

We solve problems considerably: blepharoplasty

It is considered to be that the blepharoplasty is carried out only at mature age. Really, up to 40 years surgeons recommend to try to manage cosmetology procedures. But some problems – for example, fatty hernias under eyes – can appear absolutely at any age and if this cosmetic defect complicates human life why not to eliminate it by means of wizards of plastic surgery? Besides, by means of a blepharoplasty it is possible to change also a section of eyes – and here cosmetic procedures of it not to achieve, of course.

The main issue which disturbs all patients – as far as seams after operation will be noticeable? Postoperative seams are absolutely invisible: at plastics of upper eyelids the cut is carried out in the area of a natural fold, at plastics of lower – under bottom edge of eyelashes.

At a transconjunctival blepharoplasty of formation of postoperative hems does not occur in general. Such method is suitable for correction of small defects of lower eyelids. Fatty hernias are removed through tiny cuts in an eye conjunctiva.

Operation duration – of one o'clock, is carried out it both under the general, and under local anesthesia depending on the purposes and volumes of surgical intervention.

It must be kept in mind that there is a number of contraindications to a blepharoplasty, including a hypertension, oncological diseases, a diabetes mellitus and a myopia of high degree. Therefore before operation the patient will need to undergo the corresponding inspections.

There is a solution always

The choice of ways of preservation and return of youth of a look is various therefore it is worth using achievements of modern medicine and cosmetology if you feel in it need. The most important – is correct to choose clinic or beauty shop. Do not hesitate to ask the questions interesting you – specialists will always be able (and have to) to answer them.

Whether you know that:

In the aspiration to pull out the patient, doctors often go too far. So, for example, a certain Charles Janszen during the period from 1954 to 1994 endured more than 900 operations on removal of new growths.