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Hair extension – beauty reefs

What woman does not dream of a beautiful and thick hair? While physicians developed difficult schemes on hair transplant, in the industry of hairdresser's art a few years ago there was a sensation – methods of hair extension appeared.

Способы наращивания волос

It would seem, dreams came true: though the procedure of building also does not belong to the category cheap, practically any woman can increase several times the volume of hair, change their length and color – generally, to become the real beauty queen.

But after a while after enthusiastic responses also the first negative appeared: women complained that after removal of the increased hair they nearly lost also own. And on treatment of the injured hair a lot of time and means left. Whether it is safe to increase hair, or it is better to forget about this opportunity and to be content with what the nature gave us?

Types of building

For a start it is necessary to understand, how exactly there is a hair extension. On technology it is divided on hot and cold, but also in that, and in other case others locks of hair are attached to own by means of glue and sometimes – metal clips. At the same time on site a joint the microcapsules similar to balls are formed.

Hot building on the English technology is a way when locks are attached by the warmed keratin or wax without use of clips. The Italian technology means also use of special metal clips which are warmed previously up to the necessary temperature. A last word in fashion is ultrasonic building: clips melt under the influence of ultrasonic waves.

The English technology can seem more sparing – in hair there is no metal. However in that case and durability of the attached hair is not too big: they can be combed out unintentionally. So concerning reliability the Italian way with clips wins.

Cold hair extension is also carried out in several ways:

  • Tape building is carried out by means of a special tape on which hair are distributed. It is fixed at roots of own hair by means of glue. It is the most bystry and a way of building budget for today;
  • Hair are pasted to own by means of special glue. This procedure is suitable more for blondes as glue has a light shade;
  • Locks of hair are attached to own by means of the tiny metal clips corresponding on color to a head of hear.

So, any of available technologies assumes at least use of foreign objects (capsules and tapes) as at most – also glue and heat treatment.

How to choose hair for building?

It is following, but in any way not less important issue. What's the use in building if "nonnative" hair unnaturally look? For building only natural human hair are used and never artificial are used.

Others hair have to correspond on structure to own - otherwise the difference will be too obvious. And it is not hair color – the increased hair can be dyed, and it is possible to create effect of a kolorirovaniye, on the contrary. Before sale hair undergo disinfection and special processing, and here inexperienced buyers are waited by an unpleasant surprise: hair are ground and become covered with silicone. It looks extremely attractively. In practice literally through two-three washings the structure of such hair changes to unrecognizability.

On sale three types of hair for building are presented: Asian, European and Slavic. Asian are delivered usually from China and Korea. They are the cheapest, however upon their purchase not to avoid surprises: after a washing of such hair they sputyvatsya easily, bristle and very badly comb hair. And now it is worth presenting that all this occurs already at you on the head.

So-called European hair in practice can be it is from India or Latin America, and they also have not too high quality. However, if the woman has the rigid and dense hair, it is possible to consider for building and the European locks.

Как ухаживать за нарощенными волосами?

Best of all the Slavic type of hair will be suitable for building: at pretreatment it keeps a scaly layer, and hair are never processed by silicone. Such hair well give in to laying, drying a phenom, to alignment by the iron. But also they are much more expensive of two previous options.

Having saved on purchase of cheap hair, you are exposed to considerable risk: care of the increased hair can will turn into the real torture.

How it is necessary to look after hair?

To know everything about it better in advance. Three composed are necessary for receiving a beautiful head of hear: qualitative hair, experienced master and correct leaving.

Practically all types of building put under will lock such usual pleasure as visit of a bath or sauna. At the increased temperatures glue melts. Same occurs also at the mode of use of hot air in the hair dryer: in order to avoid fusion of a keratin it is necessary to use only warm or cold air.

It is recommended to wash the increased hair only in vertical position – if to hang the head, hair will easily be mixed up. When putting balm it is necessary to watch that it did not get on capsules. By the way, about washing of the head. It is not recommended to do it daily, and it is necessary to mass head skin very carefully not to damage the place of fastening of hair.

Forget that it was once possible to allow hair to dry and then quickly to comb them. Quickly it will not turn out, but also, it is necessary to get a special brush from a natural bristle, without balls on the end. Otherwise your volume of hair will fairly decrease. After careful washing of the head it is necessary to blot accurately each lock with a towel (it is impossible to wind on the head it – hair will be mixed up), and then to carefully dry and comb slightly dried up hair. For the night the increased hair should be collected in a braid or a tail.

The most important – timely correction of the increased hair. You should not believe that with them it is possible to pass at least half a year. In practice correction can be required in 2-3 months – depending on the growth rate of own hair. The procedure of correction is that the increased hair are removed and are again attached closer to roots. However, it costs already a little cheaper.

To be or not to be to building

Each woman has to resolve this issue for herself independently. Categorically it is not recommended to increase hair at any problems with head skin. A brittle and fine hair will also not sustain the mass of increased. This procedure and for the women having migraines and vegeto-vascular dystonia is not recommended. Anyway it is worth thinking well whether the pleasure from short-term finding of a beautiful hairstyle exceeds risk of loss of own hair?

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