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Myths and the facts about antioxidants

One of the major chemical processes happening in a human body are oxidation reactions. They go with participation of fats and carbohydrates which we receive from food, and the oxygen getting to us from air. A main goal of such reactions is obtaining the energy necessary for life activity. Unfortunately, as a result of these processes dangerous by-products – so-called free radicals are allocated. To minimize harm which they can cause special substances – antioxidants are necessary for the person.

Что такое антиоксиданты и какова их роль в организме

Role of antioxidants in the course of life activity of an organism

The free radical is a molecule of oxygen which external cover is deprived of one of electrons. Such molecule has extremely high chemical activity: she aims to come into contact with any other molecule to take away from her a missing electron. At the same time there is the avalanche process, and the particles deprived of electrons become more and more. In an organism the events leading to disbalance of a metabolism and disturbance of cellular membranes that can entail the general deterioration in health, development of diseases of internals, emergence of malignant new growths and a senilism begin to result.

The human body excretes a number of substances which molecules are capable to contact to free radicals, transferring them to a stable state, but at the same time without losing electrons. These substances are called antioxidants. For example, some enzymes and hormones have similar properties. Normal they are enough to maintain concentration of free radicals at the level, safe for health, but over time the antioxidants produced by a human body become insufficiently, and there is a need for their receipt from the outside (with food). The major factors reducing the level of natural antioxidants are diseases (chronic and infectious), residence in areas with a bad ecological situation, a physical overstrain, stresses, addictions, work with toxics.

Wrong ideas of antioxidants

Interest in antioxidants constantly grows, but most of our fellow citizens know a little about these substances. Besides, there is a set of myths which considerable part producers of various nutritional supplements and other "miracle" means specially extend for the purpose of increase in sales of the products. Here some of the most known delusions concerning antioxidants:

  • "It is possible to create concentration of antioxidants necessary for an organism only at reception of dietary supplements". It is a lie. At competently made diet the person quite has the antioxidants received with food. Therefore doctors appoint reception of the corresponding drugs only when their natural receipt in an organism can be insufficiently (for example, at oncological diseases, a serious poisoning or prolonged treatment using a large number of strong drugs);
  • "Means, each of which contains only one antioxidant, are effective". The substances capable to connect free radicals are very different. In some cases they act only in a complex, supplementing each other. At a solution of the problem of surplus of free radicals in an organism monodrugs are almost useless;
  • "Antioxidants of a synthetic origin it is not worse natural". Unfortunately, artificially produced complex organic matters are not full copies of the natural analogs. Their influence on an organism is much weaker, than effect of the antioxidants which are contained in vegetable raw materials;
  • "Cosmetics with antioxidants rejuvenate skin". It is only advertizing. Any cosmetic drug cannot return youth. By means of creams it is only possible to humidify integuments, to protect them from aggressive influence of external environment (sunshine, a frost, wind etc.) and to heal insignificant damages;
  • "In food stuffs of antioxidants it is not enough". Somewhat it is right. The diet consisting only of canned food and fast food really does not abound with the substances capable to connect free radicals. But there is a lot of antioxidants in a sea-buckthorn, bilberry, grapes, nuts, bean, cereals and vegetables. Green tea is considered the drink containing the maximum quantity of such substances.

Contrary to popular belief, free radicals are not a certain absolute evil at all. On the contrary, specialists claim that these molecules can bring a certain benefit (for example, to help to fight against pathogenic microorganisms). It is important that in an organism there was no their surplus.

Самые распространенные мифы об антиоксидантах

In the absence of a serious illness it is possible to receive all antioxidants necessary for an organism from food. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to a normal diet and to make a diet so that in it there was enough vegetables, fruit, grain. For a long time to keep working capacity, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, to play sports, to try to avoid stresses. Use of the dietary supplements containing antioxidants not only is optional, but it can even be dangerous therefore the doctor has to appoint their reception.

Whether you know that:

According to researches, the women drinking several glasses of beer or wine in a week have the increased risk to develop breast cancer.