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5 diseases which are becoming aggravated in a frost

Frosty air, fresh wind and easy snowball at most of Russians are associated with cheerfulness, health and cheerful entertainments on which our winter is so generous. But, unfortunately, cold season sometimes brings also troubles with health. It is not about seasonal colds and frostbites, and about those chronic illnesses which symptoms are shown preferential in the winter.

1. Cold dermatitis

This disease is called sometimes an allergy to cold though hit in an organism of the foreign proteinaceous agent in this case does not happen. According to scientists, at the people having cold dermatitis, a role of allergen is played by own blood proteins which under the influence of low temperatures stick together, forming peculiar conglomerates. Their immune system perceives as alien. Reaction to cold at such patients is shown in the form of skin rashes. At first plaques of pink color which then become covered by crusts and cracks are formed large (to 5 cm in the diameter). In hard cases dacryagogue, cold, puffiness and even failures of cardiac performance can join.

Pathology is not inborn: most often it arises as a complication of infectious diseases, chronic inflammatory processes (even unsuccessfully healed caries), disturbances of work of the alimentary system. Cases of the cold dermatitis shown after stings of insects or reception of some drugs are noted (for example, an antitetanic vaccine or oral contraceptives). Women are most subject to an illness 25 years, children and teenagers are more senior.

Predisposition to cold dermatitis can be defined independently by means of so-called "Duncan test": it is necessary to press an ice piece to skin and to take about 5 minutes. Emergence of an itch and burning will demonstrate that winter frosts can cause the described unpleasant symptoms in the person. The small tortoiseshell called by low temperatures at the most sensitive patients arises not only in the winter, but also in warm season, for example, after bathing in cool water.

Easy forms of cold dermatitis pass provided that the patient avoids overcooling, wears the clothes made of natural fibers and observes a diet. The diet has to be saturated with vitamins, and the products which are considered as sources of allergens (chocolate, a citrus, coffee, etc.) should be excluded from the menu temporarily. Before an exit to the street to such patients recommend to have hot tea. If the illness does not recede, it is necessary to see doctors and to accept antihistaminic drugs.

Холодовой дерматит

2. Meteorological cheilitis

Quite so physicians call the cracks familiar to much on lips appearing in cold season. As it is not strange, men have this illness much more often than women. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that almost all women use the lipstick protecting lips from influence of low temperatures.

The cheilitis origins are up to the end not found out. At ached the surface of lips dries up, inflames, on it there are cracks and zones of an erosion. The probability of emergence of symptoms and their weight directly depends on stay time in the open air.

Treatment of a cheilitis comes down to drawing on the affected lips of the ointments containing corticosteroids (prednizolonovy, oxolinic). Doctors recommend to such patients to accept the raised doses of C, B, E and PP vitamins, and also to use hygienic lipstick in a frost.

Метеорологический хейлит

3. Reynaud's syndrome

The disease is more often observed at women. It is shown by the numbness of fingers of hands (sometimes a chin, lobes of ears and hands completely) arising because of a short-term reversible spasm of peripheral vessels. Under the influence of low temperatures or a severe stress skin on affected areas grows white and loses sensitivity. The attack proceeds 15-20 minutes. Then there is a feeling of a pricking, covers become blue, redden and are returned to a normality.

In 85% of cases Reynaud's syndrome is not an independent illness, and turns out to be consequence of pathologies connecting or an angienchyma, negative changes of properties of blood (including, increases in coagulability), disturbances of blood circulation, failures of work of closed glands. In risk group there are patients, regularly accepting vasoconstrictive drugs, and also the people working in the conditions of the increased vibration or who are often contacting to chemical reactants.

Reynaud's syndrome, as a rule, disappears in case of successful treatment of a basic disease. To weaken unpleasant symptoms, appoint vasodilating and antiinflammatory drugs. Use of folk remedies can be big help in therapy (ointments for grinding, broths and tinctures of officinal herbs).

Manifestations of a syndrome of Reynaud can demonstrate existence of heavy pathologies therefore self-treatment in this case is inadmissible. At the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to see a doctor and to undergo full inspection.

Синдром Рейно

4. Bronchospasm

Upon transition from the warm placement on a frost many experience difficulties with air inhalation. This absolutely normal phenomenon: the organism tries to be protected from overcooling, and there is a short-term spasm of bronchial tubes. At the healthy person it quickly passes, especially at observance of simple safety rules (inhalation through a nose, protection of a mouth and a nose a scarf).

In the presence of chronic illnesses (bronchial asthma, stenocardia) or effects of recently postponed seasonal viral infection, reaction to cold can be much more unpleasant and even dangerous. At the person an asthma begins, he feels suffocation, pain and constraint in breasts, difficulties at an exhalation, cannot cough up a phlegm, there are rattles, feeling of alarm – it demonstrates existence of promptly developed hypostasis of a mucous membrane of bronchial tubes (bronchospasm). Such state is fraught with heavy disturbances of breath and air hunger, and demands urgent intervention of physicians.


5. Winter form of psoriasis

Contrary to popular belief, most of the patients having psoriasis feel the maximum discomfort not in the summer, and in the winter. The factors provoking an exacerbation of an illness in this case are not so much low temperatures, how many lack of moisture in air (especially in rooms) and need to constantly wear warm multilayer clothes. Besides, for patients with a winter form of psoriasis ultraviolet rays are necessary "medicine", and not everyone manages to receive insolation in the necessary volume at this time.

Advise the patients suffering from seasonal exacerbations of psoriasis to lead a healthy lifestyle, to be as much as possible in the fresh air and to support an optimum microclimate in rooms.

Зимняя форма псориаза

The wonderful winter time can present not only with pleasures, but also problems with health. Not to fall a victim of a serious disease, it is necessary to watch especially carefully in cold season over the health and at emergence of unpleasant symptoms to address specialists.

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