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8 most dangerous summer diseases

There comes the season of issues. Many Russians already dream of outdoor recreation, trips, beautiful seaside beaches. At this time there is no wish to think of problems with health and other unpleasant things, however there are subjects which require attention. In the summer repeatedly the risk increases to ache with some very dangerous illnesses, we also will talk about them today.

1. Tetanus

The disease-producing factor belongs to so-called conditionally pathogenic microflora. He is eurysynusic, lives and breeds in the soil and water. Inactive forms of the activator (disputes) easily transfer long heating, cooling and other aggressive influences. In the soil disputes remain within 100 years.

In an active form the causative agent of tetanus emits extremely dangerous toxin which, getting to blood of the person, causes an uncontrollable tone of all muscles. Patients test spasms, there are problems with swallowing, chewing, constraint of extremities, developments of stagnation in internals, disorder of breath and cordial activity develop. In the most hard cases patients perish from paralysis of respiratory muscles or numerous complications.

For transition to a dangerous form the causative agent of tetanus needs temperature about 37 degrees and lack of access of oxygen. Such conditions are created when parts of the infected soil get to a deep, narrow wound (for example, at a puncture by a nail or a chip, a prick a needle, etc.). Therefore tetanus is considered "a country disease": injuries such in summertime are frequent. Especially children risk: they are very active and constantly get into small troubles. Fortunately, kids from tetanus are protected by preventive vaccination which is carried out by everything to children aged from 3 months up to 17 years according to plan, according to the schedule of inoculations. Immunity is recommended to be maintained also at adults, carrying out a revaccination each 10 years.

Tetanus – an artful disease. Even regular vaccination does not give a full guarantee that the person will not get sick in case of an injury. However, at those who are imparted the illness, as a rule, proceeds benign and does not lead to serious consequences. To receive the maximum protection, it is necessary to address at getting injured to medical institution for administration of antitetanic serum. It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to postpone a visit to the doctor (even if a wound trifling and does not hurt): the incubation interval of a disease can be very short (of several o'clock), and the delay in this case can have fatal effects. Annually in the world about 60-70 thousand cases of death from tetanus are registered, and it is dangerous to belong to this disease without due gravity.

Опасные летние болезни: столбняк

2. Rage

Rage catch at a sting of the person a sick animal or hit of its saliva on the injured skin. Such situations usually happen on a bosom of the nature and rural dogs, cats and other pets have ampler opportunities to get an infection from wildings, than their city fellows.

The rhabdovirus influences a nervous system, causing a specific form of an encephalomeningitis. Without introduction of a vaccine the death of the infected person is almost inevitable. Success of treatment directly depends on the speed of the request for medical care: the quicker it will be made, the it is more than chances that the victim will not get sick. It is important to remember the following: injury of skin can be insignificant and quickly heal, but it does not guarantee absence of infection. The incubation interval of a disease happens very long: cases when symptoms of rage were shown in a year after a sting and more are known. Certainly, physicians could not help with such situation to the infected person.

Preventive vaccination against rage to people is usually not done. But it is possible (and it is necessary) to impart annually pets, especially those which leave with owners on the nature. At a sting it is important to unfamiliar animal to remember circumstances of incident (time, the place, a species of an animal, existence of a collar, etc.) and to tell them to the doctor. It is necessary to check a condition of "offender" whenever possible: if within 10 days the animal does not get sick, vaccination of the bitten person can be stopped.

Опасные летние болезни: бешенство

3. Quinsy

The risk to ache with quinsy in hot season increases repeatedly. The matter is that the streptococcus which very freely feels in a human body is an etiology. Activity of the activator is provoked by differences of temperatures when the person excited after an exit to the solar street drinks cold water, eats ice cream or tries to be cooled under the conditioner.

As a result the inflammation of palatine tonsils which is followed by discomfort when swallowing, the fervescence, a headache and other "delights" capable to thoroughly spoil several days of issue develops.

Опасные летние болезни: ангина

4. Food poisonings

Summer holiday seldom does without troubles such. Suddenly there is a number of symptoms: a colicy pain in a stomach, "muttering" in intestines, diarrhea. In more hard cases vomiting, a headache, dizziness and temperature increase is possible. The reasons are usually explained with a formula "ate something not that". Actually any can become a source of a problem, even the most harmless product which was stored or was prepared, ignoring sanitary and hygienic norms.

Absolutely sterile food does not happen. On a surface of products usually there live various pathogenic or opportunistic microorganisms. During a heat they especially quickly breed and, getting into a human body, cause food poisonings. To avoid troubles, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  • Try not to eat on the street. Catering establishments can be visited only when you are sure of their conscientiousness. It is the best of all to eat houses;
  • Do not get perishable ready-made products. If purchases of food not to avoid, safer to choose a roll with cinnamon, than pie with a stuffing. Too it is worth refusing the use of cream cakes. Postpone this pleasure until winter holidays;
  • Subject products to thermal treatment. You boil milk, do cheesecakes of cottage cheese, fry boiled sausage. Dairy products, sausages, a meat and fish gastronomy, fast food – leaders among sources of summer food poisonings;
  • Being on vacation in others countries, be careful with local dishes and products. Temptation to try something exotic it is very big, but the risk to get poisoned at the same time increases repeatedly;
  • Do not eat mushrooms if are not sure of their safety. Do not collect wood gifts in those places where they can accumulate toxics (along roads, near the cities and industrial zones);
  • Carefully wash the fruit and berries which are grown up on personal sites. Does not follow from the fact that you did not water them with any "chemistry" that they are absolutely pure and harmless.

Опасные летние болезни: пищевые отравления

5. Dysentery

When high temperature joins diarrhea and vomiting, and blood traces in excrements are observed, there is a probability that the person caught dysentery. It is a typical "disease of dirty hands". Infection happens not only through food and drink. It is quite possible to get an illness in the summer, having swallowed water during bathing in a fresh-water reservoir.

If the increased temperature and other symptoms do not pass within 2-3 days, it is necessary to see a doctor. In this case usual antidiarrheal means are useless: the patient needs individually picked up antibacterial therapy.

Опасные летние болезни: дизентерия

6. Allergy

In the summer the number of the people suffering from an allergy increases: inhalation of pollen of bloomers, stings of insects, contacts with "stinging" vegetation (a cow-parsnip, a nettle, etc.), consumption of berries and fruit and many other things is added to the list of its reasons.

Patients who know about the tendency to an allergy usually keep around antihistaminic drugs. It can be advised also healthy people, especially if they have to spend vacation in the tropical countries or at the sea, in an unfamiliar situation.

Опасные летние болезни: аллергия

7. Cystitis

Cystitis, most often the reason in overcooling usually strikes women. In the summer similar troubles happen much more often than in the winter. There is nothing surprising in it: in frosts of people tries to put on more warmly and behaves carefully, and at summer similar foresight seems excessive. There is nothing unusual in sitting down during a heat on a cool bench, to have a rest under the conditioner or to lie down on the beach in a wet bathing suit. As a result there are frequent desires and an urodynia, temperature increases, overall health worsens.

It is simple to avoid developing of this extremely unpleasant and persuasive illness: it is necessary to be protected from overcooling and to wear the free linen made of cotton or linen fabric as synthetic shorts do not pass air that promotes activation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Опасные летние болезни: цистит

8. Encephalitis

Infection with a tick-borne encephalitis happens in the period of activity of ixodic mites which in a midland of Russia falls on May-September. Ticks live in the woods and on meadows, hide in the grass growing along footpaths and seize clothes passing by people or in hair of animals. The sting of a tick not always leads to infection, but if it occurs, there is a probability of development of the dangerous disease affecting a nervous system.

There is a possibility of vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis, but most of Russians do not use it. Therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful on vacation if it occurs in the wood, in rural areas and even in the city park. It is necessary to visit dangerous places in the dense clothes having long sleeves and trouser-legs, and the closed footwear. After return from the wood it is necessary to examine the body carefully: the tick usually chooses for a place sting with the most gentle and thin skin (folds, elbow and knee bends, etc.). At detection of an insect it is necessary to take carefully it and to carry in laboratory. It is the only way to learn authentically whether the tick the infection carrier was. If there is an opportunity, it is worth showing a sting to the doctor.

Опасные летние болезни: энцефалит

It is necessary to care especially carefully for the health in the summer. Reasonable care and implementation of simple rules of conduct will help you to avoid many troubles and to spend vacation without problems.

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