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Goes hot: 5 possible reasons

The sudden heat on all body which is followed by perspiration and a cardiopalmus – the phenomenon familiar to many people. Most often such states called by "inflows" result from nervous or physical overworks and disappear right after rest. However in certain cases similar reaction of an organism can speak about diseases which need treatment. What? About it below.

1. Vegetative dysfunction

Vegeto-vascular dystonia – one of common causes of periodic attacks of heat which are followed by decrease or increase in arterial pressure, heartbeat, the sharp weakness, dizziness increased by perspiration. The most effective method allowing to normalize a cordial rhythm and to reduce feeling of heat in a body at this disease – respiratory gymnastics. Exercise is carried out so: to make a breath through a nose for 4 seconds with protrusion of a stomach, to hold the breath for 4 seconds and to exhale slowly through a mouth with retraction of a stomach.

Causes of illness are covered in failure of work of a nervous system which can be eliminated without medicamentous therapy: work-rest schedule, healthy nutrition, adequate loadings. It is important to remember that lack of measures for normalization of a way of life of the patient can lead to increase of symptoms and aggravation of an illness.

Вегетативная дисфункция

2. Disturbance of thermal control of an organism

Thermal control disturbance – the disease caused by dysfunction of the central nervous system as a result of failure of work of a hypothalamus (tumors, hemorrhages, etc.) – department of the brain which is responsible including for a homeostasis. Except heat attacks, the illness is followed by disturbances of functions of respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular systems and demands complex treatment.

Frequent attacks of heat at disturbance of a homeostasis can be observed at mental disorders (a depression, the panic attacks, phobias), alcoholism, and also the states which are not connected with diseases. Refer adaptation of an organism to the changed environment conditions, pregnancy, physiological aging to them. The fortifying therapy including a hardening, active lifestyle, reception of vitamins helps – the frequency of a symptom and its expressiveness decreases.

Нарушение терморегуляции организма

3. Menopause period

"Inflows" - one of the main symptoms of a menopause (the termination of an ovulation) which is found at every second woman at the age of 40-45 years. The reason of attacks of heat in this case is connected with decrease in production of the estrogen exerting impact on work of a hypothalamus. Failure in vegetative system against the background of deficit of women's hormones results not only in sudden heat of a body, but also tachycardia, the increased arterial pressure, fever.

Will allow to reduce the frequency of "inflows" at a climax:

  • Administration of drugs, the estrogen increasing level;
  • Active lifestyle (moderate sports activities);
  • Diet rich with vegetable food;
  • Refusal of alcohol intake, smoking, abuse of greasy and fried food;
  • The drinking mode (not less than 2,5 l of pure drinking water a day);
  • Absence of stresses.

To cope with a heat attack, doctors recommend to go out of doors and, inhaling it a full breast, to make respiratory gymnastics.

Период менопаузы

4. Diseases of a thyroid gland

One of disorders of a thyroid gland – a hyperthyroidism – can serve as the reason of sudden feeling of heat even in the cool room. Against the background of the increased production of thyroid hormones by body there is oversaturation them blood that causes acceleration of exchange processes of an organism (as it is called, "the fire of a metabolism"). Except unexpected fervescence, the illness is followed by sharp loss of weight, excessive sweating, an enlargement of the thyroid gland, and at further progressing – an unnatural vypuchivaniye of eyes, sacred and an accousticophobia, emergence of other disturbances of mentality.

At suspicion of this disease ultrasound examination of a thyroid gland and blood test on hormones is conducted. If the illness is confirmed, fight against attacks of heat consists in treatment of a basic disease.

Болезни щитовидной железы

5. The increased arterial pressure

Hypertension – one of pathologies which is also followed by feeling of heat in all body, an asthma, erubescence, tachycardia, heartaches. Statistically frequent increase in arterial pressure and tendency to it is the reason of a stroke and myocardial infarction more than in half of cases. It is simple to define a hypertension: rather regularly to measure arterial pressure in an organism by means of a tonometer, it is important to do it both during an indisposition, and in the quiet period. If pressure indicators during an attack are significantly higher, than at rest, the hypertension can be considered confirmed. At the same time it must be kept in mind, as the hypertension, in turn, most often acts not as an individual disease, and only a symptom of the main disease.

Повышенное артериальное давление

Doctors warn: often repeating attacks of heat, dizziness, a headache cannot be ignored and written off for fatigue. The timely address to the doctor will allow to facilitate a state and to warn possible serious consequences.

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