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7 national recipes helping to cure trophic ulcers

The trophic ulcer is not an independent disease. This heavy complication arising owing to a thermal injury (a burn or a frostbite), chronic pathologies of arteries or veins of the lower extremities, a diabetes mellitus, and also some defeats of connecting fabric, absorbent vessels, skin or nervous trunks. Pathology is shown in the form of not healing wound located on the internal surface of a shin, a foot sole, a heel or toes. The patients having trophic ulcers feel constant pain, burning and heat in places of injury of skin, weight in legs, is frequent – night spasms. In case of accession of secondary purulent process the general weakness and other symptoms of intoxication of an organism are observed.

Full and final disposal of trophic ulcers is impossible without treatment of the main disease which became the reason of their emergence. However it is impossible to disregard process of defeat of soft tissues of legs too. It it is possible and it is necessary to facilitate and even to stop. A number of the folk remedies which are successfully coping with this task is known.

1. Honey with ovalbumin

Mix from equal shares of liquid honey and a squirrel is shaken up, applied on a wound and closed a fresh leaf of a burdock. Outside the compress is wrapped in a polyethylene film and left for the night. The procedure is repeated by 8-10 times. As a result the ulcer ceases to become wet, crusts and drags on.

Мед с яичным белком

2. Oil and vegetable ointment

Small cut big bulb and polished carrot are roasted on a half of a glass of the sunflower oil which is (not refined) before emergence of a golden crust. Then oil is filtered and used for greasing of an open wound 3-4 times a day.

Масляно-овощная мазь

3. A compress from crude meat

The slice of fresh beef is put to a wound and fixed a film for days. Then the compress is removed, the ulcer is washed out solution of laundry soap and powdered with streptocide powder. The ulcer drags on after 6-10 procedures.

Компресс из сырого мяса

4. Cabbage leaves

The crude cabbage leaf is oiled sea-buckthorn and fixed on a wound. During the day the compress dries, and it is changed for fresh. Procedures need to be continued before disappearance of an ulcer.

Капустные листья

5. Cottage cheese and whey

About 150 g of curdled milk fill in in a gauze sack and suspend over capacity. After formation of cottage cheese the wound is washed the flown-down serum and attach to it a sack, having covered it with parchment or a film. After days cottage cheese is changed for freshly cooked.

Творог и молочная сыворотка

6. Eucalyptus and calendula

The following method is considered very effective: the affected area of an extremity is lowered for 30 minutes in pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then add spirit Tinctura Calendulae to the same tray (100 ml on water liter) and continue the procedure half an hour more. Prepare other capacity with solution of eucalyptus oil (3 tablespoons on water liter), and maintain in it a wound within an hour, and then apply a pure dry bandage. Treatment is carried out by two times a week. The positive take is swept up after 4-5 procedures.

Эвкалипт и календула

7. Hydrogen peroxide

The wound is processed the tampon impregnated with peroxide of hydrogen and powdered with streptocide powder. Then impregnate a napkin with the solution prepared from two teaspoons of peroxide and 50 ml of water and put to an ulcer, having recorded a film. The compress is changed at least by 4-5 times a day, constantly powdering with streptocide the becoming wet surface. The way demands some efforts, but the ulcer can be healed in one-two weeks.

Перекись водорода

National methods of healing of trophic ulcers are effective and safe. They are combined with traditional therapy and have practically no contraindications. From this, however, does not follow that it is possible to win against such heavy pathology, self-medicating: before use of any of the described ways it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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