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10 myths about infections, sexually transmitted

Today about 30 diseases, sexually transmitted are known. Wide circulation of these illnesses is extremely promoted by the dual attitude towards them: on the one hand, most of people know about "shameful" diseases very little and do not aim at receiving detailed and reliable information, considering that such problems personally will never concern them. With another – there are delusions about STD which instill unreasonable confidence that troubles such cannot do serious harm to health. The overdue address to specialists, difficult and prolonged treatment and high risk of infection of sexual partners becomes result usually.

Инфекции, передающиеся половым путем: самые распространенные мифы

Sexually transmitted infections are not transmitted at nonconventional sex

Actually, the risk to catch STD at oral or proctal sex above, than at vaginal. Nonconventional sexual contacts are connected with the increased probability of traumatizing mucous membranes and formations of microcracks on them. It gives to causative agents of diseases an additional opportunity of penetration into a blood channel.

Besides, at implementation of exotic options of sex it is possible to get in addition such illnesses as a proctitis, pharyngitis, Chlamidia conjunctivitis, etc.

The interrupted sexual intercourse protects from infection

STD activators live not only in sperm, but also in natural lubricant of generative organs, blood and other biological liquids. Therefore the interrupted contact with the infected partner does not guarantee safety to the woman. If the partner is sick, only latex condom can protect the man.

In total STD have noticeable external manifestations

Many STD at initial stages in general do not prove in any way. The first signs can appear in several months and even years after infection. Besides, it is very easy to mix some symptoms of such illnesses with manifestations of skin diseases or allergic reactions.

Cases when the people who caught STD are treated for diseases of other origin for some time, are very widespread. The only way to secure itself against negative effects of the accidental unprotected sex – the urgent address to the venereologist and delivery of the analyses recommended to them.

The sexually transmitted infection can be cured without the assistance of the doctor

Extremely hardy and dangerous delusion fraught not only medical, but also social effects. It is necessary that each person firmly acquired the following:

  • The exact diagnosis of STD is made only on the basis of laboratory researches. The antibacterial and antiviral drugs intended for therapy of such diseases have selective activity. Therefore independent drug intake, chosen on external symptoms of an illness, most likely, will be useless;
  • The doctor has to carry out not only purpose of treatment, but also control of its results. Amateur performance in this question bears risk of infection of family members and sexual partners of the patient because of the premature termination of reception of medicines;
  • Appointing therapy, the specialist considers features of a condition of the patient, existence at it chronic illnesses and other important nuances. It is impossible to make it without the corresponding education and experience;
  • Any miracle drugs capable it is instant to cope with any sexually transmitted infection, does not exist. Advertizing of various dietary supplements, vegetable collecting and other exotic means – no more than a marketing mix of unfair producers. Use of similar drugs will not bring the necessary result and can be hazardous to health.

STD can be got in a public bath or the pool

It's not true. The majority of STD activators is extremely sensitive to influence of external environment. They quickly perish at the increased temperatures and in the chlorinated water. Therefore to catch in the pool or a bath it is almost impossible.

The probability of infection of STD depends on a social status

The statistics of incidence demonstrates that the probability of infection of STD is not connected in any way neither with social standing, nor with the level of the income. The people who are belonging to different social groups, but not having constant sexual partners risk almost equally.

Only personal care, awareness and commitment to traditional family values can provide real protection.

Latex condom not always saves from an infection

In a combination to special barrier lubricants condom gives almost absolute protection against STD. It cannot be told about other mechanical contraceptives: vulval diaphragms, spirals and cervical caps in this sense are absolutely useless.

Contraceptive tablets successfully resist to STD

The medicines preventing infection do not exist. Also oral contraceptives do not possess similar action. The majority of contraceptive tablets change a hormonal background of the woman to prevent maturing of ova. During sexual intercourse it is not reflected in a possibility of penetration into an organism of causative agents of infections in any way.

Sanitary and hygienic actions after sex interfere with infection

Very harmful myth. The woman who followed advice to wash away STD activators by means of syringing by warm water go weak solution of potassium permanganate, with huge degree of probability just will help pathogenic microorganisms to get more deeply into a genital tract. The attempt to use more aggressive solutions for similar procedures will lead to burn injury of mucous membranes. At the same time the probability of infection will not decrease at all.

Eurysynusic opinion that the man can get rid of possible uninvited "guests", having urinated right after sexual contact, too it is superficial. Such actions will not do harm, but also advantage too.

People whom "often check" are safe partners

Employees of child care and medical institutions, trade and public catering are really obliged to visit periodically the venereologist and to make tests regarding lack of STD. However it does not do them by safe partners at all. First, intervals between checks make at least 6 months, and during this time the person conducting chaotic sexual life can catch STD repeatedly. Secondly, standard check includes analyses not on all sexually transmitted infections: such diseases as clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, genital herpes, a cytomegalovirus and many others, remain out of the sphere of attention of physicians. And it if the person honestly undergoes inspection, without trying to bypass rules somehow. So existence of the medical book not necessarily testifies to lack of STD.

Возможные последствия заболеваний, передающихся половым путем

Diseases, sexually transmitted, are extremely dangerous. They can provoke development of infertility (both women's, and men's), defeats of nervous, cardiovascular and secretory systems, a musculoskeletal system and even oncological diseases. Causative agents of such infections are capable to get through a placental barrier, causing numerous disturbances of fetation and promoting birth of children with heavy inborn pathologies. Besides, existence of any STD many times increases risk of infection with the HIV virus.

The majority of problems such can be avoided. For this purpose it is necessary to be only the most careful in a question of the choice of sexual partners, not to allow the unprotected sexual contacts and at emergence of suspicious symptoms immediately to see a doctor.

Whether you know that:

There are very curious medical syndromes, for example, persuasive swallowing objects. In a stomach of one patient suffering from this mania 2500 foreign objects were revealed.