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10 sources of an infection in your apartment

Very often as a source of the infection which caused a disease serves our house − the place which a priori has to be safe. However disease-producing bacteria can perfectly feel not only in insanitary conditions, but also in our apartment if not to carry out due care of favourite places of their dwelling. What they − sources of their reproduction? Let's consider 10 most widespread places in our house, the most dangerous from the point of view of infection with microorganisms.

1. Chopping boards

Chopping board − the most artful source of an infection as with its help microorganisms can get with ease on food stuffs. By sanitary inspection specialists it is established that such products as crude fish, meat, and also potatoes, berries, sheet vegetables and greens are most dangerous from the point of view of harmful infections. Before a razdelyvaniye it is recommended to process each of them hot water. Wooden chopping boards − especially those which became covered by cracks are recognized as the optimum environment for reproduction of microbes. To secure themselves and the family from an infection which is concealed in themselves by these pieces of house utensils is recommended to wooden boards to be preferred plastic or glass, and after use carefully to wash up them water with soap and to process boiled water.

Разделочные доски

2. Kitchen sink

By scientists it is counted that on each square centimeter of a kitchen sink, including a water tap, about 80 thousand various microorganisms which quantity in the crude and warm place grows in a geometrical progression live. Sponges and rags for ware absorbing in themselves moisture, dirt, leftovers which cannot be rinsed to ideally pure state are not less dangerous. To secure hands, ware, towels against disease-producing bacteria, it is necessary to clean carefully a sink and the crane after each washing of ware disinfectant, and also as often as possible to change sponges or to process them boiled water.

Кухонная раковина

3. Toothbrush

Toothbrush − the most dangerous source of bacteria which with high probability will get into a digestive tract of the person. All 100 million microbes living on one square millimeter mucous a mouth, getting to a brush, begin active reproduction. Situation is aggravated with the food pieces remaining on a bristle. Specialists advise carefully to wash out this sanitary product after toothbrushing by hot water and to leave in a glass for drying-out. It is not recommended to hide a brush in a case as excess of moisture in this case will provoke reproduction of microbes more.

Зубная щетка

4. Shower grid

Every fourth grid of a shower is the carrier of a bacterium of golden staphylococcus − so scientists of the American Center of Hygiene in Boston consider. Together with a water stream harmful microorganisms get on skin of the person, and also extend on a bathroom, precipitating in cracks between tiles, wet corners, joints. It is possible to reduce probability of reproduction of an infection, regularly processing a bathroom disinfectants and airing it to avoid the increased humidity indoors.

Сетка душа

5. Footwear

In only several minutes of walk on our footwear settles more than one hundred thousands of various microorganisms − and not all of them are useful to health. Together with objects of clothes of a bacterium easily get to the apartment and find to themselves favorable places for reproduction. Washing of a sole hot water with soap at once on arrival home will allow to secure the room. The rug for a wipe of legs is recommended to be held out of a corridor and, changing the shoes in house-shoes, to leave footwear outside the house.


6. A floor in a toilet

Many will be surprised, but a floor in a toilet can be dirtier, than the toilet bowl washed by water after each visit. The splashes getting on a floor bear with themselves the smallest parts of urine and excrements serving as the favorable environment for reproduction of microbes. Specialists recommend to close a toilet bowl cover at washing off, and also not to forget to clean the next surfaces disinfectant at least, than time in 3-4 days.

Пол в туалете

7. Bed

Warmly, moisture and skin of the person − the best environment for reproduction of bacteria, the ideal place to which serves a bed. Cracks in a bed were chosen for the dwelling by domestic ticks, fleas, and also the bugs serving as infection carriers. To avoid emergence of disease-producing microbes, and also parasites in a bed, it is recommended not to be lazy to process mattresses, an upholstery of sofas the vacuum cleaner, and also to regularly change bed linen.


8. "Dust collectors"

"Dust collectors" are places and objects where dust got used to be late: soft toys, furniture, carpets, cushions, and also open regiments and surfaces of cases, chandeliers, etc. The source of reproduction of microbes from them unimportant (moisture does not suffice), however food for disease-producing bacteria such dust can quite become. It is important to maintain in the apartment purity by means of wet cleaning, without forgetting about processing of hard-to-reach spots. More radical method of protection − to get rid of "dust collectors", minimizing objects of a decor and furniture in an interior.

«Пылесборники» - это места и предметы, где привыкла задерживаться пыль

9. Keyboard and computer mouse

The computer mouse, the keyboard, phones − all we touch more than one hundred times a day, can easily be a source of viruses, bacteria of staphylococcus, intestinal infections. Scientists removed statistics: according to them, the keyboard for a year of use becomes 10 g heavier at the expense of the garbage which got in it, leftovers that serves as the favorable environment for reproduction of the microbes existing in the apartment. Regular wet cleaning, processing of the screen of the computer, a mouse, the keyboard special napkins, and also the personal discipline prohibiting to eat in front of the computer and to touch a mouse dirty will allow to reduce probability of infection.

Клавиатура и компьютерная мышь

10. Svezhevystiranny linen

Washing by water with the temperature less than 60 degrees − the inefficient measure of hygiene provoking further development of microorganisms in wet clothes, as the ideal environment for which reproduction serve particles of allocations of a human body. A certain quantity of harmful bacteria perish at a temperature over 65 degrees, and the greatest − at 95 degrees. To get rid of the infection living on our clothes it is recommended to erase it only at high temperatures and if washing is required manually − to use the bleach killing to 99% of all microbes.

Свежевыстиранное белье

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