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The prohibited WADA of meldoniya is not placebo

Proofs of efficiency of Mildronate at treatment of coronary heart disease with stenocardia can be found in many publications of the end of the twentieth century. Researches were conducted since 1984, including placebo - controlled effects. In total clinical tests of Mildronate were carried out for more than thirty years.

Мельдоний: плацебо или эффективный препарат?

Also the experience of use of Mildronate accumulated in everyday clinical practice for 25 years and confirmatory is remarkable that Mildronate not of placebo.

One of the first placebos - controlled researches of Mildronate was directed to studying of efficiency of treatment of 50 patients with an ischemic heart disease and stable stenocardia. Under the influence of Mildronate increase in tolerance to an exercise stress was reached.

One more double blind randomized placebo a controlled research a meldoniya directionally on studying of influence of Mildronate on efficiency of treatment of ischemic heart disease patients II and III FC on classification of Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS), confirmed increase in average duration of FN in comparison with the loadings which are carried out on a randomization visit. In group of Mildronate this gain had reliable character (р =0,02) while in the group accepting placebo of reliable changes it is not revealed. On the research expiration in both groups in comparison with basic data the quantity of attacks of stenocardia decreased. At the same time against the background of reception of Mildronate reliable decrease in need for additional reception of nitroglycerine was noted (р =0,02). The conclusion was drawn that addition to therapy of Mildronate leads to a reliable gain of portability of an exercise stress and reduction of need for additional reception of nitroglycerine.

According to the conclusion of authors of the conducted research, use of Mildronate for patients with stable stenocardia allows to reduce considerably the frequency of anginal attacks, it is essential to reduce need of patients for short-range nitrates, to increase portability of an exercise stress. Thus, the assumption that Mildronate renders effect of placebo is not true.

In a Russian-speaking part of the Internet discussions on what is substance of meldoniya and the drug on its basis called by "Mildronate" continue. One claim what meldoniya is a placebo, and 2 million athletes accepting it do not know why it was done. Their opponents, in turn, write that meldoniya not only placebo is not, but is even accepted as dope. An argument, according to the last, those 2 million athletes who periodically accepted drug are.

All this happens against the background of the continuing scandal to prohibition a meldoniya by the World anti-doping association. Let's remind, since January 1, 2016 WADA designated "Mildronate" as dope and prohibited to accept it to the athletes participating in professional competitions.

After Mildronate prohibition hundreds of athletes in whose blood it was found meldoniya were discharged of sports meets. It should be noted that a considerable part of athletes whom representatives of WADA "convicted" of reception of "Mildronate" live in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The criticism in relation to the fact that "Mildronate" is accepted generally by athletes in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former USSR, but not in the West, is also explained by drug origin history. For the first time it was authorized to apply medicine in the Soviet Union in 1984 where it was created, after the full-fledged researches of action a meldoniya on a human body.

In the late eighties – the beginning of the 90th "Mildronate" after the next series of clinical tests was allowed for sale in the majority of the countries of the former USSR. In the 2000th sales of medicine in China, Bulgaria, Turkey, Vietnam, Albania, Kosovo and Mongolia began.

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