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Pluses and minuses of purchases in Internet drugstores

It would seem, to buy drugs in Moscow does not make a problem – a drugstore, and not one, is available for each resident of the capital within walking distance. And, nevertheless, Internet drugstores become more popular – what it is possible to explain such phenomenon with? Actually there is a lot of reasons and if to formulate them it is short, then the most suitable word will be - "conveniently". We suggest to get acquainted in more detail with pluses and minuses of online drugstores that buying drugs, not to make the wrong choice.

Важные преимущества интернет-аптек

Pluses of Internet drugstores

  1. Round-the-clock working schedule. It is very convenient, and not only in cases when at night medicine urgently was required. The rhythm of modern life such is that time which the person can give himself is frequent, drops out only late evening or earlier morning. In Internet drugstores it is possible to make purchases in the evening, early in the morning, at 3 o'clock in the morning, during week-end, on holidays – when it is convenient to you.
  2. Internet drugstores offer drugs and the accompanying goods at lower prices, than usual drugstores. The reason is simple – at Internet drugstores all expenses are optimized, there is no need for rent of expensive rooms, keeping of big staff of druggists and pharmacists, and also support personnel (cleaners, etc.). Cut in expenditure allows to establish the minimum margin on drugs.
  3. There is no need to go to a drugstore, it is enough to order drugs online, and we will deliver them to you the courier. It is especially important at a lack of time or feeling sick. Many of us faced painful states at which it is difficult not that to put on and go outside, and to get out of a bed, but at such moments and drugs are required for us. With the advent of Internet drugstores it stopped being a problem.
  4. As a rule, the range of Internet drugstores is wider than usual drugstores. It concerns not only drugs, but also other goods: medical cosmetics, newborns care products, etc. And if in a usual drugstore we seldom have an opportunity to get acquainted slowly with the offered products and to carefully consider the choice, then in an Internet drugstore it is possible to esteem in detail about drug or means, to think so much how many it will be required, to compare offers of several drugstores and to choose that it is really necessary for you.
  5. Privacy. The questions concerning health are rather intimate, and the awkwardness moment when it is necessary to explain loudly to the druggist what is required to you is familiar to many people, it is twice inconvenient when the listening turn stands curiosity near. The order online is completely confidential.


As always, it was not also without minuses. The truth in this case them very little, nevertheless, they is – and that is interesting, sometimes pluses are wrapped in minuses.

  1. This minus naturally follows from the previous pluses – the temptation is high to self-medicate. To each medicine there are summaries, all of us, unfortunately, have experience of unsuccessful visits of hospital, and secretly we consider that all of us are in most cases capable to choose medicine correctly. It is important to treat responsibly the health and to remember that in serious situations self-treatment is inadmissible.
  2. Delivery of drugs, as a rule, takes some time. But there are situations when reception of medicine needs to be begun immediately. Therefore always, doing the order of drugs on the Internet, it is necessary to specify delivery period.

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