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Chia seeds: 6 useful properties

The chia plant, or the Spanish sage, is from South America. The indigenous people of the continent since ancient times used its seeds in food: small, but very nutritious kernels, in a form the reminding fasolina. Indians knew about useful properties of seeds of a chia, and applied them to maintenance of vitality and increase in endurance before serious exercise stresses.

Полезные свойства семян чиа

The structure "fasolinok" is unique. They surpass the majority of foodstuff in the content of vitamins and microelements (calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, selenium). At the moderate use seeds of a chia make positive impact on health of the person.

Help in weight loss

Seeds of a chia have extremely high hygroscopicity and contain vegetable fibers which are capable to be dissolved in liquid with formation of jellifying substances. Having wetted only one tablespoon of these sunflower seeds at 10-12 the multiple volume of water, it is possible to receive a portion of the nourishing jelly having gentle nut smack. This dish well is suitable for a breakfast or having a snack: it provides an organism with the necessary number of calories (on nutritional value the tablespoon of seeds is comparable with one egg) and takes very many place in a stomach, for a long time giving feeling of satiety.

By clinical trials it is established that the people who are observing a reasonable diet and daily including a small amount of a chia in the menu monthly lose about 5% of initial weight.

Improvement of a condition of a musculoskeletal system

Seeds of a chia are the richest source of calcium and phosphorus which are necessary for maintenance of health of a bone tissue. The amount of these substances in a tablespoon "fasolinok" is comparable with their content of 600 ml of milk. At the same time compounds of calcium of a plant origin are acquired by a human body much easier and more stoutly.

Reception of seeds of a chia is shown to women in the period of a postmenopause, and also to elderly people as osteoporosis prophylactic. Sports physicians recommend this product to the people who are engaged in active trainings. In this case it is not only about strengthening of bones, but also about improvement of a condition of joints and muscles: seeds contain a large amount of zinc, well on them influencing. There are data that the components activating regeneration that does chia seeds especially useful to the patients recovering from injuries and surgeries are a part of a product.

Positive influence on cardiovascular system

Seeds of a chia are rich with the potassium necessary for the correct functioning of a cardiac muscle. Their regular use helps to support optimum composition of blood, normalizes arterial pressure, interferes with development of atherosclerotic changes of vessels.

Normalization of a hormonal background

Seeds of a chia contain a unique set of the microelements necessary for work of hemadens. Regular addition of this product in food contributes to normalization of a hormonal background.

Thanks to ability to regulate carbohydrate metabolism, the chia helps to support optimum level of glucose in blood and improves a condition of patients with a diabetes mellitus.

Decrease in nervousness and uneasiness

The use of seeds of a chia promotes stabilization of an emotional background: nervousness disappears, the dream is normalized. High content of the phosphorus helping to speed up work of a brain and to improve memory is characteristic of a product.

Семена чиа: польза для организма человека

Immunity strengthening

Seeds of a chia are a source of the antioxidants which are well influencing immune system. The product contains the natural antibiotics helping an organism to fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

Chias recommend to use to the people inclined to colds and inflammatory diseases, and also cancer patients.

Despite so useful properties, seeds of a chia have also contraindications. For example, at their inclusion in a daily diet it is necessary to do monthly breaks each 12 weeks. You should not use a product at:

  • serious failures in work of a digestive tract (long locks or diarrheas);
  • food poisonings;
  • hypotonias;
  • pregnancy and natural feeding;
  • some disturbances of composition of blood;
  • the course reception of aspirin or other drugs reducing coagulability of blood;
  • malignant new growths of a prostate;
  • tendencies to the increased intestinal gas generation;
  • allergies to nuts, sunflower seeds or mustard.

Before adding chia seeds to the diet, it is necessary to consult to the doctor. It is necessary to begin the use of an unusual product with the minimum portions, especially at tendency to an allergy. Seeds are quite caloric and to use them as a basis for a monodiet, refusing other products, it is impossible: it can lead to a set of weight and other negative effects.

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