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Effect of anti-cold drug Otsillokoktsinum was studied by the international base of the researches Cochrane

For the help to doctors in the choice of optimal solutions for treatment of various diseases the Cochrane scientific organization (Cochrane) conducts joint researches with representatives of scientific community around the world. The obtained data are based on authentic analyses of researches of effect of medicines and observations of patients. The analysis of a series of the conducted researches of the drug Oscillococcinum® relating to group of cold remedies became one of the last methanolyses.

Противопростудный препарат Оциллококцинум

Cochrane is the international non-profit organization issuing state-of-the-art reviews of primary researches of efficiency of medicines from the point of view of evidential medicine. Data of observations and results of methanolyses are regularly updated, including every time conclusions from the last appearing researches. In studying of group of drugs for prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases material about Otsillokoktsinum's efficiency in prevention and/or treatment of flu and grippopodobny diseases is presented to one of the new published reviews.

It should be noted that this drug became the 5th medicine of anti-cold group of a large amount of the existing drugs since its evidential base of efficiency reached sufficient level for carrying out methanolysis. Other drugs of this orientation are: амантадин, Rimantadinum, занамавир and озельтамивир.

Interest of researchers is attracted by the fact that the specified drugs of similar appointment are recognized "moderately effective" in respect of reduction of the period of manifestation of symptoms and disease, and also have a number of the established side effects. Therefore continuation of search of alternative or additional techniques of prevention and treatment of a SARS and flu among different age groups matters.

The conducted researches included 6 clinical tests of drug: 2 clinical trials on prevention (the research is conducted in Russia with participation more than 300 people of young and middle age) and 4 clinical trials on treatment (more than 1000 teenagers and adults are carried out in Germany and France with participation). All researches were conducted by the principle of blind people, placebo-kontoliruyemykh, randomized researches which is recognized as one of the most reliable techniques.

Authors of methanolysis noted that the received results do not exclude existence at Oscillococcinum® of clinically useful effect at treatment of catarrhal diseases. Surer conclusions require the subsequent scientific work. Important value has a conclusion about the proved lack of clinically significant harm of drug for patients.

The conclusions of researchers confirm keen interest in this homeopathic remedy in the conditions of constant search of more and more effective methods of treatment of catarrhal diseases. Also the possibility of carrying out the analysis of efficiency and safety of drug from a position of evidential medicine is of great importance. It exists not at all widespread drugs today. At the moment Cochrane has no conclusions about the anti-cold drugs manufactured in Russia as there is no sufficient base for carrying out the analysis.

The conclusions drawn concerning Otsillokoktsinum's efficiency are very careful, but differ in a positive side in comparison with the conclusions of researches of other drugs.

After carrying out more than 17 clinical trials and observations of effect of drug in Russia its safety and a therapeutic effectiveness was noted.

Homeopathic medicines were included into medical practice much earlier, than the majority of the medicines used at the moment. For the doctors who do not have experience of use of homeopathic medicines for prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases, obtaining the review of Cochrane with so positive results can become a convincing argument in favor of their use.

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