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7 rules of treatment of flu

All of us, unfortunately, should face flu nearly an every year. It would seem, so frequent disease has to be studied already up and down, and each person, at least once to them had (and the number of such people in our country aims at 100%), has to know the basic rules of its treatment. However as shows experience of doctors, there is no it, and often people, self-confidently thinking what is known as it is necessary to be treated, make mistakes.

It is worth understanding how it is correct to behave if seasonal epidemic did not avoid you.

For a start it is necessary to know that there are no effective drugs saving an organism from an influenza virus. More precisely they are, but are applied only in the most hard cases as are expensive and have many side effects. As well as in case of many other viral diseases, the main objective of treatment consists in creating optimal conditions for an organism which will independently cope with a disease. Flu – one of those diseases in which treatment the crucial role is played by not medicinal therapy, but house measures and means.

1. Isolation from healthy people

Flu is transmitted in the airborne way therefore the greatest chance to ache during seasonal epidemics where there are mass accumulations of people. If the disease overtook you, think of others – do not put healthy people at risk of infection, do not visit public places even if the disease proceeds easily, and you rather not bad feel. What more responsibly people will treat the public duties, that they will have every year less chances to catch during the seasonal peaks of incidence.

Изоляция от здоровых людей

2. Prohibition to have flu standing

Unfortunately, in our culture the irresponsible relation to the health which is expressed in the greatest possible ignoring of a disease is still maintained. It is considered special valor to come to work or study, despite strong indications of flu. Actually in it there is nothing positive neither for the most sick, nor for people, it surrounding – besides that such person is an infection source, its own organism weakened by a disease tests very serious overloads that makes heavier the course of a disease, prolongs an illness and promotes development of complications. The influenza virus is not harmless at all – it not only causes cold and fever, but damages blood vessels and influences negatively a nervous system. Doctors claim that they most of the people hospitalized with a severe form of flu or its complications and also that for whom the disease ended letalno appeared in such situation after attempt usual to have "cold" standing.

Запрет переносить грипп на ногах

3. Plentiful drink

It is difficult to revaluate importance of the drinking mode at a viral disease. It is necessary to drink at flu much, the formula "drink when it wants" does not approach here – it is necessary to drink more than there is a wish. It is desirable to hold within reach a mug with drink and to fill it at once in process of devastation. As for drinks, it can be clear water (both with gas, and without gas), tea with a lemon, compote, a fruit drink. Use of solutions of pharmaceutical drugs for a regidratation is welcomed (for example, Regidrona), but it is not essentially important. The liquid coming to an organism promotes removal from it of toxins, and also creates optimal conditions for the immune system mobilized for fight against a virus.

Обильное питье

4. Processing of a nose saline solution

The mucous membrane of a nose at respiratory infections is the most weak spot, these are entrance infection atriums. In order that protective mechanisms functioned correctly, the mucous membrane needs moistening. Saline solution copes with it perfectly. Besides with its help it is good to clear a nose, it promotes improvement of nasal breath. Solution can be dug in a pipette or to inject spray, in need of clarification of the nasal courses they are washed out by means of a small rubber pear. Any saline solution – pharmaceutical Aqua Maris will approach, Marimer and similar perfectly act with it, but they are very dear therefore they with ease and without loss of effect can be replaced with pharmaceutical physical solution (a difference in the price in tens of times). It is possible to prepare saline solution of the house independently, using sea or even usual table salt: To dissolve 1/3 teaspoons of salt in 1 glass of boiled water.

Обработка носа солевым раствором

5. Reception of febrifugal

Unlike other SARS which cause a hyperthermia infrequently flu is almost always followed by fever. Antipyretics do not need to be accepted at a temperature below 38 °C as fervescence has important medical effect, activating protective forces of an organism on fight against an infection. If temperature is above 38,5 °C, it is possible to bring down it, having accepted Paracetamol or the Ibuprofen, or any other drug on the basis of these two (A nurofen, Bonifen, Dolgit, Taylenol, Kalpol, Panadolum, etc.). It is not necessary to accept acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) and the drugs containing it at flu as at a viral infection this medicine can cause heavy, in some cases even deadly complications, children are especially vulnerable in this respect.

Прием жаропонижающего

6. Easy food

It is hard to say from where the myth that the sick person needs suralimentation – possibly from those times when the majority of diseases was connected with exhaustion and forced starvation undertook. Actually modern person knowing about hunger only from textbooks of history does not risk to die of a lack of food within several days at all. At flu appetite decreases, sometimes even vanishes absolutely, and it is the same protective mechanism, as well as fervescence. The organism directs all forces to fight against a disease, without spending them for digestion and assimilation of food. For this reason food has to be easy, easy for the alimentary system and in smaller quantity, than usually. During this period fruit, vegetables, fermented milk and dairy products, easy soups and porridges are useful. It is necessary to avoid some food fat, fried, high-calorific. Nothing bad happens if during the most acute period of the flu lasting two-three days, the person does not eat absolutely, you should not be afraid of excessive emaciation – after a disease weight is quickly recovered. Let's focus attention that this council does not treat drink – it is necessary to drink surely more.

Легкое питание

7. Maintenance of optimum humidity indoors

Viruses best of all feel in an arid climate therefore it is very important that indoors where there is a sick person, there was a sufficient humidity – not less than 50%. Usual air humidity in the heated room in the winter, in the period of seasonal epidemics, does not exceed 30%, it is not enough. For maintenance of the necessary humidity and an optimum microclimate the room it is necessary to air, carry out often daily wet cleaning, near batteries of central heating to place small vessels with water. It is possible to use the special electric device – a humidifier.

Поддержание оптимальной влажности в помещении

In conclusion we will note that flu belongs to the acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), and the principles of its treatment are right concerning all SARS.

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