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Why women live longer than men: 5 reasons of relative longevity

Life expectancy in various regions of Earth is not identical. Social stability, economic wellbeing, availability and level of medical care, household comfort, literacy of the population in the field of respect for sanitary and hygienic norms and many other factors exert impact on it. However one parameter remains to the general almost for all countries of the world: women on average live for 7-10 years longer, than men. Today we will talk about the reasons of this phenomenon.

Что влияет на продолжительность жизни женщин и мужчин

Distinctions in work of immune system

Protective forces of a male and female body work differently. Men are steadier against heavy exercise stresses and nervous shocks, but are very sensitive to infections. It is established that men much more often than women give in to a bacterial, fungal and viral infection, have it more difficult and more often receive complications.

Stronger and flexible immunity of the woman, apparently, is connected with fitness of its organism to conception, incubation of a fruit, the birth and feeding of the baby. But representatives of a fine half of the person are forced to pay for resistance to infections with the increased tendency to an allergy.

Generally, the situation looks paradoxically: women are ill more often than men, but live longer as men have diseases heavier and more often receive complications.

Features of digestion of food

The female digestive tract is more sensitive than men's. He is not capable to cope with a large number of rough and heavy food. Women often face the indispositions connected with failures in work of intestines have gastritises and colitis. However this feature has also a reverse side: women digest food almost three times more slowly, than men. It helps to acquire better and more evenly substances, necessary for life, and saves from many pathologies. For example, the carcinoma of the stomach and intestines occurs at women less than at men, and the percent of vyzdorovleniye from illnesses such among women is higher.

Smaller commitment to addictions

Men much more often than women, become slaves to addictions. For example, in our country the ratio of number of the men and women having alcoholism is estimated as 5:1. A ratio by the number of patients with drug addiction a bit different: one woman is the share of 7 drug-addicted men.

If to consider that the commitment to addictions is one of major factors of risk of deadly illnesses, it is possible to understand why women on average live for several years longer.

Distinctions in an emotional warehouse

Women more emotionally, razgovorchivy, are more open for communication. Ability to splash out the experiences helps them easier to transfer vital peripetias and to keep health of nervous and cardiovascular system.

Men are reserved, inclined to hide feelings. Disorders and stresses injure them much stronger, than women. Besides, men and women in general perceive troubles differently. For example, the man endures professional failure as the personal tragedy as his self-assessment directly depends on extent of social implementation. The woman reacts to similar circumstances less dramatically: it is simpler to it to find other sources of satisfaction (care of relatives, positive changes in appearance, hobbies, a hobby, etc.). Broader emotional range allows the woman to keep intellectual and physical activity in such situations when the man lowers hands, feels broken and the patient.

Почему женщины живут дольше мужчин?

Attention to the health

For the woman it is peculiar to care for the appearance, therefore, and about health. Statistically, women more often than men, see doctors and much more honestly treat implementation of their recommendations.

In this case distinctions in behavior are connected not only with the fact that women are more motivated on maintenance of optimum physical shape. A fine half of mankind is by nature steadier against pain and easier transfers the discomfort connected with diagnostic and medical procedures. In other words, men are rather afraid to address physicians. You should not forget also that women are more sociable and easier make contact with strangers while it is sometimes awkward to men to admit an indisposition and it is difficult to describe the feelings.

Statistically, married men on average live longer, than their single peers. Long-term happy marriages promote not only longevity, but also successful preservation of physical and intellectual activity of both partners even at very respectable age. Such facts demonstrate that life expectancy increases if people love each other, surround relatives with care and support. In combination with refusal of addictions and an optimistic view on the world, it gives the chance to resist to adversities, for a long time to keep health and cheerfulness.

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