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8 myths about gluten and its intolerance

The concept "gluten" (differently, a gluten) combines group of the proteins which are a part of rye, barley and wheat. For most of people the use of the food stuffs containing a gluten not only is safe, but also it is very useful. Nevertheless, there is a number of myths about negative effect which allegedly gluten has on health of the person.

Глютен и его непереносимость: самые распространенные мифы

In reality the situation is as follows: some people, really, suffer from intolerance of a gluten (Gee's disease). This genetic disorder which was considered as extremely rare for a long time. Development of modern diagnostic methods gave the chance to authentically establish that it is more such patients, than was considered. However, at the majority the Gee's disease is observed not in the most severe (life-threatening) form, but nevertheless, the illness significantly reduces quality of life. Apparently, these facts also generated widely extended hobby for bezglyutenovy diets and numerous delusions concerning a gluten, the most known of which we want to dispel today.

Intolerance of gluten – very widespread pathology

The gene defining tendency to intolerance of a gluten occurs at 0,5 - 1% of the population of Earth. At patients heavy disturbances of digestion which are shown at chest age are observed: practically at once after introduction of a feeding up if the prohibited cereals are its part. In case of the wrong diagnosis of an illness and lack of the adequate help to the patient the progressing intestines mucosal atrophy, a delay of physical and mental development, emergence of a diabetes mellitus of the first type, osteoporosis, an iron deficiency anemia, dystrophy and other heavy pathologies threatens. The main method of treatment is the diet excluding hit in an organism of any amount of gluten. At observance of a necessary diet there occurs bystry improvement. The person suffering from a Gee's disease is quite capable to lead a normal life, nothing, except restrictions in food, not different from life of healthy people.

The Gee's disease cannot be considered an eurysynusic disease: 99% of people normally transfer gluten. For comparison, problems with digestion of whole milk are observed at 20% of Europeans. For representatives of Mongoloid race this figure is even more: for example, in China about 90% of adult population suffer from intolerance of milk protein.

The use of gluten leads to a meteorism

The delusion, apparently, is connected with the fact that at many people the meteorism arises after the use of fresh bread or rich pastries. These products, certainly, contain a gluten, but at all not it is the reason of accumulation of gases in intestines. The matter is that a large amount of bystry carbohydrates is a part of the newly-baked test, and process of its digestion is followed by active fermentation. It causes formation of gases and a meteorism.

Perception of products such very individually. If the use of fresh pastries is followed by a meteorism, it is worth refusing white loaf and fresh rolls in favor of crackers, ship's biscuits and the bread containing bran.

The people who are fond of products with gluten have obesity

Abuse of flour products really threatens with development of obesity, but a gluten here at anything. The risk for a figure is connected with the high caloric content of a similar diet in combination with deficit of exercise stresses.

The intolerance of gluten develops at improper feeding

Supporters of bezglyutenovy diets claim that it is possible to ache with a Gee's disease, using products with the high content of a gluten. It's not true. A Gee's disease – genetically caused pathology. The intolerance of gluten is inborn, and it is impossible to gain it during life.

Влияет ли питание на переносимость глютена?

The use of gluten increases risk of cardiovascular illnesses

There is no reliable result of clinical trials which would confirm this information. For the healthy person the products containing a gluten are safe. Excessive hobby for alcohol, and also greasy and high-calorific food badly affects a condition of heart and vessels.

Gluten provokes development of oncological diseases

Similar statements are based on results of researches of the patients suffering from a Gee's disease. For them the risk of development of some malignant new growths of intestines is really a little increased. However, and reduction of quantity of cancer tumors scientists did not find a direct connection between absence in a diet of gluten. Concerning healthy people similar experiments were not made therefore to consider that the gluten is carcinogen incorrectly.

Europeans suffer from intolerance of gluten only

At natives of Northern Europe the Gee's disease meets frequency of 1 case at 100 people. Inhabitants of South America, Africa and Asia have this illness less often: about 1 person from 300 gets sick.

Small doses of gluten are safe for patients with a Gee's disease

For the patient with a Gee's disease the gluten is genetically alien substance. Only the diet which is not containing even microscopic doses of gluten can be considered as rescue from an illness. Therefore such patients have to be especially careful at the choice of ready-made products of industrial production: candy stores and groceries, canned food, sauces, sausages, meat and fish delicacies. Rice, buckwheat, bean, corn, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, berries, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts and sunflower seeds do not contain cellulose. Bean and grain can constitute some danger connected with technology of their pre-sale processing: sometimes such products clear on the same equipment, as the cereals containing a gluten. Conscientious producers usually warn buyers about a possibility of existence in their products of traces of gluten, placing the corresponding texts on packagings.

For the healthy person the bezglyutenovy diet is useless. Besides, it can do harm to an organism as the diet limiting consumption of cereals creates deficit of cellulose, necessary for life activity. Some symptoms of disturbances of work of digestive tract are similar to Gee's disease signs, but from this does not follow that each of us can define their reason independently and choose the correct diet. In the presence of problems with digestion it is necessary to address specialists and to undergo inspection precisely to diagnose an illness and to receive adequate treatment.

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