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10 councils how not to get drunk with alcoholic drinks

New year, wedding, birthday, office party – an occasion to drink at the Russian person will always be. How to reduce a negative impact of alcohol by an organism and to avoid a condition of strong intoxication? The most correct council – to refuse the use of alcoholic drinks. Council is true, but not always feasible.

We offer several advice which will help you in cases when it is impossible to avoid alcohol intake.

Как не опьянеть от алкогольных напитков: важные советы

Why the person gets drunk? Alcoholic intoxication is the state caused by psychoactive effect of ethanol. The alcohol which is contained in alcoholic beverages quickly is soaked up in blood and collects in a brain (where its concentration is 75% higher, than in blood).

At each person intoxication comes with various speed, and the hangover passes with different degree of intensity, but there are patterns. For example, men to get drunk, need a high dose of alcohol, than to women, and thin people get drunk quicker, than large. However it does not concern to stout persons with a plentiful fatty layer: they just get drunk quickly.

So, if not to avoid a rough feast in any way, observe several simple receptions which will help you to remain standing and to control itself.

Council 1: Do not drink on a hungry stomach

Even if you are extremely hungry and want to make up for lost time during the holiday, eat something before an exit. Never begin to drink on a hungry stomach: intoxication will overtake you suddenly and much quicker, than you expect. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not improve digestion, and only strengthens development of a gastric juice. Therefore, taking alcoholic drinks by the principle of "100 grams before a lunch", as a result it is possible to eat much more food, than there is a wish. If not to have a snack, then in an organism the accelerated production of insulin will begin, and sugar level will sharply fall in blood. It is fraught very much with feeling sick.

Before a feast, eat oil sandwich, a small amount of greasy food or drink crude egg.

Council 2: Accept adsorbent

These available and quite safe drugs are on sale in any drugstore. Adsorbents will not help to avoid intoxication, but they will precisely save you from a heavy hangover. It is better to accept adsorbents when you have to take alcohol with a small amount of snack. The cheapest and known adsorbent – absorbent carbon, which single dose – 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight of the person. Drugs on the basis of a lignin - Lignosorb, Liferan, Polyphepanum are considered as more modern.

It is necessary to drink adsorbent in advance, one couple of hours prior to alcohol intake and later, the next morning.

Council 3: Accept enzymes

Enzymes will help an organism not only quicker to cope with alcohol, but also with a large number of food. If the long and plentiful feast is planned, for simplification of digestion accept in advance (for an hour) one of drugs - Kreon, Mezim-forte, Abomin, Pankreatin, Wobenzym.

Council 4: Stock up with group B vitamins

When splitting alcohol the organism spends many vitamins of group B. If you do not want to feel completely flat-out next morning and abilities to concentrate, accept several hours prior to libations a complex of the vitamins containing B6 vitamin – for example, Pitsian, Milgamma, a B-complex, Neuroscale, Neyromultivit.

Council 5: Eat hot food, and also the vegetables and fruit containing vitamin C

During the holiday do not neglect hot dishes. Meat dishes will lower alcohol absorption speed, and the lemon or orange will give to an organism a vitamin C reserve. Greens salads in this respect too are very useful.

Do not forget to fill vitamin C loss next morning – for example, having accepted ascorbic acid.

Council 6: Do not drink carbonated drinks, even nonalcoholic

Everything familiarly instant feeling of euphoria and fun from champagne, and also own surprise next morning – as it was possible to get drunk with such easy drink? The matter is that "шипучесть" increases absorbability of alcohol therefore never wash down alcohol with aerated water and even mineral water.

Council 7: Do not mix alcoholic beverages

About it it is possible to hear various opinions, including on the fact that it is possible to increase degree, but it is impossible to lower it. Actually people differently can perceive combinations of alcoholic beverages, but in case of a long feast it is not necessary to mix anything. Drink that drink with which began, except for champagne – differently the holiday for you will quickly end.

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Council 8: Pass toasts

Or only taste drink. Favourite expression of all leading holidays – "between the first and second a pereryvchik small", and also between the second and the third, third and fourth … Even the most prepared organism will glitch if a large amount of alcohol sharply comes to it. It is necessary to drink measuredly, otherwise you will not manage to feel the moment when it is worth stopping.

Council 9: You do not smoke

Also you do not breathe cigarette smoke. In practice after adoption of fair amount of alcohol even non-smoking people decide to be indulged with a sigarette, and then more and more one. Nicotine narrows vessels therefore a hangover after you drank all evening and smoked, will be where as is more rigid, than if you only drank.

Council 10: Move!

To control the state, it is necessary to move. Dance more often, participate in competitions, you pass from one part of the room into another. However be careful with a salutary force of fresh air: sharp temperature drops can aggravate a state. Therefore you should not go alone from the stuffy placement on a frost on purpose somewhat quicker to sober up.

We hope, by means of our councils your holiday will not leave behind painful pain – and in direct, and figurative meanings.

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