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8 symptoms of dehydration of an organism

It is known that the person for 80% consists of water which participates in all processes of an organism. The person loses liquid daily – as a result of sweating, breath, an urination, and its insufficient completion due to various reasons can lead to dehydration of varying severity. Dehydration (dehydration) occurs already in case of loss of liquid in number of 1% of body weight and can result both in easy thirst, and by the death. In time to notice symptoms of dehydration and to eliminate them – a problem of everyone who cares for the health.

1. Thirst attacks

Feeling of thirst – the first signal of the organism suffering from dehydration for 1-2% of body weight. As a rule, at this time the organism already limited some functions therefore such state can be followed by the increased uneasiness, a headache, an unpleasant smell from a mouth. To eliminate slight dehydration with rather plentiful drink, using simple water for completion of shortage of liquid. Easy degree of dehydration is most often provoked by the wrong drinking mode: the use of excess amount of tea, coffee, observance of a diet, long stay in the sun without compensation of loss of liquid. For prevention of a state it is enough to use not less than 2 pure liters a day, increasing its quantity in process of strengthening of load of an organism.

Приступы жажды

2. Dryness in a mouth

The second symptom of dehydration – feeling of dryness of mucous membranes of a mouth which often visits the crapulent people who touched with alcoholic drinks. The dryness in a mouth caused by this and other reasons of dehydration, often is followed by the increased viscosity of sialadens and an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Drinking of alcohol is the serious reason of dehydration as at oxidation of one molecule of alcohol several molecules of water are spent. According to doctors, it is possible to facilitate this state the moderate use of alcoholic drinks, and also reception of a large amount of water till a holiday.

Сухость во рту

3. Xeroderma

As a rule, dryness of integuments at dehydration is shown in the form of a peeling, feeling of tightness when washing, existence of red spots on skin or even sometimes the bleeding deep cracks. In this situation It is necessary to distinguish a temporary condition of skin owing to dehydration and its constant structure caused by inborn features. In addition, the xeroderma can be a sign of the wrong leaving (use of alkaline soap, incorrectly picked up cosmetics) and some diseases – for example, dehydration in the presence of a xeroderma is better than a diabetes mellitus, a hypothyroidism, A. Diagnostirovat's hypovitaminosis in a complex with other its symptoms – for example, a joint pain and dryness in a mouth.

Сухость кожи

4. Weakness of a body

Weakness, nausea, dizziness are tested by the people suffering from dehydration for 4-5% of body weight. This level of dehydration is familiar to athletes when there is a loss of liquid during run, and also to some office workers preferring to have throughout the working day coffee instead of clear water. The fatigue can be followed by discoloration of the person, emergence of dark circles under eyes, a tremor of hands, irritability, aggression. For elimination of this state it is necessary to reach horizontal position and, having filled shortage of liquid in an organism, to have a rest within 4-8 hours.

Слабость тела

5. An itch in eyes

Such symptoms of dehydration as feeling of an itch, dryness in eyes, lack of tears are caused by drying of the lacrimal tubules that can cause to a condition of organs of sight a considerable loss (in the form of opacification of a cornea, an inflammation and other effects). Especially consults to pay attention to the listed symptoms and to quickly prevent dehydration to the people carrying contact lenses as material of which they are made well absorbs in itself the lacrimal film on a cornea surface, increasing risk of damage of an organ of sight several times.

Зуд в глазах

6. Joint pain and backbone

Cartilaginous tissue in an organism for 80% consists of water at the expense of what the surface of a cartilage slippery and provides ease of the movement, together with joint liquid protecting joints from contact even at intensive loadings. Dehydration of an organism leads to the fact that friction between the surfaces of the bones combined by a joint increases – along with an oxycinesia. Having found shortage of liquid, it is important to prevent a state at this stage, further dehydration can become a cause of destruction of cartilaginous tissue and the termination of the movement in a joint.

Боль в суставах и позвоночнике

7. Darkening of urine and decrease in frequency of urinations

At dehydration the organism has nothing to remove products of the life activity therefore release of urine decreases. Dark yellow color of urine at the same time is caused by high concentration of harmful substances which did not manage to leave an organism. Against the background of poisoning with toxins weakness, drowsiness, nausea, headaches can result from dehydration. It is important to remember that discoloration of urine can be a symptom not only dehydrations, but also other diseases, for example, of infections of urinary tract, anemias, diseases of kidneys and a liver therefore it is better to entrust diagnosis to the specialist.

Потемнение мочи и снижение частоты мочеиспусканий

8. Problems with digestion

Mucous membranes of internals, not excepting a stomach need constant moistening for the full work. Due to the lack of liquid in an organism the quantity and density of the slime protecting a stomach decreases, allowing digestive juice to destroy its wall. Dehydration in this case can lead to heartburn, a gastric disturbance, disturbance of nutritive absorption and other unpleasant effects. Similar failure in life activity as a result of dehydration kidneys react, weakening cleaning function, vessels and heart (decrease in systolic pressure), a brain (spasms, hallucinations, a coma) and other bodies.

Проблемы с пищеварением

It is important to remember that loss by a liquid organism over 8% of body weight (it can be shown in the form of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, spasms) has to be eliminated with doctors in the conditions of a hospital.

It is much simpler to prevent dehydration, than to treat it - for this purpose to use 1,5-2 pure liters a day enough and to watch closely signals which are given to us by an organism.

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