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10 reasons of reddening of eyes

The sclera and mucous membrane of an eye are intensively supplied with blood vessels which task − to saturate nervous tissues of body with nutrients and oxygen. In a normality vessels are almost not noticeable, however at their expansion (owing to thinning of walls) become visible, painting a sclera in red color. Quite often red eyes – the signal of any trouble in an organism caused as external irritants, allergens, and diseases which need inspection and treatment. Let's consider 10 possible reasons which can lead to disturbances of this sort.

1. External irritants

Physical factor – frequent, but not always the harmless reason of reddening of eyes which at chronic influence can lead to resistant vision disorders. Influence of the sun, wind gusts, a frost usually leads to weak and short reddening which, as a rule, takes place within an hour. Except adverse climate, the city smog, cigarette smoke, foreign objects which are present at air (dust, grains of sand, motes, hair of animals, etc.), and also various aerosols can influence a mucous membrane of an eye. In these cases the speed of disappearance of redness is individual and depends on disturbance volume. Besides, the injury (a hand, a stick, other subject) or a burn can become the physical reason of reddening – in these cases at the expressed inflammation it is recommended to see a doctor.

Внешние раздражители

2. Overstrain and fatigue of eyes

The fatigue of eyes often causes the failure in their normal functioning which is expressed in unpleasant feeling of dryness, morbidity, reddening and arises, as a rule, at long concentration on any subject – the book, the TV screen, the computer monitor, etc. Strengthens load of sight and the wrong illumination in operating time – too bright or, on the contrary, dim light.

Eyes can be tired as a result of a shortcoming or a long absence of a night dream, and also a mental overstrain during which there is an increase in intraocular pressure. If excessive tension lasts long time, it can lead to a myopia (short-sightedness), and reddening of eyes can gain chronic character.

Перенапряжение и усталость глаз

3. Alcohol

Alcohol intake – one more common cause of vasodilatation, and not only in eyes, but also in skin and internals. The high dose of alcohol accepted inside provokes emission increasing the arterial pressure of noradrenaline and renin in blood thanks to what the drinking people often have a capillary reticulum on whites of the eyes, and in certain cases and hemorrhages in an eyeglobe.


4. Conjunctivitis

Reddening of a mucous membrane of an eye is one of symptoms of conjunctivitis of any nature – bacterial, virus, herpetic, allergic, etc. Together with an inflammation at a disease the irritation, burning, dacryagogue, increased fatigue of eyes can be observed, and also the century and a photophobia swelled. Conjunctivitis quite often arises as a result of non-compliance with hygiene – rare washing of hands, use of others scarfs, towels and can be transmitted not only a contact, but also airborne way (viral conjunctivitis). Treatment of a disease depends on its form, however anyway for decrease in sharpness of an inflammation it is useful to wash out eyes fresh tea tea leaves or broth of a camomile.


5. Allergic reaction

Eyes – the sensitive body which is easily giving in to influence of the irritating factors, one of which are allergens. The substances provoking the increased response of a mucous membrane of body can contain in cosmetics and household chemicals, medicines, pollen of plants, wool, feathers of animals, and also house dust which often contains mold fungi and foreign bodys. In certain cases allergic reaction can arise on the contact lenses and means which are not passing air for their washing. Elimination of reddening in these cases, as a rule, happens to the help of antiallergic means on doctor's orders.

Аллергические реакции

6. Cornea inflammation

Reddening of an eye – together with hypostasis, lachrymation, decrease in transparency of a cornea – is a characteristic symptom of an inflammation of a cornea or a keratitis. This disease can have the most various nature, it is caused by catarrhal, viral diseases, parasitic mushrooms, and also cornea injuries. At defective or inadequate therapy the keratitis can lead to sight loss therefore it is necessary to treat him in a hospital under observation of the doctor.

Воспаление роговицы

7. Hypertension

Arterial hypertension (hypertension) – one of the general diseases which can exert impact on a condition of a mesh cover of an eye. Most often the retina angiopatiya – the increased branchiness and tortuosity of veins meets at the expense of what small arteries become visible, and also dot hemorrhages in a cover of body are found. Angiopatiya is characteristic of 1 (unstable) stage of an idiopathic hypertensia and, as a rule, passes at the correct selection of anti-hypertensive means.

Angiopatiya 2 stages of an idiopathic hypertensia can develop in an angiosclerosis (a thickening and narrowing of a gleam of vessels) which in certain cases leads to their full obstruction. Together with reddening of eyes symptoms of a disease are front sights, dark stains before eyes, an itch, eye pain. Problems with eyes at a heavy hypertension can be followed by hypostases, nasal and ear hemorrhages, blood in urine. It is important to remember that defeat of vessels can affect an optic nerve and lead to sight loss therefore it is impossible to leave a disease without medical control.


8. Diabetes mellitus

The reason of damage of the vessels leading to reddening of eyes at a diabetes mellitus – regular fluctuations of level of glucose, characteristic of a disease, in blood. Vascular frustration at diabetes, as well as in case of a hypertension, become the reason of development of an angiopatiya which in more hard cases is replaced by a retinopathy – opacification and destruction of a retina. To prevent sight loss, it is important to control the level of sugar and cholesterol in blood and as soon as possible to diagnose vision disorders, paying attention to disease symptoms (emergence of reddening, a vascular reticulum, hemorrhages, dark stains before eyes, etc.).

Сахарный диабет

9. Syndrome of a dry eye

Xerophthalmia – one of the reasons of reddening, dryness, irritation, an itch in the eyes arising owing to insufficient production of the lacrimal liquid at some diseases (pathologies of a thyroid gland, a lymphoma, Shegren's disease). Symptoms of an illness are similar to symptoms of conjunctivitis, however treatment in this case consists in elimination of the general diseases or purpose of the eye drops supplementing natural dacryagogue or replacing it.

Синдром сухого глаза

10. Glaucoma

Harmless reddening of eyes can serve as a glaucoma symptom – the disturbance caused by increase in intraocular pressure which course often threatens with deterioration or total loss of sight. It is important to remember that the bad attack of glaucoma (nausea, vomiting, decrease in frequency of blows of heart, a photophobia) demands emergency medical service for the emergency decrease in intraocular pressure by means of medicamentous means. In certain cases glaucoma develops slowly, declaring oneself reddening, emergence of iridescent circles before eyes, deterioration in peripheral sight (the objects located sideways), emergence of dark stains before eyes therefore at emergence of above-mentioned symptoms it is important to visit the ophthalmologist in time and to undergo inspection.


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