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TOP-9 products necessary for male health

All the known slogan "Protect Men!" arose not from scratch. In a sense, the nature created men much less adapted for vital disorders, than it seems at first sight. Statistically, men are ill more often, than women, have the majority of illnesses heavier and earlier die. The situation is aggravated with the fact that our fathers, husbands, brothers and sons are not always inclined to care for the health. Partly it happens because of unwillingness to spend time for "trifles", and partly – because of fear (it is a fact in evidence) of physicians. Therefore each woman has to know what products support male health to manage to take care tenderly and unostentatiously of the darlings.

1. Berries

The majority of berries (especially those from them which have bright red, blue or violet coloring) are rich with anthocyans and flavonoids. These substances speed up work of a brain, improve memory, concentration of attention promote. Therefore it is very important to include cherry, blackcurrant, a honeysuckle, blackberry in the man's diet. Berries of bilberry contain the components keeping visual acuity, and the cranberry and cowberry normalize work of secretory system that is urgent for men who on age enter into risk group on development of prostatitis. You should not forget also that almost all berries contain a large amount of the vitamins helping to support the immune status and to reduce probability of infection with seasonal infections.


2. Tomatoes

Our favourite tomatoes – the remarkable vegetables having a unique set of useful properties. Their daily consumption helps to normalize work of a digestive tract, more successfully to acquire the proteins received with food. Tomatoes are useful to strengthening of walls of blood vessels. Besides, they are rich with natural antioxidant – lycopene which activates fight of an organism against cancer cells and neutralizes negative effects of improper feeding. Tomatoes are remarkable also the fact that at thermal treatment the content of lycopene in them increases. Therefore it is necessary to include not only fresh tomatoes, but also tomato paste in a diet of the man.


3. Carrots

This root crop contains a large amount of beta carotene which in an organism will be transformed to the vitamin A necessary for strengthening of immunity and maintenance of health of eyes. Other substances to which carrots are rich help to optimize a cordial rhythm and to normalize arterial pressure.

If the man without special enthusiasm treats the offer just to eat carrot, it is possible to make the salad filled with sour cream or vegetable oil from fresh root crops: in the presence of fats beta carotene is better acquired.


4. Sheet vegetables

Salad, parsley, fennel and celery are natural means of fight for male health. All of them contain the substances preventing development of prostatitis and raising a potentiality. Also such spicy herbs as a basil and an estragon (tarragon) were since ancient times used for increase in male power.

Листовые овощи

5. Cottage cheese and milk

Having a beautiful figure, not only women dream. Many men take certain steps in this direction too. The trouble is that men often want to receive result as soon as possible, and exhaust themselves trainings in gyms. That similar imprudence did not affect fatally on health, it is necessary to include the dairy products which are fine sources of protein in the menu. Cottage cheese especially as some adults badly acquire whole milk is especially useful in this sense. Besides, cottage cheese contains a lot of calcium, health of a musculoskeletal system, necessary for maintenance.

Творог и молоко

6. Pumpkin sunflower seeds

Your man likes to sit in front of the TV with a bag of chips or croutons? Suggest it to replace these products with pumpkin sunflower seeds. They not only are deprived of unhealthy components (salt, amplifiers of taste, fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives, etc.), but also contain the substances reducing risk of development of adenoma of a prostate.

Тыквенные семечки

7. Seafood and fish

Seafood has to appear in the man's diet at least three times a week. The matter is that the use of fat fish, squids, mussels, shrimps and other sea inhabitants saturates an organism with phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, selenium and other microelements, and also delivers an irreplaceable omega-3 and an omega-6 fatty acids. Deficit of such substances leads to decrease in a libido and deterioration of sperm that reduces probability of emergence in a family of healthy kids. These products are also necessary for men of advanced age: their components increase intellectual and physical activity, strengthen immunity. Not without reason among the population of the seaside countries there are a lot of long-livers keeping cheerfulness of a body and precise mind till an extreme old age.

Рыба и морепродукты

8. Meat

Men love meat dishes understandably: it is a source of the proteins necessary for maintenance of forces, especially during hard work. Besides, meat food is often seasoned with fragrant spices, many of which raise a libido.

For health of the man of squirrels, coming to an organism with meat, it is simply necessary. However to the hostess does not prevent to remember that proteinaceous food is better acquired in the presence of vegetables and herbs (preferably fresh). Besides, natural meat (beef, pork, mutton, a bird) is much more useful, and here various sausages, smoked products, canned food and fast food are hardly capable to bring something, except harm. Such products can be present at a diet in limited quantity.


9. Red grape wine

Tendency to alcohol intake (beer or hard liquors) – a habit, undoubtedly, pernicious. However, according to nutritionists, the small amount of red grape wine included in a daily diet positively affects health.

The skin of grapes contains unique substance – resveratrol which strengthens walls of blood vessels, activates processes of a metabolism, reduces risk of development of heart failure, arterial hypertension and thromboses. Besides, it is established that the moderate use of red grape wine increases testosterone level – the male sex hormone which is responsible for normal work of reproductive system.

Care of healthy food of all family members, as a rule, lays down on the woman's shoulders. Including useful products in a diet, it can save the family from diseases, always help them to remain vigorous, successful and cheerful.

Красное виноградное вино

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