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And you are sure that prostatitis is not about you?

You are office worker, the driver, the fan of winter sports or do not think of life without bicycle? You lead a slow-moving life and you move on the city only on the car? You have no constant partner and you do not love the protected sex? Attention! You unambiguously are a potential target for prostatitis. It is not necessary to panic, it is necessary to work.

Основные причины простатита

"The second heart" of the man under the threat

Prostatitis is an inflammation of a prostate at men. The prostate is called not for nothing "the second heart" of the man. This gland is located between a bladder and a pelvic diaphragm. In general its main work consists in production of prostatic juice which, mixing up with semen, is responsible for food and protection of spermatozoa. Besides, the prostate participates in formation of a hormonal background, ensures functioning of the mechanism of an erection and ejaculation.

Daily stresses, lack of a daily routine, overtime in an operating schedule, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and improper feeding - the first enemies of health of a prostate. The opinion is wrong that only elderly men have prostatitis. He looks younger and is ruthless to male population even in 30 years. The statistics says that 8 of 10 men are more senior than 25 years faced prostatitis. It is one of the most unpleasant diseases which a strong half of mankind can suffer. It is not accepted to speak about prostatitis among the friends, about it do not talk at dinner to the beloved. But it does not mean at all that if about a problem not to know or not to want to know, then it will not be knocked to your house.

Signs and symptoms of prostatitis

Obviously, health of a prostate is very important for any man. From that as the prostate works not only sexual opportunities of the person, but also his physical and even psychological state depend. A sleep disorder and appetite, decrease in working capacity, irascibility, a conflictness, gloom, sometimes faintheartedness and tearfulness – all this can be one of manifestations of an inflammation of a prostate. Not to mention sexual frustration and other painful and unpleasant feelings.

Признаки и симптомы простатита

The most widespread symptoms of prostatitis it: frustration of an urination, back pain, scrotum, crotch, decrease in sexual desire, and also failures in intimate life (weak erection, short duration of sexual intercourse, sudden night erections, obtusion of sharpness of feelings). As a rule, the above described symptoms directly say that the man should address the specialist as soon as possible. It is necessary to be inspected at the urologist, but if there are collateral problems connected with disturbances of an erection or reproductive function (infertility), then it is necessary to consult with the andrologist.

Whether it is possible to cure prostatitis?

Treatment of chronic prostatitis still remains a complex problem. Usually, inflammatory processes are suppressed with antibacterial drugs, but in case of a prostate inflammation one antibiotics not to manage. Moreover, they can be inefficient if the disease is caused not by bacteria. Often, despite ongoing efforts, doctors manage to achieve only insignificant decrease in intensity of symptoms.

On today's in fight against prostatitis the drugs of animal origin made of extract of a prostate of the bull-calves who reached puberty best of all proved day. Such drugs contain special biologically active agents – peptides which are natural physiological proofreaders of various functions of an organism and are successfully applied to prevention and treatment of diseases. At hit in the person these natural bioregulators allocated from tissues of animals promote regeneration and recovery of functions of those bodies from which were taken, in our case – a prostate.

Drugs from prostatitis on the basis of peptides, for example, of "Prostatilen®" possess complex action – improve microcirculation, remove hypostasis and venous stagnation, remove the inflammatory phenomena, recover fabric and functions of a prostate.

Простатилен в ампулах

As a result, in the very first days of treatment pains and discomfort disappear, the mode and character of an urination is normalized, sexual desire amplifies, the erection improves, quality of an orgasm increases. Drug is produced in two types - rectal candles and ampoules for injections that is undoubtedly convenient. Each organism is individual and the doctor appoints a medicine form proceeding from features of the patient. At the acute and especially started cases specialists recommend to use candles. With their help the effect of treatment occurs as fast as possible as medicine is entered into an organism in close proximity to the inflammation center.

Ректальные свечи Простатилен

"Prostatilen®" more than 20 years, and both for treatment, and for prevention of prostatitis are used in medical practice. It is drug with the proved efficiency confirmed with clinical tests. You should not spend precious time for a disease. The combination of an exercise stress, healthy nutrition and efficient medicine many times reduces risk of developing of a disease and development of aggravations. You remember, prevention of prostatitis – a thing necessary for each adult man. It is the same part of culture of a body how to brush teeth in the mornings and to evenings. And who said that the man to be easy?

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