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4 morning procedures which improve health

For the person who daily since morning gathers for work it is very important to wake up vigorous and ready by day of work. Actually, each of us experiences difficulties with this, at first sight, simple business from time to time. After night rest exert impact on a condition of an organism the weather which collected for several days fatigue, household and office problems, quality of a dream and many other factors.

Happens that the person after a dream feels sluggish, and the mood it leaves much to be desired. Such state can badly affect not only production results, but also on physical health: morning weakness quite often provokes weakening of protective forces of an organism. However you should not despair. There are several checked ways to cheer up and make quickly toilet before the working day. Let's get acquainted with the most known of them.

1. We mass lobes of ears and head skin

It is possible to pound fingers of a lobe of ears, without having got up yet. This simple procedure which is carried out within several minutes activates the acupuncture points located on ears, and helps to wake up quicker.

After rise it is useful to carry out light massage of head skin. It should be done by fingers of hands or moderately rigid massage brush. It promotes rush of blood to the head that tones up and improves health.

Как взбодриться утром: сделать массаж кожи головы

2. We clean language

People know that regular clarification of language is necessary for maintenance of health long ago. This procedure was recommended to the patients still by antique doctors. The matter is that the plaque accumulating on a language surface contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms who get into a digestive tract and provoke development of pathologies. Besides, a fur it becomes frequent the reason of an unpleasant smell which irritates people around and can interfere with normal communication.

Language is cleaned a special scraper or the return surface of a toothbrush adapted for this purpose. Cleaning is made in the direction from a distant part of language to teeth, in conclusion it is necessary to rinse several times a mouth clear water.

Extremely useful addition to the procedure of cleaning of language is chewing of aromatic herbs. In the best way for this purpose the peppermint which is easy for getting in shop today approaches or to grow up from seeds in a flowerpot. It is enough to chew and swallow after cleaning of teeth and language a small leaf of this plant that in a mouth for a long time there were a wonderful aroma and feeling of freshness.

Как взбодриться утром: почистить язык

3. We drink a glass of hot water

After night rest it is very important to recover water-salt balance. It is the simplest to make it by means of hot water with a lemon. Drink helps to prepare a stomach for a morning meal, normalizes a condition of a digestive tract, promotes its clarification, saturates an organism with vitamins. For its preparation it is necessary to heat a glass of the filtered water almost to boiling and to put in it a lemon segment (it is possible to squeeze out a small amount of lemon juice).

Means needs to be drunk small drinks in 20 minutes prior to a breakfast. Water with lemon juice not only invigorates and revitalizes. It is considered that regular reception of such drink interferes with an overeating and helps to improve a metabolism, thereby contributing to normalization of weight.

Как взбодриться утром: выпить стакан горячей воды с лимоном

4. We eat honey before a breakfast

Many specialists recommend every morning in 10 minutes prior to a breakfast to eat a honey teaspoon, washing down it with several drinks of water. The glucose and fructose which are contained in honey stir up brain activity, help to concentrate quicker on daily problems. Besides, honey is rich with the substances which are improving work of immune system, slowing down processes of aging and saving an organism from pathogenic microflora. It is very important to remember that daily reception of honey is contraindicated to the persons suffering from individual intolerance of products of beekeeping and allergic reactions.

Как взбодриться утром: съесть 1 ч.л. меда перед завтраком

The described procedures are simple and pleasant, do not demand big expenses of time and preliminary preparation. Nevertheless, it should be noted that efficiency of similar measures directly depends on a regularity. Having got used to carry out them daily, you in several weeks will feel that morning awakening stopped being a problem and availability for service appears as if by itself. You will need only to support the general tone of an organism joyfully to meet each new day.

Whether you know that:

Was considered earlier that yawning enriches an organism with oxygen. However this opinion was disproved. Scientists proved that yawning, the person cools a brain and improves its working capacity.