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9 unpleasant symptoms which are dangerous for ignoring

Each person has easy indispositions which he transfers "standing", trying not to ask for medical care. Arguments at the same time are adduced same: "it is a trifle, itself will pass", "I have too many important issues", "there are no wish to spend time for doctors", etc. At good shape of health, normal working capacity and lack of suspiciousness dislike for complaints to such problems is quite natural. It is not the most correct, but very widespread type of behavior. Sweeping changes happen usually with age when the person is tired quicker and any more cannot transfer small indispositions so easily.

There is a situation much more unpleasantly at those who try not to notice symptoms of serious illnesses similarly. Inaction can bring the person on a hospital bed in such cases and to become the reason of various complications. This article is devoted to symptoms which are dangerous for ignoring.

1. Pain in a mandible and a throat

Most of people consider that approach of heart attack has an effect unpleasant feelings on the left part of a breast. It not always so. The strong sudden brachialgia, a throat or a mandible can be a symptom of an acute heart failure. The symptom is shown suddenly, usually at the time of physical tension.

The most reasonable in such situation – immediately to stop work, to lie down and to urgently call the doctor. People around have to behave quietly, not irritate the patient and not to leave him alone before arrival of physicians. To neglect these rules, and also to refuse the offered hospitalization extremely dangerously. Position of the victim can be very serious and even fraught development of a myocardial infarction.

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2. Pain in a waist

"Broke a back", "worked too much", "incorrectly turned" … Quite so we sometimes explain painful feelings in a waist, especially when they appear in the course of intensive homework or work on country beds. As treatment various pulverizing and the anesthetizing ointments designed to remove a pain syndrome are applied.

Unfortunately, the considerable percent of such cases has nothing in common with peretruzhenny muscles or the jammed nerves. Pain in a waist can demonstrate existence of the most various illnesses, for example, about a nephrolithiasis aggravation. It is obvious that use of outside anesthetics in such situation is absolutely useless. Not to aggravate a problem, it is necessary to see urgently a doctor and to undergo the inspection appointed by him.

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3. Abdominal pain

There is a lot of reasons of emergence of discomfort in a stomach. It can be problems with kidneys, a stomach and intestines, lungs, and at women – with reproductive organs. Pain in hypochondrium passing to a back often is a consequence of inflammatory processes in a pancreas. Malfunctions in work of a gall bladder are shown by pain in the right half of an upper part of a stomach, and sometimes and spins.

If severe pain in a stomach are followed by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, a fever, fervescence, it is very serious sign demanding immediate medical intervention.

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4. Calves pain

Pain in the lower part of legs disturbs not only athletes. It appears at overfatigue, long wearing inconvenient footwear. Regularly arising gastrocnemius muscle pains can arise also at disturbance of a venous blood-groove. Change of a condition of vessels, or disturbance of composition of blood (the increased maintenance of factors of coagulability) becomes a proximate cause usually. When ignoring painful feelings of this kind the person risks to fall a victim of thrombosis.

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5. Burning and a pricking in extremities

The feeling of a pricking and burning in a hand or a leg which long was in an uncomfortable position is familiar to everyone. If such feelings arise regularly and without the visible reasons, it can indicate damage of nerve fibrils or disturbance of blood circulation.

It is impossible to understand a problem a situation independently in that case. Only the experienced doctor can solve.

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6. An ache in muscles

Some patients complain of regularly arising pulling, persuasive muscle pains. In the absence of treatment process takes also integuments, causing to the person serious inconveniences and significantly reducing quality of life.

Fibromyalgia can be the cause of such manifestations. The illness affects preferential women. Patients need careful diagnosis and specific treatment.

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7. Headache attacks

Not only the stress or overfatigue happen the reasons of a headache. Unpleasant feelings can provoke diseases of a backbone, ENT organs, eyes, teeth, joints, a brain, pathology of vessels, sharp fluctuations of arterial pressure. Such states when the headache is followed are considered dangerous:

  • Nausea;
  • Painful susceptibility to bright light, loud sounds and strong smells;
  • Dizziness;
  • Visual or auditory hallucinations;
  • Blanching of integuments;
  • Strong sweating;
  • Disturbances of the speech;
  • Lack of coordination of movements;
  • Balance loss;
  • Feeling of numbness of extremities.

In such situation absolute rest and urgent medical care are required for the patient.

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8. Joint pains

Constant pain in joints usually is a consequence of pathological changes in cartilaginous tissues. About 50-60 years ago such illnesses were considered preferential as destiny of elderly people. Unfortunately, diseases of joints promptly look younger, and doctors are even more often forced to help patients quite of working-age.

It is impossible to suffer from a joint pain. It will amplify, inflammatory processes which are fraught with essential restriction of mobility can begin. Anesthesia by means of local means will bring nothing good too: therapy of joint diseases has to be complex. Only the specialist will be able to appoint adequate treatment.

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9. Pain in testicles

Crossclamping of semyavyvodyashchy tubules, inguinal hernia or varicosis can provoke this purely men's issue. Also emergence of pain in testicles owing to existence of new growths is not excluded.

Independently it is impossible to diagnose and cure such illnesses. The delay with a campaign to the doctor is fraught with development of sexual dysfunction.

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In a question of care of own health of trifles does not happen. Any persuasive or acute sensation of pain has to become a reason for the request for the qualified help.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.