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Singing for health: 6 reasons to be engaged in a vocal

All like to sing. Small children with pleasure are engaged in a vocal, not especially thinking of hit in a melody. Adults most often hesitate, being afraid to show lack of talents in this area, and it is vain: singing is very useful for health.

Польза пения для здоровья

Doctors guessed that occupations a vocal positively influence an organism already in antique times. In the last decades the majority of such assumptions received scientific confirmation. Today we decided to tell readers about advantage of singing.

Improvement of a liver

Impact of singing on a liver and other internals is connected with vibration which is created by sound waves. It is experimentally established that only the fifth part of these waves is directed outside, and 80% of fluctuations get in a body and stimulate work of abdominal organs. When singing at the person the diaphragm intensively rises and falls, these movements promote a peculiar massage of a liver, gall bladder and intestines. As a result bile outflow amplifies, digestion is optimized, the probability of development of congestive processes decreases, removal of toxins from an organism becomes more active.

Protection against a stress

In ancient Egypt by means of choral singing treated sleeplessness and nervous excitement. Music helps the doctors working with patients who have mental disorders, emotional instability, migraine, neurosises, a depression and phobias also today. It is useful to be engaged in singing at correction of stutter and other disturbances of the speech.

When the person sings, his brain strenuously produces the endorphines differently called by "joy hormones". Singing increases vitality, increase ability to concentration of attention, increase physical and intellectual activity.

Treatment of diseases of breath

Systematic occupations a vocal train a diaphragm, and also the muscles responsible for the movement of edges at breath, optimize process of ventilation of the lungs. The correct singing demands a bystry breath and a slow, gradual exhalation. At the same time concentration of carbon dioxide in blood increases that promotes activation of immune system. The person becomes steadier against seasonal catarrhal diseases.

Recently doctors became interested in use of singing for treatment of such illnesses as chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

Increase in a tone and extension of life

Among opera singers there are many long-livers, and is not accidental: the first that teach future performer to – the correct breath and self-checking. Without it the person cannot sustain the hours-long tension connected with participation in a classical performance.

As a result singers seize skills of adjustment of a breath and exhalation, the correct work of a diaphragm, they increase active lung volume, the cardiac muscle becomes stronger. Similar results can be achieved also at amateur singing: it is important to approach a question of voice training only competently.

Польза пения, или почему стоит заняться вокалом

Appearance improvement

Being engaged in a vocal, the person constantly operates face muscles and necks. It promotes strengthening of muscles, increase in a tone of skin, its smoothing and reduction of quantity of wrinkles. Singers long keep the correct face form and even at solid age look younger than the peers.

Singing – energy-intensive process. The school hours a vocal cost to an organism about 120 calories, and the training of a diaphragm promotes pulling up of muscles of a stomach. All this allows to support a figure in shape.

Advantage for the pregnant woman and a fruit

To future mother usually recommend to listen to classical music: it calms both the woman, and her kid. However very few people know that it is not less useful to sing for the pregnant woman most – tender lullabies or silent lyrical songs. It is known that future child constantly hears mother's voice, understands his intonations. Mother's singing strengthens feeling of harmony, tranquility and security, and in a puerperal period usual pleasant sounds will help to adapt to the unusual world quicker.

It is not obligatory for adult to sing for public at all, but it is useful to do it for itself. The vocal improves mood, tones up an organism, improves appearance, helps to solve many problems with health. The person who is not hesitating to sing is sociable and контактен, it is simpler to it to adjust private life, to achieve social and professional implementation.

Whether you know that:

During life the average person develops neither more nor less two big pools of saliva.